Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation Expansion

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation Expansion

Hero Update — Omnitron-X
about 24 hours ago
by Greater Than Games

Greetings, Sentinels!

Let’s round out the week with a fan favorite hero!


Over a hundred years from now, Omnitron has gone through several forms. It constantly changes and improves itself whenever thwarted, always returning to terrorize humankind. However, it has learned that, no matter how much better, faster, stronger it makes itself, it is always defeated by these self-proclaimed heroes. What about them makes them better than such a vastly superior form?

It must be a secret of their empathy. Their ability to feel compassion for one another drives them to fight harder and overcome impossible odds. Surely, this can be replicated.

Omnitron rebuilt itself, in a humanoid form, and approximated an empathy-component. However, this proved to be its undoing! This new, tenth form of Omnitron realized with horror, a new emotion, that its previous purpose had been death and destruction! It focused its new efforts on returning to its point of origin to destroy itself before millions of lives could be threatened!

The heroes of the Multiverse have a new ally in the form of an old foe.

Omnitron-X is another character like yesterday’s who has appearances as both Hero and Villain — and also, later, an Environment! We have talked about the Hero version of Omnitron quite a few times on The Letters Page, including:

Omnitron-X is a well loved robot, both by many characters (especially Unity) within Universe 1, and also by the readership of Sentinel Comics. Starting out with some self-sacrifice before coming back as a different version of itself makes for a convoluted timeline, but an enduring character!

(Design not final)

As you can see from the base power, getting a Protocol card up and running is key. Why? Because they’re what makes everything happen.

(Design not final)

That’s right, the “Exterminate//Fabricate” system from Definitive Edition Omnitron is back!

Omnitron-X can use those effects for offense and support, and switches back and forth, depending on what’s going on in the fight!

(Design not final)

Additionally, Omnitron-X has Plating cards for defense that can greatly reduce certain damage types.

(Design not final)

They change the Omnitron-X chassis a lot! And, not to fear, there are tricks in the deck for doing Other Stuff with Plating cards, as well.

Omnitron-X’s First Appearance was during the big Omnitron event in the 70s, so expect that to be referenced for that variant. Other variants? Well, I’m certain you can guess some… and will absolutely not guess others!

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns
The last of the crowdfunding campaign shoutouts, and this one is really impressive!

The mad geniuses over at TinkerHouse Games (makers of deluxe terrain and standees for all your tabletop gaming needs) have put together a fantastic box of awesome stuff to help make your RPG games come to life at the table! 

Seriously, go check out how many things they’re cramming into this box. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with their products many times, and I can’t stress enough how both beautiful and functional they are. If this seems like the sort of thing you’d want on your table, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

Another successful week! Thank you so much for all the support, everyone! Even more coming next week, but for now, it’s time to take a couple of days to focus on saving the Multiverse!

See you Monday!

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Villain Update — The Dreamer
2 days ago
by Greater Than Games

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

It’s that time again — update time! Are the heroes bad enough to take down… a little girl?

The Dreamer

When Vanessa Long transported herself backwards in time, her first goal was to save the not-yet-born version of herself. She managed to get her parents out of the clutches of Project Cocoon — which was different in this reality, but still present and conducting experiments the likes of which The Visionary was all too familiar. From then on, she monitored the Long family from a distance, fearful of what might happen to this reality’s version of herself. When Vanessa Long was born, The Visionary was relieved that it was without an explosion of psychic energy, and that the baby seemed to be normal in all ways.

Six years have passed, and The Visionary has kept an eye on the Long family, but with no signs of complications, the family seems to be out of harm's way. Until one day, when the young Vanessa Long's latent powers manifested very dangerously.

The young girl's thoughts manifested themselves as physical creatures, and the shock of her new awareness of the world shut down her body, leaving Vanessa into a coma. The Nightmares she manifested tore through her home and out into the neighborhood, releasing psychic monsters into the world that the comatose young Vanessa Long had no control over. 

Can the heroes save The Dreamer from herself? 

The Dreamer has been talked about mostly as either part of The Visionary’s story, or much later as the hero Muse, who becomes part of Sentinel Comics in the “Universe 1” SCRPG era. She’s in a few episodes of The Letters Page, including:

But! Before she can become Muse, you must save her while she’s much younger and called The Dreamer!

(Design not final)

You can only hope to save her, and not until her villain character card flips do you have a chance to save her! It’s a matter of preventing the Nightmares from getting out of hand and rousing her from her slumber without any psychic backlash. Be careful!

She has some Nightmares that you might have seen before…

(Design not final)

As well as some new cards!

(Design not final)

That second card reminds me: this deck also has several cards from the “Nightmare World” event, for which Adam did some of the coolest art from a very specifically stylistic era of Sentinel Comics.

(Design not final)

The Dreamer is a similar villain to The Matriarch, in that she doesn’t have many appearances in Sentinel Comics, but is still very important to the arc and remembered well. Thus, her Critical Event is the uncommonly used “someone else as the character card for the same deck”, and I’m very excited about it… but that’s for another day! 

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

Our friends over at Penny Arcade do a lot of game livestreams. In fact, I was just there at the end of last year playing a cooperative comic book card game with them! It went pretty well.

Their incredibly popular “Acquisitions Incorporated” livestreams have gathered quite the devoted audience, and they’re coming back with an action packed second series with all sorts of plans, including props, costumes, special guests, and more!

Check out their campaign! If I know anything about those folks, they’re going to tell a bunch of great stories!

Tomorrow is the last update of the week, but there will be a bunch more next week — I promise! Until then, keep on saving the Multiverse!

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New Environment Update — Æternus
3 days ago
by Greater Than Games

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

I’m not even here! I’m actually on a plane right now (or, at least, at the time of this update being posted — not necessarily at the time of your reading this update) to Boston to attend the PAX East convention. I’ll be there this weekend along with other fantastic GTG folks, such as Paul Bender and Matt Kroll. If you’re around the show, come say hi!

Fortunately, even though I’m in the air, the badass Bailey (who has also been in the comments answering questions since the start of the campaign) was able to post this update for me, so all is well! Whew! Thanks so much, Bailey!

Now that we’re not worried about that anymore, let’s go to a very worrying place! It’s the brand new to Sentinels of the Multiverse environment: Æternus!


Sectors: Six — Punishment, Shame, Madness, Avarice, Corruption, Wickedness
Demon Princes: Nine
Demons: Uncountable
Chance of Escape: 0.01%

From before recorded history, humans have had a concept of an underworld. A realm of death and danger and madness — a place where evil and lost souls go for torment. Different cultures and religions imagine and describe it in their own ways, and they each  have their own names: Hell, Gehenna, Hades, The Abyss, Tartarus, The Pit, Naraka… the names we remember are a drop in the ocean of names forgotten for such a place. And that place is Æternus.

Æternus is a realm, not unlike the Realm of Discord. It is connected to our world, and you may find yourself there as a result of affected dreams or dark magics or even being severed from the mortal plane. However, instead of being focused on chaos as the Realm of Discord is, Æternus is a place of torment

Every being within Æternus strives to ascend to the throne. From the loftiest prince to the lowliest impling, the throne calls to all, promising power but ultimately resulting in destruction. The demons who live in Æternus are not immune to its torments — they delight in them, but they themselves are also tormented by their existence. Such is the way of Æternus. Surely, any who travel here to drink of its infernal power must be stopped! Can the heroes survive the torments of Æternus long enough to stop whatever villain is deranged or desperate enough to use such a place?

