Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz



An overwhelming amount of people have been demanding this one. I had to do it!

user avatar image for Ryan Claytor
4 months ago

Preh-tee...preh-teeeee...dope, Jason. Lovin' what you're slicin' up here. Looking forward to what other reveals you might have up your sleeve. In answer to your question, I'd be in shock and awe if there wasn't a deep-dish version with pepperoni and pineapple. Ha-ha! ...maybe I won't be shocked and awed if doesn't appear...but it IS my personal fave. Regardless, this has been an awfully fun campaign. Keep it up! Ryan "A Hunter's Tale" Claytor

Hey Ryan! Yes, it's been very fun running this one, especially on Crowdfunding by BackerKit ✨ Love that custom slice idea. PLUS love your comic "A Hunter's Tale"! Was so happy to get that in the mail. And I can say, I've received like a billion crowdfunding packages over the years, yours was packed up the safest and soundest of them all!

I really love this slice!! How about dessert pizza? That would be pretty cool.

Yeah, I've been thinking about some sweet-tooth friendly options. Like ice cream, candy, or whatever else that would gloriously rot our teeth 🍦🍭🍩

user avatar image for Virginia
4 months ago

I would love to see white broccoli pizza!

Ohh, an interesting combo for sure 🥦

this i came here to make this exact comment

Whoa, TWO white broccoli lovers in the house! What are the odds!