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Griffinch Plushes

Griffinch Plushes

Plushes of finch griffins, called Griffinches!
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Hi everyone! My name is Avery–but you can call me Aves! I’m an illustrator and parent of two wonderful zebra finches, Beep and Peep. I make both realistic illustrations of birds and cartoon illustrations, which can be viewed on my website and on my twitter.

This campaign is to fund the production of Griffinch plushes! The griffinch is a griffin that is part finch–small and fluffy, perfect for hugging! 

Note: The plush/keychain/sticker color is chosen after the campaign is complete, via the post-campaign survey. You can choose from all of the unlocked designs!


Special Promos & Freebies!

As a token of appreciation for your support, all plush backers will receive a 2.5in sticker of the Griffinch plush(es) ordered.

Also, ALL backers will be able to obtain a free digital pdf with stats for Griffinches once the campaign has been completed, so that ttrpg players can use them in their campaigns.

Early bird backers will also receive a sticker sheet with four little pixel Griffinch stickers (one of each design). These will also be available as add-ons later!

And, most exciting of all: back this campaign and Parrotlet Plush Pals and you'll get a pin featuring a Griffinch and Parrotlet!

The Designs

Griffinch Plush Design Details
Griffinch plushes are made of soft, fluffy fabric and are perfect for hugging. The designs are based on real finches: Zebra finch, standard and white variety; Owl finch/Double-barred finch; and Java Sparrow, which is technically a finch. Each plush is approximately 8in tall, 7.5in wide, 7in deep (not including tail), 10in deep (including the tail). The plushes will also be available as add-ons at the end of the campaign.

Stickers and Keychains
There will be a corresponding sticker and keychain for each Griffinch design. The stickers will be approximately 2.5in tall and the keychain charms 2in tall. Stickers and keychains will also be available as add-ons at the end of the campaign.

Funding Goals



Available add-ons will include plushes, keychains, stickers, and a free digital pdf with stats for Griffinches, so any ttrpg players can use them in their DnD campaigns. 


If there are any changes in the timeline, emails will be sent to all backers to communicate the updates. 


Orders with only keychains and stickers will be mailed in bubble mailers. Plushes will ship in a poly mailer for cost-effective and adequately safe shipping. Shipping UPGRADES to a cardboard box will also be available for a small extra fee via the after-campaign survey for those interested.

Important Things to Note

Delays due to COVID-19: There may potentially be delays due to COVID-19. Any changes in the timeline will be communicated.

International backers: You are responsible for any import taxes/fees in your country associated with ordering these products.

Collectible Plushes: These plushes are intended to be collectible items. They are not plush toys for children.

Refund policy: Once the campaign has ended, refunds cannot be given out. If an item is damaged or incorrect, please reach out to me directly and I will correct the issue ASAP. Please only back this campaign if you are certain you like the product and you are aware of the timeline and potential shipping time to your location from the US.

More Pictures!

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