Welcome to Æternus.

Æternus is  a place that was created on The Letters Page podcast!

This is a realm full of torments and demons, and the demons can draw even more power from Æternus, in just the right — or wrong — circumstances. Is it a good place? No.

(Design not final)

The demons themselves are pretty terrible, even more so when empowered. They seem so harmless, right? (Probably not.)

(Design not final)

Since this is a brand new environment, it's full of spoilers... and I want to save some things back for the future! But, with these four cards, you have at least some idea of what is going on in Æternus. It's a terrifying place, and it is eager to visit those terrors on Heroes and Villains alike! Torment abounds!

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

It’s time for another crowdfunding campaign of note, and this one is thematically appropriate for today’s update! Shall we listen to The Black Ballad?
The Black Ballad is an RPG supplement (compatible with D&D fifth edition but not exclusively for D&D), about what happens after you die. I highly recommend you look at this crowdfunding campaign page, as the amount of people doing phenomenal work on it is staggering. Besides the game itself, they also have gorgeous art, novels, and even an orchestrated soundtrack?! Amazing.

To experience the adventure of your afterlife, back The Black Ballad on BackerKit!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Join us tomorrow for another villain, and remember to keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Principles Update!
4 days ago
by Greater Than Games

An exciting new day, Sentinels!

And I’m excited to share it with all of you! The campaign continues to move along swimmingly, and there are still plenty more reveals on the way!

Yesterday, we talked about one of the most-changed heroes with some of the freshest mechanics, but we’re getting even more avant garde today, with a brand new type of card for Sentinels of the Multiverse! Something we’ve been teasing from before this campaign even launched!

Let’s talk about Principles!


Principles are cards that alter the way Heroes fundamentally worked, similar to the mechanical impact of Events on Villains, but not strictly an upgrade like Events are. Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation comes with 30 Principle cards, all of which share this deck back:

At the start of the game, any number of players may choose to use a Principle card alongside their Hero character card. You make this decision at the same time as deciding if you’re using the base Hero character card for the deck or a variant, and it’s a similar decision — you’re picking just what version of that hero you’re playing! 

There are a few different ways of picking Principles. Everyone can look through the deck and take whatever Principle they most want. Or, for a more targeted experience, you can deal each player 3 Principle cards, which they pick 1 of to use for that game. Or, the most deterministic option: deal everyone 1 Principle card. Boom. Done. Not all players in a game need to be using Principle cards! It will work just fine to have all Principles, some Principles, or none Principles. Up to you!

All that said, let’s look at a few Principle cards now!

(Design not final)

Look at this friendly fellow! He’s here to help.

You can set the Principle card next to your Hero character card… OR! You can slide it under your Hero character card, covering up the art and just leaving the text revealed. Unless you happen to be playing the same Hero as the one depicted on the Principle card, the art is mostly there to give you an idea of how a Hero might change with this Principle (and hint at a story from the Sentinel Comics book Disparation in which that very thing happened). 

So, to talk more specifically about the Principle of Compassion, it’s a pretty simple trade. You do less damage overall, but you gain a power that gives out some healing and allows an ally to draw a card. Straightforward, but can definitely make a difference!

Time for another Principle!

(Design not final)

Whoa! Ongoing cards are all Items? Indeed! This makes them additionally vulnerable to things that target Items, but with the upside of helping you find the cards you need. And some heroes will use this Principle very differently from others! Which really should be a true statement about each of these cards. That’s the whole point!

Let’s heat things up a little!

(Design not final)

This is one that I wasn’t going to show off, but the playtesters talked me into it, so here we are! Everything you do is now FIRE! But note that the fire spread damage that happens after a target is destroyed doesn’t hit the 3 Villain targets or non-Hero targets… it hits the 3 targets with the highest HP, which means you’re likely to burn your friends, as well. Be careful!

Let’s get weird…

(Design not final)

Last one for today, and it’s a weird one. Every time you would play a card, you can leave it up to chance, instead! Plus, At the end of your turn, you get a free play! Probably? I mean, there’s a little risk involved, but that’s OK, right? Right?! 😬

(Disclaimer: the Design not final tags on these are not kidding. We’re zeroing in on Principles, but they’re still not set in stone.)

Given the number of variants each Hero has, plus the 30 Principle cards in this set, the amount of permutations available for playing each Hero character is VAST. What sort of Hero will you be?

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

As promised, I’m showing off other campaigns this week, starting with Impossible Jones!

Karl Kesel is a fantastic comic book artist and writer who has created many enduring stories for some of the big real world comics publishers, but he’s also got his own stuff! The Impossible Jones comic books are a thing that Adam (artist of all things Sentinel Comics) recommended to me as indie comics done right, and there’s a lot of the heart and joy of supers comics that we try to bring to Sentinel Comics stuff. 

Check it out! If you like fun supers comics stuff, Impossible Jones might be right up your alley!

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow for an update about a BRAND NEW Environment! 

Keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Hero Update — The Visionary
5 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning, Sentinels!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was great! Now, we have a new week, and with it, new content! We’re starting off the week with a familiar hero — one that was in the original core game, in fact! But, she’s one of the most mechanically changed characters from the original core game. Let’s talk about it!

The Visionary

With the fall of South Korea to North Korea and rumors of nuclear testing near the Chinese-Tibetan border, the late 2000s brought with them a growing suspicion of hostilities from the Far East. When the Chinese began establishing military bases throughout the Pacific Islands and finally announced their nuclear stockpile, the U.S.’s suspicions of China’s aggressive new regime were confirmed.

Not wanting to come out the losers of this new Cold War, President Hargett secretly authorized the Department of Defense to begin testing methods of creating bio-engineered soldiers. Early iterations of testing were limited to soldiers already on active duty, but then Secretary of Defense Anthony Partin greenlit Project Cocoon. Selected from a census of already pregnant Chinese couples with combined high academic test scores, Sun and Pao Long were offered $500,000 to allow scientists to inject their unborn baby with Compound PSY-200.

After six months of weekly injections, Sun gave birth to Vanessa Long. Kept at the testing facility, Vanessa began to exhibit psychic abilities by the age of two months, able to move and manipulate small objects from only a few feet away. At three months, Vanessa’s mother suddenly dropped dead. Unable to confirm that Sun’s fatal brain aneurysm was unrelated to the injections, President Hargett ordered the program to be shut down. Plagued with grief over his lost wife, Pao wanted nothing to do with his infant daughter and left her in the care of the U.S. government. The sole success of the program, Vanessa would be trained to use her powers for combat and reconnaissance.

Fast forward to 2018: the U.S., already severely crippled by an increase in super powered criminal activity, fell to the combined forces of the Pan-Asian People’s Republic. While she’d fought alongside other heroes, including the Freedom Six, her efforts eventually proved fruitless. Realizing that there was nothing else she could do in her time, Vanessa, now calling herself “The Visionary”, used her psychic powers to transport herself back in time to right things before they’d gone so wrong. Unfortunately, psychic time travel is not without its costs. An inter-dimensional hitchhiker, another version of Vanessa who had made very, very different choices, now occupies a corner of her psyche, and the great strain required to bend time ruptured a blood vessel in her brain. While she could use a portion of her abilities to slow the bleeding, her time was still limited. With some extra baggage and a ticking clock, The Visionary will have to use everything at her disposal to save this new world she finds herself in, as well as this reality’s Vanessa Long, who she fears is in grave danger…

The Visionary has been a notable hero in the pages of Sentinel Comics since her first appearance in the mid 1980s, though her role frequently changed, due to the parasitic “Dark Visionary” deep in her mind. To learn more about her, here are some episodes of The Letters Page podcast!

