Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

🏆 POLL RESULTS: Mystery Slice #4 has been chosen!
3 months ago
by Jason Furie

The poll results are in to determine what new pizza design will unlock if we reach $15K in funding! As of the time of this update, we are at $13,698 with just 40 hours to go! We're so close 😅

Since you all are so amazing and supportive, I really wanted to hear from YOU which design I should draw next. And it looks like we have a clear winner:

SYNTHWAVE SLICE will be unlocked if we reach $15K!

And let me just put this out there. I have a lot of respect for you all, but there is a special place in my heart for the 4 of you that voted for Putrid Vomit Slice 🤮 Keep fighting the good fight.

Since we are so close to reaching our $15K Milestone, I'll be posting an update a little later today sharing how we can reach this goal even if no new backers join in the last 40 hours.

Please stay tuned as my next update will be a very important one 😎

Jason Furie 🍕
user avatar image for Ghost
3 months ago

What does a synthwave slice even look like?

All has been revealed in the latest update!

Though I voted for synthwave, I am definitely curious what putrid vomit slice would have looked like. I'm neither curious nor enthused about the possibilities of its taste, however 🤢

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3 months ago

I kinda pictured it in a green slime vibe similar to 90s nickelodeon promo stuff

Your vote won! And yeah, I kinda was rooting for Putrid Vomit Slice. A true underdog.