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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Campaign Halfway Point!

Friends of Eem,

The last two weeks have been an exciting blur for us. Your support, pledges, and comments have really meant the world to us. We can’t believe we’re about to type this but… We are already halfway through the Land of Eem Backerkit Crowdfunding Campaign!

So much time and effort has gone into bringing this game to life, and we aren’t done yet!

As of right now, we are less than $4,000 away from our next stretch goal, and there are many more delights we have planned for all backers, digital and physical alike.

If you have been waiting to see if you should upgrade your pledge, there is no time like right now. (Don't worry about loosing Day One exclusives as they are always tied to your email!) Every single pledge enriches the content we will be able to provide to everyone. Here is just a glimpse of what is up next:

  • An adventure written by Nebula award-winning writer, Rae Nedjadi filled with cozy gnomes and hilarious hijinks
  • A derring-do adventure written by Amir Rao of award-winning video game studio Supergiant Games
  • More adventures by Kienna Shaw, Luke Gearing, and JP Coovert!
  • For physical backers of the box set, we have 4 more wooden meeples for your gaming tables and blue “Gelatinous Goo” dice with little tiny skulls inside
  • And the highly requested GM Screen with art from John Loren

We really could not have brought this world to your table without your help. Thank you so much for your support. It fills us with joy even just to imagine you turning the pages and bringing Eem to life with your friends.


The Land of Eem Team





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