The Visionary is a powerful psychic, but with some dangerous baggage…

(Design not final)

A hero character card with additional information at the bottom of the card was introduced in the Rook City Renegades set with the hero NightMist. That set also introduced the concept of “side decks”, with The Operative having her own deck as part of The Chairman’s villain setup. The Visionary has setup instructions of her own that indicate what sets her apart mechanically: the Dark side deck!

I haven’t been showing off Hero or Villain deck backs, but I must do so in this update, as The Visionary has her main deck of 40 cards, next to which lives her Dark side deck, with its 10 unique cards.

(Design not final)

The Visionary’s main deck has cards that give her a lot of power and flexibility, but reaching for that power often comes at a cost…

(Design not final)

There are even twists and surprises, including another mechanic introduced in RCR:

(Design not final)

That’s right! The Visionary could SUDDENLY Falter and pull a card from the Dark side deck when you weren’t ready for it.

But just what sorts of things lurk in the Dark side deck? It’s got 10 cards, all different, all dangerous.

(Design not final)

Each of them give you some options as to how you use them and what costs you’re willing to pay for what effects, but there will be costs, and you can’t control what comes out of the deck — even though The Visionary has a lot of effects that look at the top cards of decks and can reorder or even discard what she finds, she cannot do so to her Dark side deck, as per the rules of side decks.

From the RCR Rulebook:

A side deck is made up of cards of the same type as the play area it is placed in during setup. It has its own trash, separate from any other trash in its play area. Do not play, reveal, discard, summon, discover, or interact with cards in side decks in any way unless the card instructing you to do so specifically names the side deck. It is not affected by effects that refer to "each deck", "the villain deck", “any deck”, or other similar effects.

(Fear not! That’ll also be in the Disparation rulebook.)

As for The Visionary’s variants… just know that even though things might get a bit dark, they also might get a little weird, especially when alternate realities are considered!

For the first couple weeks, I’d been doing Q&A sections at the end of the updates, but the Qs haven’t been too pressing, so I’m going to change gears for a week! Given how great this campaign has gone so far and the excitement of all you wonderful backers, for the rest of this week, I’ll be highlighting a different crowdfunding campaign at the end of each update!

That said, today’s update ender is a little different: it’s the original Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition crowdfunding campaign! Why am I linking this? Because there have been a few questions about “what is this” and “how is it different” and things like that, which are best answered by the original campaign. There’s some good reading to be had over there, so go check it out!

I’ll see you all tomorrow with a very different update! Keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Villain Update — Iron Legacy
8 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Greetings, Sentinels!

Today, we’re going over one of the heaviest of villain stories, but one many of you have guessed is coming.

Iron Legacy

Legacy and Baron Blade have long fought each other, the heroic Paul Parsons constantly thwarting the villainous plans of the dastardly Baron Blade. Legacy's daughter, Pauline Felicia Parsons, grew up knowing that her father was a hero, that he fought crime, and that his life was in constant danger. The weight of the Parsons family line was clear: where evil reared its ugly head, there would always be a Legacy there to stop it.

When she reached 18 years old, Felicia was given a Legacy costume by her parents, and her father began training her in earnest. Her whole life had been dedicated to the pursuit of justice and preparing herself for the inevitable combat against evil, and she took to this new training like a champion. The years of crime-fighting with the Freedom Five were hard work, but some of the best years of her life.

Years later, Felicia Parsons was the best prepared to accept her father's death at the hands of Baron Blade.

The countless heroes who had fought alongside Legacy were stunned. No one could accept that it could happen. But Felicia calmly organized a lovely funeral for her father, and then smoothly stepped into his place in the Freedom Five — she had prepared her whole life for this, and she was ready to wear this mantle. No one saw the few tears she shed in silence for her father.

As awful as the death of Legacy would be, an alternate timeline experienced an even more terrible event.

In that same fateful battle, the mad Baron cornered and murdered the young Felicia Parsons, America's Newest Legacy, which left Paul Parsons America's Final Legacy. Legacy did not handle this well at all. He flew into a blind fury, tearing Baron Blade and the Wagner Mars Base apart.

Enraged and grief-stricken, Legacy disappeared. At Pauline Felicia Parson's funeral, little was said. The collected anguish of the mourners was far too great. Paul Parsons had not been heard from and did not attend the funeral, though some claimed to see a flying figure land in the graveyard later that night.

When Paul Parsons reappeared, it was in a very different form than before. The same strength and power was evident, but the man formerly called America's Finest Legacy was overcome with despair both for his family and for the future of mankind. His choice was clear: after him, there would be no Legacy. The world must be purged of all evil while he could still fight.

Paul Parson patrolled the world, silencing those who stood in his way swiftly and brutally. No longer the confident leader of the Freedom Five, he took to wearing armor and to destroying any suspected evildoers without pause or question. All of the strength and fortitude of the hero Legacy was now channeled into an unbending global dictatorship. Called Iron Legacy by his former allies, he reshaped the world into one which shook beneath his iron fist.

The heroes of the world came together to attempt to talk sense into the man who inspired so many of them, but any who attempted to stop him were dealt with swiftly. The toll was staggering. The world's foremost hero was now the greatest threat to freedom and liberty, all in the name of justice.

Now, with the timelines in disarray and so many worlds and realities intersecting, Iron Legacy has a chance to spread his rule even further. Will the heroes be able to stop him? Can they even bring themselves to fight? Iron Legacy has no such compunctions. His will is iron. Justice will be done. Do not stand in his way.

The Iron Legacy story is a devastating one. Most of the times Legacy comes up in The Letters Page podcast, it’s about either the Paul Parsons we know and love, or his daughter AKA Young Legacy. But we have covered the Iron Legacy story on the air, in Episode #57.

Iron Legacy has made his way to this reality, and he sees the evil and weakness that must be purged, just as he did from his own reality. Can the heroes stand against the man who wears the face of the finest amongst them?

(Design not final)

As you can see from his Setup instructions and Gametext, Iron Legacy’s Ongoing cards are the main focus of his deck. And they’re all terrible.

(Design not final)

He also has a few One-Shots to accelerate his deck and also to punish the Heroes who would stand in his way.

(Design not final)

Besides a formidable physical force, there is also a psychological aspect to the fight, in that you’re facing such a powerful and inspirational hero… who has fallen so far.

(Design not final)

Remembering who Iron Legacy was and seeing the journey of what he became? It’s one of the more heartbreaking stories from Sentinel Comics. Can you stand against him? How will you fight a Legacy who believes his own legacy to be over?


A different sort of question today, but one I’ve heard echoed a few places, so let’s get into it. I’ve intentionally phrased it fairly vaguely, to cover many angles of discussion.

Q: What’s up with the icons on The Ennead cards?

