Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

πŸ“¦ Sneak Peek: Mini Pizza Boxes!
3 months ago
by Jason Furie

The mini pizza boxes have arrived and they are glorious! They just turned out perfect.

I wanted to share them as soon as possible so I took a few shots today for you all to enjoy. The pizza pin used here was the very first pizza pin I designed over 5 years agoβ€”a nice slice of pineapple and jalapeΓ±o (my favorite) 🍍πŸ”₯

And note that the pins will each come in the box and on a backer card that simulates a lil' greasy pizza stain. A simple touch, but a completely necessary one in my humble opinion.

Here's a few more shots:

I've got some major BackerKit Survey announcements coming up next so keep an eye on your inbox this week. It's almost time for you to choose what designs you want. Exciting times!

Jason Furie πŸ•

What am I gonna do with all my pizza boxes?!?! Haha. A problem I'm totally happy to handle! They look great. Can't wait to get that selection survey!

Oh, I looked at your order. You DO have a lot of mini pizza boxes coming your way. Haha, I will love to hear where they end up living ❀️

user avatar image for Ghost
3 months ago

🀣 the grease stain. Hilarity.

OMG These turned out SO good! And you're right. The greasy stain really adds to it. Love this.

Thanks! And yeah, I really couldn’t be happier with them. They are really cool.

OMGβ€” the oil stains and all!!! I love it!!

It’s the little touches in the little pizza boxes that make all the difference πŸ›’

dude. I collect mini things for my dolls and THIS pizza box is going to be a BIG DEAL for my doll collection 🀣

Yeah, I definitely researched how doll and toy collector's get those cool pizza boxes in their photos. Like a rad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pizza party! It was almost always a single handcrafted kinda thing. My challenge was to mass produce these as I need thousands 🀣 Feel free to slap some gouache over the front and customize to fit your doll's needs! I'd love to see some photos when you use them!

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