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Shaker Keychain Overhaul!

Shaker Keychain Overhaul!

Help me create a ton of fun new shaker charms! These keychains will be hollow on the inside with fun fillers you can shake around! Several unique designs to pick from
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Pre-order some amazing new keychains!
This page has all of my latest shaker charm designs, both open-able and sealed shaker charms. Shipping will be charged separately and at the end of the campaign. Please read full description before ordering and feel free to message me here or on Instagram if you have any specific questions!

Opening Keychains


Open-able/ Interchangeable keychains will swing open on one side so you can change which charms are inside. These fasten and stay closed with magnets and a special clasp at the top that you will then use to hang it! All charm packs will fit in any open-able charm, and you can even mix and match if you buy multiple insert packs!

Choose from three different Opening Shaker designs, then on the add-on page, choose which inserts you want! I have four insert packs to choose from: Butterflies, Bugs, Flies, and Organs, all of which will look great in any of the opening keychains!
Choose your opening keychain from the following designs: Skeleton (pictured above); Frog (below) or Pallid Bat, both of which feature a unique back design and open tummy so you can see the inserts bouncing around inside when you shake it! All three keychains come with a silver ring and special clasp that will allow you to open and close your keychains whenever you want to switch up your inserts.
Pledge for your favorite keychain, or grab one of the combo sets! You can always add more keychains and inserts to your pledge later if you want, or grab the Double Pack (choose 2 opening keychains PLUS choose two insert packs) or a Full Set (one of each opening keychain, PLUS one of each insert pack)! Combos offer a small discount for buying several keychains at once.

Pallid Bats are native to my region in the Pacific Northwest, and are strict insectivores! Fill this keychain up with tons of yummy bug inserts!

NEW! Book of Shadows Opening Charm!

Meet the latest Opening Shaker in the collection: The Book Of Shadows! This opening charm has a unique front and back cover, complete with gold accents and rubies for that perfectly spooky effect~ Of course a new opening keychain means a new set of inserts too! You can now add the Witchy Ingredients set on the add-on page! This set includes an eyeball, a newt, and a sprig of Belladonna

Shaker Keychains


I am also introducing several new (non-opening) shaker charms! So far I have three designs planned,a honeycomb set complete with three little bees, a book with a bookworm inside, and a ribcage with a heart that bounces around when you shake it!

Non-Opening charms will be labeled in the product title as well as in the description. All non-opening charms come with three inserts already inside as well as an adorable gold star-shaped clasp. Clasp can be switched out for simple gold or black clasps or a slightly larger silver lobster clasp if you'd prefer (no extra charge, just leave a note with your order or message me)

More shaker keychains may be added later as I finalize more designs. You can also check out some of the finished shakers in my Etsy shop for more examples!

Inserts and Add-Ons


All inserts packs should fit comfortably in any of the Opening Keychains (not all at once, but each set of three should fit inside with a little wiggle room for that perfect clink as they shake around)
At the moment I have four insert packs to pick from: Butterflies, Bugs (centipede, beetle, and spider), Flies, and Organs (heart, lungs, and stomach). Each pack comes with 3 inserts, but you are more than welcome to get multiple packs so you can mix and match what you want in your new keychain!

While I initially designed each keychain with one insert pack in mind, all the insert packs should work with any of the keychains.
Once you pledge for your desired keychain, you can add whichever insert pack(s) you want in the add-on page. Here you'll also be able to add more opening charms, as well as regular shakers, regular keychains, and stickers! Grab the 'full bug set' insert pack for all three bug packs, at a discount!
You can now add the Witchy Ingredients set on the add-on page! This set includes an eyeball, a newt, and a sprig of Belladonna


The Add-On shop is where you'll pick out which inserts you want for your new keychain(s)! You'll also be able to add more keychains and shakers, to your order here. I have some new designs that you can pre-order here as well as a returning favorite, the Morningstar Flails! Grab one as an add-on and get a small discount.
There are four insert packs to pick from, or grab the Bug Pack and get one of each of the bug inserts at a slight discount! 9 Inserts for just $10 (regular pride $12)

Pride month is coming up so I have some new designs in store! You can pre-order your DairyCow Isopod keychains here in one of 8 options: Trans flag cowboy, cowgirl, cowpoke, or 'Y'all Means All', or grab the rainbow flag version cowboy, cowgirl, cowpoke, or 'Y'all Means All'. Each will be 3" wide and have a gold star clasp!

Keychains not your thing? I also have 6 of these designs available as stickers! All stickers are waterproof and weather resistant, so you can put them anywhere!

Shipping and FAQ

Shipping will be charged separately at the end of the campaign. 
Once the campaign ends there will be a 4-8 week waiting period while the keychains are produced, and another 1-2 weeks or so for shipping. All orders will have include a small sticker (design TBD) included for free!

Check out the FAQ page for more information, and if you don't see what you're looking for, let me know!

Thank you for your support on my latest project and don't forget to sign up for emails so you don't miss the next one!
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