A: We hear you. The “Hand” icon isn’t reading right, but all the icons are also treated differently than we treat icons in the rest of Definitive Edition, and that’s a problem. They’ll be reformatted to work like other icons (think Omnitron’s “Exterminate” and “Fabricate” icons). Oh, and we'll tweak and update the Hand icon. So, when you see them next, they’ll be [icon]Sun, [icon]Hand, and [icon]Ankh.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Maybe save the Multiverse a little over the weekend. You know, as a treat!

See you Monday!

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Environment Update — The Tomb of Anubis
9 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning, Sentinels!

It’s a rainy morning here in St. Louis, so let’s seek shelter in that nearby building! I’m sure it’s a fine place, free of any traps… or mummies…

The Tomb of Anubis

Constructed: 2960 BC
Building Type: Necropolis
Height: 91.5 Meters (Above Ground)
Base: 83.4 Meters (Not Unearthed)

Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. found the Staff of Ra in a hidden temple to Ra. This ancient relic turned him into the mighty Ra, God of the Sun! Roderick Ward and his group of grave robbing adventurers found the Shrine of the Ennead, and within, the relics which transformed them into the powerful Egyptian pantheon!

However, not all tales of Egyptian gods are actually of relic-bearing heroes. In fact, one notable figure still exists: Anubis, Lord of Judgement! Anubis guards the gates of the underworld, judging those who pass from this life to the next, and manifesting in this world only when something upsets the balance of his scales. With so many new bearers of ancient Egyptian power making waves in this world, Anubis has been disturbed! He draws groups of powerful heroes and villains into his tomb to battle, and to be judged.

The Tomb of Anubis is filled with traps and trials, but also with treasure! Terrible mummies patrol the tomb, resetting the traps and assaulting any they come across. And, of course, Anubis himself judges all within. Do you dare to brave the Tomb of Anubis?!

The Tomb of Anubis has been a site for Sentinel Comics stories since the Golden Age of comics (as we’ll see in one of today’s Trial arts). To learn more about it, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast!

(Whew! One of the things that writing these updates has helped me realize: we’ve created a TON of content on The Letters Page podcast. Nice!)

The Tomb of Anubis is a dangerous place, but people venture there — or mysteriously find themselves there — to seek power, or beg a boon from Anubis… or possibly Ammit, if they’re feeling up to the challenge!

Within the tomb, you will be faced with numerous trials, all more dangerous than the last!

(Design not final)

FWASSH! Hah! I love it.

Then! You will be attacked by mummies! 

(Design not final)

If you can manage to navigate the trials and defeat the mummies, you may be granted powerful Relics that can aid you…

But you still must contend with Anubis, the lord of the Underworld, himself!

(Design not final)

Oh, and Ammit is lurking nearby, offering power to your foes and threatening the balance of the scales!

The tomb stands open! Dare ye enter?!


A couple of very worthwhile questions today!

Q: Why are The Ennead and the Tomb of Anubis and [other decks we haven’t revealed yet] in this set? Isn’t Disparation about alternate realities? This stuff seems like magic!

A: Ah, but The Ennead and the Tomb of Anubis and [other decks] ARE from other realms! The Egyptian mythology stuff is from another realm, as discussed in episode #111 of The Letters Page, which was linked in The Ennead’s update. As for [other decks]... time will tell on those. But, rest assured, they’re all at least connected to other realms. 

To expand on this a bit, we have a bunch of magic type stuff that could have all been bundled into a “Magic” themed expansion, but only by cannibalizing existing sets. Argent Adept and NightMist are the most notable magic using heroes in the Multiverse, and they were in the first two Definitive Edition products! So, rather than make such an expansion, magic stuff has been sprinkled throughout pretty much every set! Which, if you think about it, makes sense. Magic is ever present, alongside superpowers, but there’s a difference between “street-level” magic and “cosmic” magic and “extradimensional” magic, both in storytelling and in function. So, this set gets the magic stuff that is connected to other realms and realities. As for future sets? Who can say?

Q: Is the plan for Definitive Edition to have all of the content that Enhanced Edition had?

A: Yes! And MUCH more! There’s more already, certainly, but anything that you feel like we’ve “skipped” means it’s been moved forward to a future place. For reasons. This is another “time will tell” sort of thing, but know that we have a master plan and are steadily working towards it!

Thanks for the continued support, everyone! Join us tomorrow for a terrible villain — just in time for the weekend! Yay?

Oh, and don’t forget to keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Villain Update — The Ennead
10 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning to all you Heroes, Villains, and even the Environment targets out there!

I’m excited to be back with another update, but this one has a BUNCH of villains, so let’s get right into it!

The Ennead

When Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. led his expedition into the Sahara that resulted in him gaining the Staff of Ra and becoming the avatar of the sun god, he left the bulk of his findings out of his published archaeological reports. However, the sudden appearance of this new hero, Ra, caused many to wonder as to his origins, and others to see opportunity.

Roderick Ward had long led a team of what he called “archaeological entrepreneurs”. He and his twelve comrades had seen more of the ruins of the ancient world than the top archaeologists and museum curators combined, and they had sold all their discoveries to the highest bidders. Ward paid little heed to those who admonished him and his team for their grave robbing and artifact peddling — the giant bags of cash he received paid for a lavish lifestyle which more than quieted whatever stirrings of a conscience he may have felt.

When Ward’s team heard about Dr. Washington’s successful discovery of a previously unknown pyramid, it sparked two ideas. First, that there had to be more to this story, and second, that there could be more treasure to be found. More importantly, there could be more treasure to be sold! Roderick Ward and his team of adventuring rogues spent years scouring the Sarahan wastes for other undiscovered ruins before finally stumbling upon a well-hidden structure, forgotten by time and buried beneath the sweeping sands. Not unfamiliar with hieroglyphics, Ward determined this to be the Temple of the Ennead, but what did that mean? Venturing cautiously through the temple’s traps and trials, they searched for valuable treasures.

Instead, they were the ones discovered! Ancient guardian mummies ambushed the group, and Ward had to make a hasty decision. Leaving four of his team to be slaughtered by the enraged undead protectors, the remaining would-be grave robbers barricaded themselves in a sealed chamber, ringed with ornate sarcophagi. Each of the nine sarcophagi depicted a powerful Egyptian deity, holding a great artifact of power. Ward and his eight remaining companions quickly forgot the impending peril, entranced by the aura of power in the room. Each took a relic from the outstretched, golden hands before them, and the team was instantly transformed into the fabled Ennead of Heliopolis. In these new forms, they had vast power and knowledge, but they also harbored ancient memories and hatred.

They had defeated Ra millennia ago, taking his place as gods of all the civilized world. However, after only a few hundred years, a new deity appeared, calling itself Horus. It fought the Ennead to a standstill before ultimately revealing itself to be Ra reborn and imprisoning the Ennead in this temple beneath the surface of the Sahara, doomed to be forgotten.

The Ennead have returned, with Roderick Ward as their leader, Atum. They have little need for the riches of this world — now, they have power! They yearn for revenge and will have it! Ra’s days are numbered once again…

The Ennead are powerful, capricious, and here to make sure Ra has a bad time! Ra has always been a fan-favorite hero, dishing out lots of fire damage and haughty expressions, so it’s only right that he has NINE nemeses in one deck!

To learn more about The Ennead, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

The Ennead have a main villain character card called “The Temple of The Ennead”, but it mostly exists to establish the play area and bring the members of The Ennead into play over the course of the game. Each of them have their own character cards, which start the game under The Temple and come into play, mostly one a turn, but with some possibilities to arrive at other times, as well!

