Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Pre-production copy awaiting & February!
3 months ago
by Greater Than Games
Welcome back everyone. Now that some of you have started to get your items, we’re glad to say that we’re on schedule. First, let’s talk about what pre-production copies are all about, then we’ll get talking about the month of February, and finally we’ll be rounding off with a summary of the shipment process as it’s happening now.

Pre-production copies — what’s that all about? These copies are the physical copies of the game that let us give it a look-over before the full production is started. This is our last chance to do the final edits and make sure that everything is in top shape. When these do arrive, I’ll post some pictures! Once we approve those, it’s off to the races and Nature Incarnate production begins! We’re right on track for exactly where we thought we’d be.

But, talking about schedules, let’s discuss February. As many of you might know, the Lunar New Year is anywhere from late January through mid-February. This year it just so happens to be January 22nd. This means that our printers will be closed for the weeks surrounding the holiday to allow for travel and celebrations with their family. So, we won’t have a whole lot to report in February, and maybe not much in March, either! Not to worry, though, we always take the holiday into account when making our timelines. It’s part of the schedule from the very start. We’re confident that we’ll still be able to get it to you on time… assuming no shipping crises, of course.

With that in mind, some of you have started to receive your shipping notifications! The next round of shipment notifications should be sometime in March. Again, this does not apply to our Australian and Asian backers who will get everything at once. Some of you who were not part of this first wave have already reached out to me regarding questions, and please continue to do so! Whether it’s updating your order, your address, or answering questions, we’re always here to help. Please reach out to contact@greaterthangames.com if there’s something that BackerKit can’t help you out with.

That’s all for this month, so stay tuned for February’s update where we’ll wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year!
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