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10 months ago

Project Update: 190k Gnome Meeple UNLOCKED!! Up next, an amazing adventure from Amir Rao!

Daring Dungeoneers! Backers! Boasting Bards!

We’ve unlocked the next stretch goal! With this milestone, every box set will have a tiny magical Gnome Meeple! Behold their immaculate beard and amazing pointy hat!

That is three meeples down, with three more to go! Yay!

Up next at 200k, Amir Rao, the Studio Director of Supergiant Games, (behind video games like Hades, Bastion, and Transistor) will craft a Derring-Do adventure set in the swampy region of the Quagmash. Your heroes will be tasked with escorting the famed sludge metal band The Dredgelords on the first ever music tour through the swamp. This adventure will be available as a PDF for all pledge tiers.

Are you excited? We're excited. 

That’s it for now, friends. See you in the next update!

--The Land of Eem Team

Goal: $190,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
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