Unnatural Selection: A Supplement for use with Shadowdark

Unnatural Selection: A Supplement for use with Shadowdark

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Dungeon Damsel
7 days ago

Project Update: Don't let your torch go out! (Only 4 days left)

Dear Shadowdarlings,

We have so much to be thankful for with your outpouring of support for our first creation. When we look at it all and say, "Why did this campaign go so well for us?" we are quick to answer, "The Shadowdark community," and the people who brought all of us together, starting with Kelsey Dionne!

And really -- hard work from everyone involved, including many of you who have participated in the playtesting. That hard work is far from over. We're excited, motivated, driven, and happy to finalize the book and deliver it to you with quality and timeliness!

So here we are... 4 days away from the end, and we have ONE MORE STRETCH goal to achieve. We know you can do it! And we hope you do -- because dangit, WE want the dice too! 

Remember, to earn the free stretch goal, your pledge must include the Physical Edition complete ($55) or higher (In addition to $100k being reached!)

So don't let your torch go out on this opportunity to be a part of Shadowdark lore for many years to come, and let your friends and social media followers know that THEY can be a part of it as well!

See you at the finish line!

The Dungeon Damsel Team

A full set of custom dice to represent our love for the Shadowdark RPG!
Goal: $100,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
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