Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

Watermelon Slice Joins the Menu! Edit
12 months ago
by Jason Furie

We're barely into week 2 and we've already unlocked our second Mystery Slice.

🍉 Introducing the Watermelon Slice Pizza Pin!

The first Mystery Slice we unlocked last week was a classic favorite, so this time around I wanted to include another specialty Slice. And since the first day of summer is upon us, I thought we could celebrate in style.

There are more Mystery slices to unlock. I'll reveal the next one if we reach $10K in funding during this campaign! I'll give you a clue: This new slice is in great shape 💪

Any guesses? Comment on this update and tell me what you think the next Mystery Slice will be!

And don't forget to back Bird Itabags by Corviforms. If you back BOTH projects, you will get these 2 pins added to your orders for FREE 🦆🍕

Jason Furie ✌️
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