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Egg Wallets Unlocked, Crows Chicks & Doves, & Stretch Goal Survey!
4 months ago
by Corviforms

Hello everyone,

The Egg Wallet has now been unlocked and we are closing in on the 4 alternate egg colors as well!

These wallets will be $25 each whether you get them in a pledge tier or as an add-on. The sample design is still in progress, but this video in my tweet here shows the general shape and size that you can expect (colors are not quite accurate-for sample mockup only)

I wanted to mention that my previous designs - Crows, Chicks, and Doves will also be options when you choose your bag! They will be available as both bag pledge tier options and add-ons.

The big $100k goal is coming up as well... so if you'd like, I have another survey for you to help me narrow down the possibilities for the 2 new designs. 

Survey here ->
I've populated some of the most popular requests I've seen, but feel free to write in whatever you'd like as well!

Once again, please continue to share this project on social media -shares, retweets, and posts about this project are vital! Know birders? Fashion folks? Anything that you can do helps and I appreciate it.

Thanks again!

- Rachel / @Corviforms

PS. Any questions? feel free to comment here or reach out on one of my socials. I'm also easy to reach via Telegram and I've just created a new Telegram channel for updates and streaming-

user avatar image for Deon
4 months ago

Hoping and praying for a galah and green cheek conure bird bag 🙏

user avatar image for Fayth
4 months ago

Does the egg wallet fit in the bird bags? Dose it take up lot of room in the bag? Is there anyway you could show what the wallet looks like in a bag? (Sorry for all the questions just on the fence on whether or not I should get the wallet)

I don't have the egg wallets quite yet to test this out but I'll have them to show before you make any final decisions in the survey!

user avatar image for bluespark
4 months ago

Omg the chickadee would be so cute!!! Great idea 👌

user avatar image for Ayla Alvarez-Clark
4 months ago

Ooooooh i want the parrotlet so bad to match my little boy ;;

What color parrotlet do you have?? I have a turquoise, and 2 yellows haha

user avatar image for Ayla Alvarez-Clark
4 months ago

A yellow parrotlet! His name is Gracey and hes a little love <3

user avatar image for Anjela Bugher
4 months ago

OMG, the Red-Winged Blackbird option is exactly the birb of my dreams, I'm overjoyed! I'm still pledging for three, but I probably won't be able to decide on the other two until the end of the campaign. :)

it will be hard to choose haha I'm just glad i can keep one of each for myself so i don't have to pick 😅

user avatar image for McKynzee Wiggins
4 months ago

Just upgraded my pledge to get the egg wallet :pleading_face: so cute

thank you so much!! 🥚

user avatar image for PinguAngela
4 months ago

JAOSIDJFOIDJS chickadee bag would be a dream come true; fingers crossed!!

it would be super cute and they're the perfect round shape!