My Pet Mini Plushie & 12" Plush- Personalized with Your Pet!

My Pet Mini Plushie & 12" Plush- Personalized with Your Pet!

My Pet Mini Plushies are personalized with the image of your pet and handmade by us using soft Minky plush fabric. They make perfect emotional support companions that you can take just about anywhere! Also available in a 12" size!
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About My Pet Mini Plushie

My Pet Mini Plushies feature your pet printed on soft Minky plush fabric that we make into a stuffed plush! They fit in the palm of your hand, in a bag or pocket and can be taken just about anywhere! We initially made these as gifts for loved ones and they were such a hit we thought they would make a great project. These minis are available for the first time here on Backerkit and are discounted, thank you for your support!
Whether you want to keep your pet close for emotional support, honor the memory of a cherished pet, or celebrate the newest furry addition to your family, My Pet Mini Plushie makes the perfect keepsake or gift for any pet lover. Handmade by us in the USA! 

SIZES:  Choose 6" or a larger 12" size, image will be on both sides!
The mini plushies measure approximately 6 inches on its longest side and 2 inches thick. They easily fits in a bag so you can take your "pet" everywhere you go and easily hold in your hand. The image is on both sides. You can also back a 12 inch version (4 inches thick), perfect for snuggling!

Unlike other custom photo pillows out there, we extend the image all the way to the seams. Image will be on both sides.

Add-ons are available so you can get multiple plushies!

You'll get an extra discount if you back the 6" and 12" reward tier! ($42)


How We Make Your Plush

  • After the campaign ends, we'll ask you to email us the photo/photos you'd like us to use. A high resolution photo and one that shows the entire body is best. We can also make a plush that's just the head and figure out a way to work with the image you have.
  • We'll edit the photo. 
  • The image will extend all the way to the seam and might include part of the background that is around your pet.
  • We'll order custom fabric that has your photo graphic printed on it. 
  • When the custom fabric arrives to us, we'll sew  & stuff your plush and ship it out!

You provide a photo of your pet, we'll edit it, print it on Minky fabric, then make it into a stuffed plush!



SHIPPING will be calculated and collected after the campaign is over through the Pledge Manager.
Shipping charges will depend on how many plushies you get, they are pretty light so we'll be able to keep shipping affordable.

Shipping Estimate Example
For 1-2 Mini Plushies
US- $5
Canada- $12
International- $14

We ship internationally. We are not responsible for any VAT fees, duties, customs taxes/fees that might be incurred in your country.
We will begin shipping orders out in July through August, 2024.

PAYMENT-Your payment method will not be charged right away. You will be charged for the amount of your pledge when the campaign ends and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.



We already have the sewing machines and the three of us will be making all of the plushies. If we reach our initial goal, we'll use the funds to cover the cost of buying the custom printed fabric, interfacing, stuffing, thread, etc. We'll also have to pay for the associated campaign and processing fees along with taxes. If we go over our goal, any extra funds will be used to build our website and purchase supplies to expand our product line. Thank you for your support!

Timeline- This campaign ends June 20th. If it's successful, we'll order the custom fabric and begin sewing in July. Orders will begin to ship in July and extend into August (if there are a lot of orders :).

Your Privacy

We will not share your photos or use them without your permission. We cannot make items with images that are not your intellectual property or that are not tasteful.

If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project