Inscrutable Cities by Julian K. Jarboe

Inscrutable Cities by Julian K. Jarboe

First Few Days — almost 400% ! Edit
6 months ago
by Possum Creek Games
Hey folks, Jay here.

We're incredibly grateful for all the support. It's incredibly risky to launch a project on a new platform, especially so close to the holiday season, but the response from all of you has been amazing and we're super excited to make this game a reality. Julian said:

I am flattered, honored, and awed by how many people are eager for Inscrutable Cities. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the project, even just by sharing the link.

Because of our goals to keep this project slimmed-down and avoid bloat, we're not going to be doing any stretch goals (although we have one idea for a cool feature we'll be weighing the costs of...) and our focus from here on out is to make a cool game that you'll all enjoy, in a timely and expedient way. I'm currently away from my office for Thanksgiving-shaped reasons, but keep an eye on this space for early drafts, mockups, art sketches, and more. 

Take care, and I'll be back next week with more!

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