Face of a Dead Sun - a Book of the Sun

Face of a Dead Sun - a Book of the Sun

A 100+ page art book in black and gold serving as immersive exploration into a vampire clan inhabiting a world in which forces of nature are embodied by dragons - including the very sun.
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Greetings! My name is Asmo and I am a freelance artist from Germany.
For four years I have been working on an art book intended as an insight into a longstanding world-building project of mine.
The book is meant to be taken as an immersive exploration into a vampire clan inhabiting a world in which forces of nature are embodied by dragons - including the very sun.

The hardcover book is printed with black edges and a relief varnish cover design. The size will be roughly 20 x 27 cm. The pages will be printed on slightly textured paper with 160 gsm.
The printing company I use is located in my home state Bavaria within driving distance.

The work features 112 pages filled with illustrations in golden lineart on black, with a few texts elaborating upon worldbuilding and setting. The main focus of this book is the art, atmosphere and immersion. All art inside has been drawn by me over the course of the last four years.
I also use a self-made font based on my hand writing.

All books will be signed by me and numbered. The edition quantity will depend on the Backerkit campaign.


Alongside the book I'll also release a limited edition print that will only be available for this campaign. 
Prints will be signed and numbered on the back, number depending on the amount sold. The size is 18 cm x 24 cm, printed on 308 gsm cotton rag.


Shipping is NOT included in price and will be charged and added on, according to Backerkit's standards after the shipping surveys have been sent.

Shipping of the book (or book + print combo) to Germany will be 7 Euro.
Shipping of the book (or book + print combo) to the rest of the world will be 17 Euro.

Shipping of just the print tier to Germany will be 3 Euro.
Shipping of just the print tier to the rest of the world will be 8 Euro.

All pledgers for the physical orders (book, print, or both) within the first 48 hours will also recieve a free vinyl sticker.

The budget of 9800€ can be broken down in these categories:
Cost of production (books and print), shipping supplies, Backerkit and payment processing fees, and taxes.
Production makes up the majority of these costs. The quote of book manufacturing I received from my printing company already includes refinements such as the black edges and the varnish cover.


The book is print ready. All art has been drawn, all text has been written.
Once I receive the money from the Backerkit campaign I can immediately move on with production and give the printing company the okay to print the books. 

11th June to 11th July - Backerkit campaign is running.
Late July - I should receive the funds after processing from Backerkit.
Beginning of August - Ordering of the books, limited prints and stickers.
Late August to September - I will receive the books from my printer.
September onwards - Shipping.

International buyers, especially outside of the EU, may receive their orders in November or later.
Supporters will be informed of any delays.
I have been offered by my printing company to be present to oversee when my book gets printed. Depending on schedule, that might mean a tiny delay because I would really like to be there physically.
Any leftover books will be sold in my personal store on my website, after the campaign has been fulfilled.


I am located in Germany and thus packages will be shipped from there.
An estimate of shipping cost is written under the Pledge Tiers part of the campaign. I don't expect it but the quotes for shipping might change slightly depending on external factors (DHL raising shipping cost during production of this book, etc).
I do not have responsibility for your countries VAT and import fees. By pledging you acknowledge this.
Packages will be shipped with DHL. Momentarily DHL does not ship to Russia and Belarus therefore I cannot fulfill any physical package orders to these countries.

I will send out address surveys once the books are in production. In case of an address change, please consider using these.
Once you recieve a shipping confirmation I am no longer able to change addresses.

In case a package is lost, stolen or damaged please contact DHL or your international post office. As a small business I am unable to provide free replacements.

Packaging will be done with the most amount of recycled material and least amount of plastic possible.


I am a freelance artist from Germany with an avid love for dark fantasy, especially that which still exhibits a love for the world, life and nature.
I've been working as a fulltime artist for five years, however even before I have illustrated work for many clients.
When not thinking about dragons, I take care of a flock of small-sized wyverns commonly known as chickens and love them very much.

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