Hex the Patriarchy

Hex the Patriarchy

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Eloise Leigh & Nessa Finnegan
4 months ago

Project Update: Pins have shipped; patriarchy has been hexed!

We are pleased to update everyone that all orders have been shipped and you should be receiving your packages any day now if you haven't already! We hope you are as happy with the pins as we are and channel their power and protection now and forever. Feel free to post/send/share photos of them in action!

We're also excited to share, after the final accounting of all campaign costs, we were able to make a solid donation to Indigenous Women Rising of $250, which just happens to coincide with a big fundraiser they are having where all donations will be matched during the month of May! From their site: "We will be splitting all funds raised between our abortion fund and the Valley Abortion Group. Valley Abortion Group will be the first BIPOC-led and employee-owned abortion clinic in the United States, providing abortion care in all trimesters of pregnancy." So in total our campaign will raise $500 for them:

Feels good, and to everyone who backed this campaign, this is because of your support and belief in our collective hexing powers! We are so proud to support the grassroots reproductive justice work of IWR who can effectively redistribute every donation to those who need it most.

We will be officially closing the campaign and surveys this Thursday June 1. For the few backers who still need to send surveys, this is your last call to fill out your survey and get some pins, otherwise we appreciate your general donation in support of this campaign. 

Finally, we would like to thank the team at BackerKit for giving us this opportunity to try out crowdfunding for the first time and see how much it can help turn ideas into reality. They were super supportive with all our questions along the way, and have built an indispensable platform for fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns. We honestly would not have been able to complete this project without their tools and support, and recommend any other potential creators and artists try crowdfunding as a viable alternative to traditional production methods. Stay in touch, stay hexy, and follow us on Instagram to keep up with our future witchy projects: @new_age_rage / @nessafinnegan. Blessings and gratitude until the next hex!






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