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Ben Costa
4 months ago

Project Update: Preview PDFs Available Now!

Hip hip hooray! Or dare we say, Huzzah! 

Big news! We’ve just entered the Proofreading stage for the Land of Eem PDFs of the Core Rulebook, Bestiary Vol. 1, and the Mucklands Sandbox…

…And you’re all invited to participate!

From now until June 9th, give the preview PDFs a read, and let us know if you spot any spelling mistakes or funny business! Just jump into our Discord in the Proofreading Feedback channel and share your notes. (FYI, none of the Table of Contents have been finished yet, and there are numerous page references (pXX) that haven't been updated.)

You will receive notifications today of the files being in your BackerKit account. Simply click on the link from the email from BackerKit or access your BackerKit survey and go to your downloads section to see the 3 files now available!

Remember, after June 9th, we’ll start making the necessary corrections and preparing the finalized PDFs for print, so make sure to send us anything you spot before then. And once we’re all wrapped up with finalization, we’ll be able to distribute the final PDFs and kick off your adventures in the Land of Eem!

It feels great to make it to this monumental milestone. Land of Eem is a monster of a project but we’re close! Thank you so much for all your support! Proofreading is a big undertaking and we really appreciate the help. 

Thanks again!

The Land of Eem Team






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