Adventures in the Cypher System

Adventures in the Cypher System

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Charles Ryan
7 months ago

Project Update: Bestiary Upgraded—Let’s Celebrate and Make One More Fun Thing!

Thank you again, backers!

As is usually the case, the final days of a campaign are turning out to be pretty fast-moving. You’ve unlocked the upgrade to the Cypher System Bestiary, which is expanding to a very hefty 192 pages!

This brings us to an interesting crossroads.

Overnight, this campaign surpassed Invisible Sun to become our third biggest crowdfunding campaign to date (not including Old Gods of Appalachia, which is in a class all its own). Our other top campaigns each revolved around a major product—new corebooks for Numenera, the historically massive (and historically awesome) Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire, or the ground-breaking Invisible Sun Black Cube. In contrast, this campaign is focused on expanding and growing an existing line without a "tentpole" item. No campaign of this nature—by MCG or, to our knowledge, any other publisher—has soared to such heights. Thank you so much for making it happen!

In exceeding our expectations, you’ve also taken us through all our envisioned stretch goals for the products we’ve lined up for this campaign. To celebrate this remarkable success, we want to cap it with a fun, cool new product—an exclusive new title just for you, the backers who brought us to this point.

A Fun New Product

We want to make something a little different—and a lot of fun. A special mini-bestiary with full Cypher System stats and write-ups for NPCs like a finicky housecat, retail clerk, YouTuber, dopey dog, middle manager, rules lawyer, perpetual grad student, IT professional, AI chatbot, artist, game designer, influencer, game store owner, powergamer, anime fan, and so on. Who knows—maybe you’ll even see a character from inside MCG!

This will be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but given that Rust and Redemption and It’s Only Magic both have modern characters at their roots, these NPCs will be more than a fun read—they’ll bring color and perhaps a bit of levity into your adventures and campaigns.

This is a “mini-bestiary,” not a major product. However, we’ll make it in print and PDF, and the print version will be made especially for you, the backers of this campaign. It will not be widely available in print through any other source.

Like all of the new items we’ve unlocked through this campaign, it will be added automagically to the rewards at the Cypher Hero, Cypher Expert, and All In: Cypher Voyager! pledge levels (in print and PDF), and the Digital Cypher Expert level (PDF only). If you aren’t backing at one of those levels, you really should consider an upgrade—just look at all the stuff these levels get!

Now, What Should We Call It?

To add to the festive nature of this stretch goal, we invite you to help us come up with a title for this product!

If you have an idea, post it in the comments to this update. Check in on the comments throughout the day, and give a thumbs-up to ideas you like. At the end of the day, we’ll review your ideas and pick one from among the most popular choices.

Help Us Unlock This!

We’ll unlock this fun stretch goal at $750,000. To reach that, we’ll have to hit $85,000 over the course of the day (we're already well on the way). Doable? Invisible Sun hit $85,000 in its final day. Ptolus did more than $115,000. Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny? $140,000.

Those campaigns all had one thing in common: Their supporters helped to spread the word. If you can give this campaign just a little boost today, we should be able to reach this goal before the campaign closes this evening.

It’s going to be fun!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG





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