Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz


Congratulations! 🍕

Thanks Leslie! It was a team effort 🍕

I love it! Peak aesthetic!

Awww yeah 🌴

I was really hoping for the alien one but the synthwave is pretty cool. Can't wait to see the designs for the custom slices!

Don't tell anyone, but I wanted Alien Invasion to win too 👽 But gotta save something for SERIES 2 one day 😜

Awwww yeah! I'm so happy it made it in. I thought we fell a few bucks short thenother day when the project ended.

It was absolutely a photo finish right at the buzzer. But a lot of existing backers upped their pledges which made it all happen. So thankful for such a great community of pizza and pin lovers here 💖

I think this is my favorite so far!