Big Box of Dungeon Doors

Big Box of Dungeon Doors

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Tam Henderson
8 months ago

Project Update: All the doors! And a look ahead to production and the pledge manager.

We now have all the artwork for the doors signed off. Our Artist James Hayball has been hard at work, and we're very happy with the results!

So without further ado here are all the doors!

Production Update

Now we are past Chinese New Year we are working with the factory to sign off templates and create our first digital proof! This is when we do things like finalise the box design, design the insert, sign off the door sizes, artwork sizes and all those details! It is the stage which takes a lot of attention to detail but we're super excited to get you these doors!

Once we have all the i's dotted and t's crossed we'll have the first sample produced. Assuming all is well then we can greenlight the mass production!

Once we start printing we'll be able to share a more detailed timeline with you all.

The Pledge Manager

We will start to work on the pledge manager once we have the templates signed off. Simply because we need to confirm how big the box is and how much it weights so we can work out the shipping for you all!

So watch out for updates over the next month and once we're there we'll share news of the pledge manager!

Matt & Tam
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