And here are a few of them now!

(Design not final)
(Design not final)

(Design not final)


When they are defeated, they flip to their Incapacitated sides, which give them a more passive but still impactful action. No reveals on those yet! Time will tell!

Then, their deck is made up of One-Shots, each connected to a different member of The Ennead:

(Design not final)

And also the Relics of The Ennead! These cards have just one copy each, and can bring forth and empower the so-called deities who use them!

(Design not final)

The Ennead are a tough fight! If you’re going to fight nine gods, you’d better be ready for quite the conflict!


Most of the questions in the comments have been answered by helpful backers who are in the know, and that’s great! However, there was one thing that came up a few times in a few ways, and I wanted to address it specifically. To sum up the topic:

Q: Parse’s bio in her previously printed version said she has Asperger’s. Her bio in her update says she’s on the Autism spectrum. Why the change?

A: Great question! When I wrote Parse’s original bio (about a decade ago), at the time, my understanding of Asperger’s was based mostly on a student I’d taught several years prior, who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and who was bright, incredibly intelligent, deeply analytical, but also had challenges related to people and understanding social cues. Not to say that Parse was based on this student — they are both very different people — but I drew on what I knew when incorporating Asperger’s into the character. As a result, the information I had was entirely outdated. Modernly, Asperger’s is no longer used, as it is better understood to be part of what we know as the Autism spectrum. I am by no means an expert on the subject, so when various Sentinels fans over the years took the time to reach out and correct me, I was delighted to learn more! Thus, the character of Parse hasn’t changed at all! We’ve all just gotten better at using the right terminology to describe her experiences.

I hope this helps!

Join us tomorrow for an update about an environment! And keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Hero Update — Parse
11 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning, Sentinels! 

There were lots of great conversations in the comments yesterday after the reveal of Miss Information, and you seem very into the new way she works! That’s great to hear. I look forward to sharing even more stuff with all of you! Speaking of which, here’s a Hero!


For all the trouble being on the Autism spectrum gave her in her younger years, Kim Howell prided herself in her ability to focus, to analyze information, and to come to accurate conclusions better and faster than just about anyone else. Her friends and family were unsurprised when she moved quickly from a temporary contract job at the Australian branch of RevoCorp to a full-time data analysis position. Her exemplary work in crunching numbers and delivering results paved the way for her inclusion on a team of code-breakers working on the top secret Omnitron project.

RevoCorp had recovered part of the original Omnitron core and was analyzing its self-altered programming in order to better understand what had happened. They were interested in determining if it were possible to recreate the conditions that had spawned a sentient AI, as well as what steps would need to be taken to prevent future occurrences. Ms. Howell was a key member of the deciphering team working on Omnitron, and was actively monitoring the remaining scraps of live programming when the cosmic event transpired that precipitated the reactivation of Omnitron in its more terrifying form. The overflow of information would have just looked like bizarre nonsense to most people, but Kim followed every bit. She saw like she had never seen before.

The code that rewrote Omnitron also upgraded Kim Howell’s mental capacities, allowing her to analyze everything she saw at a much deeper level. Suddenly, she could see the connections between seemingly unrelated events, the weak-points in structures and in people, even the aftereffects of otherwise unimportant actions. Her real time analysis gave her a chance to prevent great catastrophes or to practically foresee the future. Coupled with her skill at archery, she was able to make a notable difference in ranged situations with pinpoint accuracy.

Taking the hero name Parse, she set out to use her abilities to right wrongs and bring accurate analysis to vigilantism. She spent time in the streets of Rook City, fighting crime. She became an ally of the Freedom Five, and was the first to realize that their faithful administrative assistant was, in fact, the villainous Miss Information! She spent years in space, encountering all manner of bizarre creatures and helping them where she could, all while desperately trying to return home. She made it back to Earth in time to play a pivotal role in the OblivAeon event… but that’s another story.

Parse’s tale is as long and complex as her ability to analyze data, and it comes to just as fine a point. She can see the truth of things, but not all truths are what people want to hear. That’s fine with Parse. She’s not here to make friends — she’s here to make things right.

Of heroes from the pages of Sentinel Comics, Parse has perhaps the most variance across all her stories. From the gritty street-level stories of the 1980s to the space-faring adventures of the 2000s, you never know where or how Parse is going to be depicted next. Even through it all, her powers and personality have been fairly consistent, even aimed in very different directions.

To learn more about Parse, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

Representing everything that makes up the Parse story in one Hero deck is a challenge, but she has a lot of iconic elements that shine through!

(Design not final)

First off and most importantly, she’s a human computer. She makes calculations. She sees how things work, and how to make them stop working.

(Design not final)

She’s also an archer, though not a super-powered one. She doesn’t have fancy arrows. She’s just REALLY good at hitting her target, or making unlikely things work with a single shot.

(Design not final)

Ultimately, she uses her abilities to quickly assess situations and either give valuable advice or overcome seemingly impossible odds.

(Design not final)

Besides her First Appearance variant that looks into her gritty early stories before rebooting her as a less harsh character, she also has a variant from her time in space, as well as one from a reality where her role in space became less focused on returning to Earth and more focused on seeing the end of things…

We have a couple of questions today sparked by yesterday’s update about Miss Information! First off, a question from RedDusk:

Q: When the cards reference “Aminia Twain” or “Miss Information”, those effects would just fizzle if the villain card is on the opposite side of the card, right?

A: Correct! Any cards that say “A thing happens to [Name]” or “[Name] does a thing” or anything like that only work if [Name] is in play. Otherwise, that instruction is skipped!

Then, SkyWhale asked:

Q: If Tachyon hits Aminia Twain with Hypersonic Dash, and then the character card flips, can Miss Information deal damage? Or is she a different target?

A: SkyWhale! This is an incredibly astute question, and one that requires a bit of explanation.

Normally, things you do to one side of a villain character card persist to the other side. As an example, think about ALL of the Core Game villains. Baron Blade, Citizen Dawn, Grand Warlord Voss, Omnitron, The Matriarch, Akash’Bhuta. They are all the same person on both sides of their character card (which Miss Information is as well, but I’m getting to that), and most of them (not Baron Blade or Citizen Dawn, really) can flip multiple times over the course of a game. Imagine if Tachyon Hypersonic Dashed Omnitron, and then the villain character card flips — as it does every round with Omnitron — negating the effect. Boo! That’s no good! Fortunately, that doesn’t happen. The Hypersonic Dash still applies, even though it was played when the villain character card was on the other side.

Now, Aminia Twain is immediately different for a big reason. She’s a Hero target. (Incidentally, we’re gonna do some graphic design tweaks to make that more immediately clear on the front of her character card.) So, this means that Hypersonic Dash can’t even hit her, as it deals damage to “each non-Hero target”. But! The question still stands: what if a status effect of some sort happens to Aminia Twain? Let’s not worry about where it comes from or even what the status effect is: some effect is giving, uh, let’s say “Damage Immunity” to Aminia Twain. Then, she flips to the Miss Information side. What happens to the Damage Immunity?

It goes away.


Because she’s a different target. 


Because her keyword changed.

