Unnatural Selection: A Supplement for use with Shadowdark

Unnatural Selection: A Supplement for use with Shadowdark

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Dungeon Damsel
6 days ago

Project Update: NOW Over 110 Animals, Monsters, and Fantastical Beasts!

We had originally planned on adding around 70 monsters and animals to the Shadowdark ethos, but as more content was created to fill out the Unnatural Selection world, we noticed we needed more, and more, and more! The addition of the OVATE CLASS as a stretch goal called for even more animals to support its abilities and spells. 

So here we are -- providing even MORE content than originally promised, and as we count down the last days of the campaign, we wanted to share one that we recently received art for!

Ever wanted to have your players become puppets, unable to control their bodies and incapable of stopping themselves from killing their party? Do you want your players to scream about how sorry they are for wreaking unintentional havoc on their friends? If you're an evil DM and answered yes with reckless abandon, this is the monster for you! 

VINEWRAITH - An apparition of mystical vines and leaves, the vinewraith ensnares victims with spectral creepers. The creature still allows them to speak and emote, punctuating the horror of becoming puppets under its control. 

See you at the finish line!
The Dungeon Damsel Team

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