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Surveys sent, Survey & Add-on FAQ, 50% Completed!
3 months ago
by Corviforms
Thank you all SO MUCH for completing the surveys quickly - we are already more than half way completed.
And sorry for the multiple emails in 2 days, but wanted to make sure I clarified things as needed!
good job.

All surveys have been sent. If you DID NOT receive an email with your survey, make sure to check your spam folder. You can also access the survey via this link and your email address:

Baby bird pins and a few other bird add-on pins which were missing for the first 1-2 hours of the survey have been correctly placed into the add-ons section!

Some FAQ answers: 


Surveys will be open until July 28th. This means that you may make edits to your items up until that date. On that day you will get a "Lock Survey" 48hr warning email for any final edits you'd like to make.

Once surveys are locked on July 30th I will send out a notification that I am charging cards for shipping and add-ons. Again, it will email you a 48hr warning in case you need to make any updates. That means that cards will be charged on August 1st.

Your shipping address will not be locked until I am ready to begin shipping.
For pin-only orders I expect this to be August/September. For any orders containing bags and wallets, production and shipping is a lengthy process but I am still on target for the Oct-Jan timeline and will lock addresses when ready to ship. I will keep you all updated on the manufacturing/shipping process. 

What's Included? Can I swap out inserts/straps?

Each bag comes with it's matching strap and insert. Any Extra straps and inserts can be added in the add-ons section. Check images for strap and insert colors. The strap/insert for a bag cannot be swapped out, please purchase extra straps/inserts if you would like other colors! I kept them as cheap as possible so that people can get multiple.

(Everything is accurate in images except for the duck, which will have a "more accurate" grey insert. If you want the duck and prefer the original green insert I can handle this on a case by case basis since this was last minute change.)

Hope that helps clear up some of the questions, I will continue to edit this update with more FAQ if there are any more common questions. 

Have a good one!
Rachel / Corviforms
user avatar image for Yuya Zhao
2 months ago

I also backed the pizza pinz project. How do I confirm if I will get the pigeon pizza pin? It's now showing up on my order.

user avatar image for Rachael Fastige
2 months ago

It isn't giving Me the option to add the free mini feather even though I'm signed up fir emails ): I want the glow in the dark one. Also is it possible to change out the pin from ordering the collectors bundle to one of the baby bird pins?

user avatar image for Vic Holmström
2 months ago

It wount let me yppdate my payment :c there's been errors at my bank and i can't seem to pay my pledge?

user avatar image for maxwell salzberg
2 months ago


user avatar image for Amélie
3 months ago

Hi! Which color will be the chickadee strap? :)

it will be light tan :)

user avatar image for Ashley Fox
3 months ago

Is the magpie wing insert for the crow bag an add-on only option?

yes - crow bag comes with the plain black insert so magpie or redwinged blackbird are only add-on

user avatar image for Alexandra
3 months ago

Hi, if my survey is already submitted is it too late to do the email list feather pin? I thought I had joined the email list but don't see the feather choice in my survey confirmation email. I went ahead and made sure if was subscribed the email list but I have already submitted my survey.

user avatar image for Bayley Perry
3 months ago

When do you expect to have pictures of the Quail bag? I'm 95% sure I'm choosing that option, but I'd like to wait and see product pictures is possible! Do you expect those pictures to be uploaded before the survey deadline?

I just added a new section and uploaded some pictures at the top of the main page here! So far I have the screenprints for the bags and should have photos of the finished samples in just a few days :)

user avatar image for Rachael Fastige
3 months ago

How do we add what feather pin we want for the freebie?

user avatar image for staus
3 months ago

When I was completing mine, that question about which feather pin you want came after the add-on shop page, if that helps.

user avatar image for Teresa
3 months ago

I didn't realize the bags came with their corresponding strap, and ordered 2 additional straps. Is there any way for me to remove them from my order?

You should be able to go in and edit your pledge and remove those!