This is HUGE. She has the “Bystander” keyword on the front of her card, but she has the “Villain” keyword on the back of her card. Keywords matter a bunch: “One-Shots” and “Ongoings” are played very differently, just because of their keyword. Same thing here. Yes, it’s the same card, but it has both a different name AND a different keyword on the back. Thus, when the card flips, it’s a different target.

This will be mentioned in the Disparation rulebook, as well, so don’t worry about this update being the only place with this information. That would be rude of me!

OK, enough about all that. Time for me to get back to work on other things… but I’ll be back tomorrow morning with an update about another Villain! Who could it be?!

Until then, keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Villain Update — Miss Information
12 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning, Sentinels fans!

It’s the beginning of the second week! We had a busy weekend here on the campaign, adding hundreds more backers — I’m thrilled to see you all here! 

Now, let’s get Villainous!

Miss Information

“They… didn’t save me."

The darkness closed in around her, pressing, crushing, choking. Aminia felt blind panic, like shadowed hands squeezing her desperately thudding heart up again her ribs and then— nothing. Darkness. Silence. And one thought: “They didn’t save me.”

Suddenly, the light hit her eyelids with searing brightness as she snapped into life with a jolt. She gasped for air. “Ms. Twain? Are you alright?” Dr. Stinson asked quickly. “Hiccups?” Mr. Parsons asked in his usual, genial manner. She felt her stomach churn — how did she ever find that phony charisma so charming? She smiled weakly and nodded, feigning another hiccup, before excusing herself from the meeting for a cup of water. Shutting the door behind her, she melted, stunned, on the other side of the wall. The meeting continued on within the room behind her — they didn’t even notice her absence.

What happened? Her eyes darted around the familiar headquarters of the Freedom Five, but not everything seemed like how she’d left it. Things were different. She was different. She had died. The darkness had lifted to unveil a changed world. Or perhaps, perhaps only she had changed? She went to the sink to fill the “World’s Finest Assistant" mug Dr. Stinson gave her three years before they let her die. The handle had yet to crack.

This world was most definitely different than the one she left, but no difference cast such a stark contrast as the difference she felt inside. No longer was she the devoted, sheepish secretary who alerted the Freedom Five to where trouble emerged, who placed orders for Tachyon’s many pairs of new footwear, who copied memos from the president, who washed sweaty spandex uniforms. Now, she was awake.

Aminia straightened up her jacket and opened the door to return to the job she perfected in her previous life. No longer would she skip date night to remove every fleck of red dust from their precious equipment. Nor would she lose sleep worrying about the calls she would make to loved ones with bad news after a battle. For never again would she shed a tear for the Freedom Five. No. For now, all she heard amid the cheer of the grateful crowds and the praise of the adoring public was that one final thought. They had a choice — me, their devoted servant, who gave EVERYTHING… or five total strangers.

“They didn’t save me.”

“Can they save themselves?”

Aminia Twain was the devoted Administrative Assistant of the Freedom Five for many years…

(Design not final)

…before another version of her — from a timeline in which she died when the Freedom Five couldn’t save her from a villain — made its way through the Multiverse and took over the mind and body of this reality’s Aminia Twain, becoming the villain Miss Information!

(Design not final)

To learn more about both Aminia Twain and Miss Information, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

Miss Information defeats the Heroes by turning their strengths against them, and revealing their weaknesses to their greatest foes!

Her deceptions leave clues behind, but will the Heroes uncover the truth in time?

(Design not final)

How can the Heroes deduce who their true foe is, so long as they have so many opponents, each recognizable from some other potential threat (such as a Villain that was released last week…)? They all seem to be going after Aminia Twain! You’d better stop them…

(Design not final)

Of course, when the truth is revealed, it is devastating. To everyone. 

(Design not final)

Aminia Twain herself is a victim here, in so many ways. But the Heroes must save the day, and in this case, it means saving themselves from one they thought of as their greatest ally. 


The comments continue to be fantastic and delightful! Thank you all for being so engaged and encouraging!

We did get an interesting question about add-ons and RPG books from Faralis:

Q: Question about addons - are you planning on adding more upcoming RPG products to later crowdfunding campaigns for those who were too late for the RPG Kickstarter?

A: Possibly! We’d certainly like to, as we make more SCRPG products and run more crowdfunding campaigns about Sentinel Comics stuff. At the end of this campaign, we’ll have a good feel for how popular those add-ons were this time around, and if there’s been sufficient interest, we could definitely see them being part of future campaigns, as well!

Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to revealing another Hero for you all tomorrow!

And, as always, keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Environment Update — Silver Gulch, 1883
15 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Greetings, Sentinels fans!

It’s the end of the first week, and what a first week! I’m very curious to see what the rest of this campaign will bring… and I’m sure you are, too! So let’s get into it!

Silver Gulch, 1883

Established: 1867
Population: 923
Empty Jail Cells: None

Silver Gulch is a good town. Well, it was. Before them Hayes boys rode into town, that is. Since then, most of the townsfolk've cleared out. Hightailed it out of town, and just in time, too. Now, every street corner is filled with the sounds of breaking glass, hootin' and hollerin', and gunfire.

Last night, there was a strange, warbling sound, and a bright flash of weird light. Some folks in funny clothes came walking out of thin air, but they looked as confused as the rest of us! They're clearly far from home. Wasn't long before the Hayes brothers were taking pot shots at them, too.

Are you ready for a Weird West adventure?! Silver Gulch is back, but this time with even more temporal anomalies than before!

Looks pretty quiet, right? Don’t get used to it!

The infamous Hayes brothers are around, and there are rumors that they’ve gotten their hands on some kind of fancy science fiction apparatuses? That doesn’t sound right…

(Design not final)

There’s a lot of property about, which might be used by outlaws and law enforcement as cover in the nigh-constant gunfights, but could also be used for their intended purposes, as well.

(Design not final)

Uh, what’s that second piece of property there?! Where did that come from? WHEN did that come from?! We’ve got trouble.

Good thing the sheriff has put out a bounty on the Hayes brothers. I just hope it helps… in time!

(Design not final)
Lost in time?! That sounds bad!

For more information on Silver Gulch, check out these two episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

Q&A… or not!

The questions have been pretty quiet! Honestly, I’m used to a lot more, “But, wait, what?” during crowdfunding campaigns, but it seems like you folks are all pros at this! I especially appreciate everyone in the comments answering the questions that do pop up on things that have been addressed in the past. That’s great. 

As a reward, I’ll use this section to show off a Chrono-Ranger variant! I hinted in his update that his First Appearance variant is NOT the moment from the Akash’Bhuta fight. That was the first time he showed up in the pages of Sentinel Comics (well, unless you count his appearances in Covered Wagon Comics in the 1940s and ‘50s, but that’s just as Jim Brooks, not Chrono-Ranger), but it wasn’t his first named appearance. He was just there for a couple panels. So, rather than use the cover of that comic (that indicated nothing about him at all) for his First Appearance comic, we did this!

(Design EXTREMELY not final — Christopher messed up here)

Now, I’ll note right off the bat that a couple of typefaces in that image are incorrect — InDesign was fighting me this morning, and I figured it was worth it to show you the card anyway and have our much-better-than-I-am-at-this graphic designers fix my mistakes  well before it goes to print. But! This way you get to see what many in the world where Sentinel Comics is a real publisher consider to be the actual First Appearance of Jim Brooks as Chrono-Ranger! 

