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Jason Furie
about 1 year ago

Project Update: ๐Ÿ’Œ Surveys locking TOMORROW (9/21) at 8 PM PST!

Things are rolling along smoothyโ€”88% of you have completed you BackerKit survey. Great job!

BUT there are still a few stragglers out there that need to complete their survey to ensure they get their Pizza Pinz on time.

There are 58 of you that have not completed your survey!
PLEASE fill out your BackerKit survey right now if you haven't yet as your survey choices will be locked in TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 21st at around 8 PM PST!ย 

Here are your important dates:

  • WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st โ€” BackerKit Survey choices are locked meaning you can no longer adjust your orders. I need this info to send final counts to my manufacturer. Your address will still be editable if things change.
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd โ€” Credit cards will be charged for all orders with completed BackerKit surveys.
  • NOVEMBER 2022 โ€” We are still on track for shipping out Pizza Pinz in November 2022. Woo-hoo! All pending manufacturing production schedules of course.

A few things to consider:

  • If your survey is not completed, your order will NOT be cancelled, BUT you will not be included in the first wave of shipping and your Pizza Pinz will be mailed at a later date. To avoid this, fill out your BackerKit survey now please.
  • Order your extra Pizza Pinz via your BackerKit survey as they are likely as cheap as they will ever be at just $10 USD each. MSRP for each Pizza Pinz pin complete in mini pizza box is $15 USD.
  • After orders are locked and cards are charged, you can still edit your shipping address. I will post an update when I am ready to lock shipping addresses.

Ok, I'm giving you all one full extra day to complete your BackerKit surveys so PLEASE have it done by TOMORROW Wednesday, September 21st by 8 PM PST!

Jason ๐Ÿ•





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