Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz is 100% Funded!
4 months ago
by Jason Furie

Pizza Pinz is 100% funded 🍕

None of this would be possible without YOU, your undying love for pizza, and your willingness to support me on a brand new platform 💕 I will be forever grateful that we could all come together and celebrate these pizza slices together that will be packaged in cute little pizza boxes 📦


Now that we've passed the initial funding goal, it's time to start aiming for the Mystery Slices! Our first Mystery Slice will be unlocked if we reach $6000. What could it be? I think I may have spoiled it in one of the Community Comment threads 😅 Any guesses!?

A fun surprise 😮

Did you know there is another rad crowdfunding campaign happening through BackerKit? It called Bird Itabags & Accessories and you'll want to check it out. Not only because it is an amazing crowdfunding project that's about to cross $100K in funding, BUT because if you back BOTH of our projects, you'll get not one, but TWO FREE PINS added to your orders. Check 'em out!

Be sure to check out that project HERE ⬅️🦆

This is just the beginning. So many more slices to unlock, and lots of fun reveals and community activities coming soon. So please keep an eye on this page for frequent updates!

And if you want to get to those Mystery Slices even faster, be sure to share this project with your friends and family. You can use the below link and image to share if you haven't yet!

See you soon,
Jason Furie ✌️

Pledged for both! So fun!

Awesome, appreciate the support! I see rad birds and pizza in your future 🔮

I found Pizza Pins from Itabags, I pledged with them first. I'm so excited about a pin collab! Thanks!

AWESOME! So happy to have you join the pizza-revolution. I noticed you jumped into my Patreon community as well! I recently re-framed that page and am really excited to get that goin strong in the coming weeks! A cool welcome postcard will be on it's way to you soon 📬

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4 months ago

Excited for the Pizza Pins & Bird Itabags collab! And to get my special pins from both of yall!!! Congrats on getting funded 🍕🐦

Woo-hoo! Yes we wanted a fun way to celebrate both project AND give all the amazing backers a little something extra for being the ones that made this all happen. 2 more custom pins sounded nice ✨

Pigeon pizza party time! 🥳 congrats on funding!

Thanks! I hope there are as many people excited about our free Pigeon Pizza Party Pins as we are 🐤🍕🎉

Congratulations!! I hope the square pie/Sicilian is on its way to being unlocked.

With 27ish days left who knows what Mystery Slices will unlock 💖 Stay tuned in!

Huzzah!! 🙌🏻