Volume 3 of Tome of the Bizarre launched in April of 1988, starting off with the full backstory of Jim Brooks becoming Chrono-Ranger (as told in Wednesday’s update). And that’s what’s on this card!

Have a great weekend everyone! I recommend playing some Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition this weekend — the Multiverse needs saving, after all! See you all Monday for another exciting update!

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Villain Update — La Capitan
16 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Greetings, Sentinels fans!

It’s the start of the third day, and what an amazing first two days we had! Hello to each and everyone one of you glorious gang of well over 3000 backers!

As promised, I’m here today to talk about a villain, so let’s get into it!

La Capitan

Young Maria Helena was tired of her dull life in Huelva, España. The most exciting part of her day was watching the ships sail in and out of port — she longed to be out on the sea, seeking the treasures of the known world, rather than stuck on land. So, when she saw an opportunity to sneak aboard a galeon, she did not hesitate. Disguising herself as a boy, she stowed away in the cargo hold until the ship sailed out to sea.

That was over 400 years ago.

Days into the ship's journey, Maria heard panicked shouting on the deck above. Tired of hiding and hoping that no one would notice another random boy on the ship, she raced to the top deck to see what all the commotion was about. As she reached the deck, the boat lurched terribly, throwing many crew members overboard, but Maria managed to barely catch herself on a railing. She could finally see the sea, but it was not the joyous occasion she had hoped for, as only a few dozen feet from the ship was a terrible wrongness. A horrible anomaly.

There appeared to be a vast crack in the surface of the ocean itself, and the water around it was pouring into the rift. The men who fell overboard were all quickly sucked in, and the ship was pulled closer and closer with each passing moment. Everyone aboard the ship ran about in a blind panic — no one had ever experienced anything like this before. Maria made her way to the ship’s helm, seeking better handholds to prevent her falling into certain doom.

As the ship finally dove into the crack in reality, sailors fell from the boat into the twisting void, but Maria held tight to the wheel, wanting desperately to sail the ship even unto eternity.

And then, she did.

The temporal energies of the rift in time changed the ship as it fell, and Maria Helena experienced some of that change herself. She could feel the energy of the rift stretching out before the ship, and knew that by turning the wheel that she gripped so tightly, she could move the ship through the temporal flow of time itself! Time was hers to explore — and to plunder!

Now, Maria Helena Teresa Fafila Servanda Jimena Mansuara Paterna Domenga Gelvira Placia Sendina Belita Eufemia Columba Gontina Aldonza Mafalda Cristina Tegrida de Falcon has sailed through the ages, collecting names for herself and a crew from her past, present, and future, all with the same great thirst for adventure and vast greed for riches from everywhere… and everywhen!

La Capitan sails through time, stealing things that delight her, names that inspire her, and ruffians to add to her motley crew! Check out these three episodes from The Letters Page podcast to learn more about her!

La Capitan is, at her core, a pirate. Add to that time shenanigans and a bizarre crew that dips into both piracy and cool time stuff, and you’ve got a villain who is both dangerous and also a lot of fun!

(Design not final)

Of course, she’s stealing your stuff! First thing first, gotta go get the ship, and some crew to help run it!

(Design not final)

Now let’s meet some of those crew members! A familiar — yet quite threatening — face, plus one who wasn’t originally part of THIS incarnation of La Capitan!

(Design not final)

Now, with her crew assembled, she’s ready to take all your things! And man is she good at it. 

(Design not final)

On The Letters Page podcast, we’ve told many tales of La Capitan (and even more tales of other heroes, villains, and more from the pages of Sentinel Comics), so it wasn’t hard to come up with interesting moments to draw on for her Events. It’s not time yet to get too deep into them, but rest assured that there will be both familiar tales, as well as exciting twists!


The comments section for this campaign has been busy! It’s also been pretty overwhelmingly positive, which I GREATLY appreciate. Sentinels fans are the finest community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of! So, I don’t have a lot of questions (other than things I’m pointedly not answering, as mentioned in the last update). A big part of that has been the help from the intrepid Bailey, our customer service expert. Xir has been killing it getting people prompt and accurate answers. Thanks, Bailey!

However, there has been a question that prompted a change from us, so let me get to that one now!

Q: Can we order the core game Foil Pack and/or the Rook City Renegades Foil Pack separately? 

A: Before yesterday afternoon, the answer to that question was, “Not as part of this campaign, but they are on our webstore!” Which is a fine answer, I guess. However, Bailey was unsatisfied with that answer and took decisive action! Thanks to xir hard work, those items are now available in the Add-On system! Huzzah! So, now the answer to that question is: “Yes! Go get ‘em!”

Thanks everyone! I look forward to sharing information about an Environment with you tomorrow!

Keep on saving the Multiverse!

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Hero Update — Chrono-Ranger
17 days ago
by Greater Than Games
Good morning, Sentinels fans!

What a stellar 24 hours we’ve already had! I’m thrilled that, this early in the campaign, we already have over 2900 backers on board — that’s stupendous! I am consistently blown away by how great the Sentinels community continues to be. Thank you all.

Given this is the first “reveal” update, you’ll also get a feel for how these will go! Some words up top, then the meat and potatoes of the update, and then some Q&A. So, let’s get into it!

Hero: Chrono-Ranger

Jim Brooks was one of the fastest guns in the west. He maintained order in the lawless wastes for many years, facing down many of the worst bandits and outlaws as Sheriff of Silver Gulch. One day, there was a disturbance at the edge of town — the townsfolk panicked at the sight of a giant glowing hole hovering just past the general store. Jim clapped his hat on his head and cinched up his gun belt as he made his way to the shimmering portal. "Now, y'all stay back," he softly drawled, before stepping through the portal, never to be seen in Silver Gulch again.

Jim fell through time, mighty perturbed at the situation he found himself in. After what felt like weeks or maybe seconds of free-fall through a twisting field of glowing energy, Jim fell into darkness and passed out.

He awoke to growling and slowly sat up, not sure if this was the usual Tuesday morning type of growling from the dogs around town, or if he was still in some crazy predicament. Squinting at the giant forms stalking towards him and the nightmarish orange sky up above, he came to the conclusion that the ordeal was far from over. Then, he was attacked.

A pack of two-story-tall rat creatures tore into him, all teeth and claws and vile stench. Jim managed to get one hand on his hat, holding it tight to his head — in his other hand, his trusty Colt rang out sharply. Dropping three with headshots and a fourth in the gut, Jim was feeling pretty good about his chances, when a fifth rat-man bit into his shoulder and tore his left arm clean off.

Jim was having a bad day.

He shot the arm-thieving rat in the face, holstered his now-empty pistol, and made tracks away from the horde of approaching rat-men, drawn by the commotion. He only ran for a few minutes before a metallic voice cried out, "Hey! Over here!" Without pausing to consider, he launched himself through the half-open doorway in the side of the giant steel bunker.

"Am I glad to see you! Oh! You're losing blood fast! Let's get you bandaged up," the metallic voice prattled on, though Jim didn't see anyone in the room. A few robotic arms disengaged from the walls, guiding him to a platform that extended from the wall. As Jim stretched out on the table, wincing in pain, the voice chattered on. "Let's get you some antiseptic and something for the pain. And I'll just build you a new arm, like one of these wall-arms here. That would work well, don't you think? Do you have a particular color in mind? What's your name? I am the Concordant Harmonic Entity, version 4! But you can just call me Con. Oh, hey, you passed out. Well. I'll fix you up in no time."

