Land of Eem

Land of Eem

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Ben Costa
11 months ago

Project Update: Second stretch goal UNLOCKED!

Adventurers of Eem, Backers, Champions of Goo!

We have unlocked the second stretch goal at $$75k! This level of funding will give us the power to create a suite of amazing, wonderful (and hopefully hilarious) online random generators to aid you and your party in your trek through the Land of Eem. Towns, PCs, NPCs, Taverns, Dungeons, and Treasure will all be there, randomly generated at your whim! Muhahahaha!

Thank you again for your support. Each milestone will help us enrich the world we are able to offer you.

The next tier will unlock at the 100k mark where backers will get access to the Mucklands Explorer’s Guide PDF.

See you in the next update!

--The Land of Eem Team

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