Big Box of Dungeon Doors

Big Box of Dungeon Doors

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Tam Henderson
6 months ago

Project Update: Manufacturing update & first lock & charge for backers who completed the survey!

We are delighted to announce we are expecting our sample for the complete Box of Dungeon Doors in the coming days! We will, of course, post a video when we have this sample.

This marks the end of the back and forth with the factory to make sure everything is exactly as we want it (thus far we have adjusted the box, increased the size of the standees by a few mm so we could get the artwork just a little larger once we allowed for the bleed and added a backing card so the completed box looks amazing!).

This sample will be the first of the completed box and standee set. Its a "digital proof", so essentially hand made, and we use it to check that everything is as we expect it to be based on the digital files. It is also our last chance to make any further adjustments to files & materials.

Once we sign off this sample the next step is the first mass production sample (to check the mass produced product is as expected based on the digital sample), and then its on to mass production!

We'll share an updated timeline when we have it, but we are very confident that this product will be with you before our initial delivery estimate of September.

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