Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz


Gotta be synthwave. I need to express my desire to be some kind of a blade runner android through the art of the pizza pin. More importantly, it prompts a very interesting question: what would synthwave taste like? (I imagine it being similar to fruit gushers... but only the blue ones 💙)

Hmmm, the taste of Synthwave. Interesting. I imagine a cool glass of dark berry infused water perhaps? I think there is a new Dark Berry Dr. Pepper flavor out now. Maybe it tastes like that?

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3 months ago

Would love to see some previews for these concepts but synthwave called to me by concept alone.

Yeah i was thinking of whipping up some sketches but I kinda love the mystery, like, how would you envision the Synthwave Slice? 🔮

Synthwave. Best visual concept for an Artslice. It was hard to not vote for Ice Cream though, as I love it so!!!

"Artslice" - I love that name, and just one word! Bold! And yes. I. Am. An. Ice. Cream. Monster 🍦

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3 months ago


I see a pattern. A very 80's inspired pattern. And I like it.

Late to the Convo, but just in time to jump in the votw! I def want a "tako" Sushi roll (Octopus in Japanese), with an octopus tentacle coming out