Big Box of Dungeon Doors

Big Box of Dungeon Doors

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Loke Battle Mats
8 months ago

Project Update: Confirm all of the Door Designs

We have been through the polls and are delighted to announce the winning door designs!

 | Single  | Door covered in glowing runes
 | Single  | Dwarven Stone Door
 | Single  | Mimic Door
 | Single  | Bookcase
 | Single  | Hanging tapestry/curtain
 | Single  | "Secret" door
 | Single  | Skeleton carved stone
 | Double  | Archway with portal

These designs for the stretch goal achievement doors will now be sent off to our artist and we look forwards to sharing the images with you soon.

What happens now?
We have now received funds from Backerkit now your cards have been processed. So we're good to go!

It's currently Chinese New Year, so when the factory reopens at the end of the month we'll be finalising the artwork and templates and progressing with the first sample.

When we have confirmed box weight and size we'll be opening the pledge manager survey to collect shipping fees and addresses. This is also when you can add items onto your pledges.

If you need any help at any stage please reach out to me [email protected].

We'll update again once we have the artwork for the doors to show you!.

Thanks again for your support and great ideas, and please do reach out with any questions.

Matt & Tam

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