Jim came to hours later, and Con explained to him that he had made his way thousands of years into the future, and the time he'd found was terrible. All sorts of monstrous creatures populated the world now: Giant yetis, Mongolian death worms, vile skunk apes, nasty chupacabras — the shorelines were overrun by New Jersey devils, what used to be Asia was now occupied by towering lizard creatures, and the seas were full of terrible serpents and sea-beasts. But the worst of all were the huge rat-men. They were the most numerous and most devious of the monsters, and they infected and destroyed everything they touched.

Fortunately, Con had a plan. Specifically, Con had a time-machine. Con could outfit Jim with new gear, fancy gadgets, and send him back in time to destroy these monsters before they could ever grow strong or reproduce. Jim agreed, but didn't want Con to mess with his pistol or his hat — they worked just fine, thank you very much.

So all the urban legends you hear about the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot? The tales of creatures terrible and bizarre? No one has any proof, do they? That's because the Chrono-Ranger got to them first.

You don't have to worry about the monster under the bed — Jim's got you covered.

Chrono-Ranger has long been a fan-favorite in the world of Sentinel Comics. His no-nonsense attitude, combined with his rugged good looks and temporal abilities to get him into bad spots make for a wide variety of bizarre adventures. If you want to learn more about Chrono-Ranger, I suggest checking out these three episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

When working on reimplementing Chrono-Ranger for Definitive Edition, certain things were constants. First off, his character card would be focused on his pistol, but also get his Bounties up and running.

(Design Not Final)

Naturally, he’d have Bounty cards that each gave him a bonus against a particular target, but also rewards for taking that target down.

(Design Not Final)

He’d also have some cool future-tech that helped him hunt down his quarries.

(Design Not Final)

And who can resist a bit of utility, getting things going and taking down big foes once he’s up and running?

(Design Not Final)

Disparation also includes a number of variants for Chrono-Ranger, including his First FULL Appearance in Sentinel Comics (not just the time that he namelessly appeared in a couple of panels without any explanation), a different version of him from one of his wilder tales, and an alternate reality character who is NOT Chrono-Ranger, but uses the same deck! That last type of variant is something that will come up a good deal in this set. More on that in the future!


Before getting into specific questions, I want to address an important fact that would likely come up in questions at some point, and so I’m preempting those questions now! The versions of the cards seen above note that their design is not final. That will be true across the board with this campaign — it was the case with the previous campaigns, as well! But I wanted to specifically call it out, just to manage expectations. Rest assured that that design is quite close to final, and everything I’ll be showing you is certainly thematically and mechanically moving in the correct direction, but there will still be some tweaks and twists along the way. Thus is the process of developing a large game with so many interconnected pieces! The first question today will get more into that. So! Let’s do it!

Q: When will the rewards for this campaign be delivered?

A: I’ve seen this question asked a few times in a few different ways, and even though the answer is a simple one, it also bears some explanation. On BackerKit, when looking at the the “Pledge Levels” section, each Pledge Level has a little link in the description that says “Learn More”. If you click on it, it gives more information, including the estimated ship date: July of 2024. 

The reason for this date is two-fold. 

One of the things we’ve learned over the last couple years of making Definitive Edition is that it takes longer than a year, all told, to get everything finished, printed, and back in our hands to ship them to you. So be it! Rather than killing ourselves with unrealistic deadlines and dropping balls in other courts to focus on this, we’re giving ourselves a bit more room for both this set and subsequent sets. 

The second reason is that I want to be able to focus on finishing up a number of books for Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game this year. Books like that take a lot of time to create, and we’ve already spent a ton of time on them, but this is a case of the final 10% taking as long as the first 90%, so carving out some extra time here helps those get done AND takes a bit of pressure off of development and playtesting Sentinels of the Multiverse stuff — sometimes playtesting happens so fast and furiously that many playtesters get overwhelmed! I’m attempting to create a better timeline for them, as well.

Whew! That was a long answer! But it covered a lot of things that I wanted to make sure people knew, so it was worth it. I’ll take one more question, just to round out this update.

Q: What content will be included in this set?

A: OK, no one has asked this question in this exact manner, but it’s come up a lot in a variety of ways. “Will we see this variant?” “What are the events?” “Tell me everything now!” 

Nope! I have my schedule, and all will be revealed in time. We’ll be sprinkling teasers about Variants, Events, and more over the course of these updates, but I also gotta save SOME stuff for the post-campaign updates, right? Just stick with me. There will be plenty of reveals — I promise.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone! And thank you all so much for supporting this latest endeavor in the Multiverse! If you know someone who you think would love Sentinels of the Multiverse but hasn’t had a chance to experience it, consider doing everyone a favor and introducing them to it! It’ll give you more people to play with, it’ll provide them with a fun time, and maybe they’ll even join in on making this first Sentinel Comics project on BackerKit a runaway success!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning for an update about a Villain! Until then, keep on saving the Multiverse!

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A successful launch! Funded already?!
18 days ago
by Greater Than Games

Good afternoon, Sentinels!

It is I, Christopher Badell! Designer of Sentinels of the Multiverse, writer of Sentinel Comics, and also writer of a LOT of updates over the coming month. 

I’m so happy to see so many of you here already! We’re off to a stunning start — funded in half an hour, doubled it by the 1 hour mark, and still rolling at an impressive rate! And that’s with all the content in the game redacted! Oh, yeah… what’s with that, anyway? Why all the redactions? Well, good news! I’m going to tell you everything!

Schedule of Updates

Tuesday, March 7th: This Very Update!
Wednesday, March 8th: Hero Update — [redacted]
Thursday, March 9th: Villain Update — [redacted]
Friday, March 10th: Environment Update — [redacted]

Monday, March 13th: Villain Update — [redacted]
Tuesday, March 14th: Hero Update — [redacted]
Wednesday, March 15th: Villain Update — [redacted]
Thursday, March 16th: Environment Update — [redacted]
Friday, March 17th: Villain Update — [redacted]

Monday, March 20th: Hero Update — [redacted]
Tuesday, March 21st: Principles Update!
Wednesday, March 22nd: New Environment Update — [redacted]
Thursday, March 23rd: Villain Update — [redacted]
Friday, March 24th: Hero Update — [redacted]

Monday, March 27th: Villain Update — [redacted]
Tuesday, March 28th: Environment Update — [redacted]
Wednesday, March 29th: New Villain Update — [redacted]
Thursday, March 30th: Hero Update — [redacted]
Friday, March 31st: New Villain Update — [redacted]

Monday, April 3rd: Environment Update — [redacted]
Tuesday, April 4th: New Hero Update — [redacted]
Wednesday, April 5th: New Villain Update — [redacted]
Thursday, April 6th: End of Campaign Update!

Oh, no! The redactions even made it into this schedule! I guess we’ll just have to wait for the updates to learn what they’re about.

Fortunately, there’s an amount of information that can still be gleaned from this schedule. The word “new” appears in there a few times, hinting at what may come. Something to look forward to!

Thank you all for such a successful launch! We’re going to experience the disparate corners of the Multiverse together over the course of this campaign, and I couldn’t think of a better bunch of backers to go on this journey! 

As always, keep on saving the Multiverse!


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