Enjoy another year of your favorite fantasy creatures presented by the Baby Bestiary! This year, illustrated by Nala J. Wu!
2024 Baby Bestiary Calendar

2024 Baby Bestiary Calendar

Enjoy another year of your favorite fantasy creatures presented by the Baby Bestiary! This year, illustrated by Nala J. Wu!
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Cerberus Puppy

Since the inception of the Baby Bestiary Handbook, we've been creating an annual calendar that gives you cute monsters for every month of the year. And for each year, we feature a different artist who gets to depict these adorable beasts in their chosen art style. This year, makes it our 10th annual calendar!

This year, we're excited to be showcasing the work of Nala J Wu!

Past Calendars
As our 10th year of doing calendars, we've got the process down to a near science, below you can see all the calendars and the crazy different art styles showcased in prior years.

Past Calendars


The Art

Gorgon/Medusa Daughter

Meet the Artist

Nala J. Wu (they/them) is a proud queer trans nonbinary art director (All the Witches, Evil Hat Productions) and award-winning illustrator (Apocalypse Keys, Uncaged Goddesses, Coyote & Crow). Besides art, Nala does voice acting, sensitivity consultations, and actual play performance! Follow them on socials @naladraws and check out their portfolio on naladraws.com!

Dragon Wyrmling

Pledge Levels

Digital Backer ($10)

  • Calendar PDF

Calendar Lover ($18)

  • Calendar PDF
  • 1x Calendar

Share the Year ($30)

  • Calendar PDF
  • 2x Calendars



If you need to obtain more than one calendar (or coffee), addons will be available after the campaign.  

You can :
  • Increase your pledge by the add-on amount (on the pledge confirmation screen) or,
  • You can wait until the campaign is over to add additional items to your pledge.¬†

Shipping is not included with the addons


+1 Calendar

+1 calendar  (+$15)

Add an extra calendar to your order

Art Print

Art Print 16x20 (+$35)
Get an art print (you get to pick which), will be shipped separately from Calendars 



Shipping will be collected in the pledge manager once the campaign ends. Costs will vary based on your location and how many coffees and calendars you end up getting.

As a rough estimate, shipping costs will be as such:
(due to how our production currently stands, everything ships out of the US, we hope that we can change this in future years)


  • USA¬† +$6-7
  • Everywhere Else +$16



Achievements are Backerkits version of stretch goals. And what we like to do with our extended rewards is to enhance the rewards that every backer will be getting. In past years, there have been stickers, magnet, and even coffee that was included with the calendars. This year I would love to do stickers, and offer a coloring book for those those who want it. 

To Be Unlocked Achievements

  • $6,000 - Funded!!
  • 500 backers - Digital (for all backers) and physical coloring book (as an addon)
  • $10,000 - +1 Sticker
  • $14,000 - +1 Bookmarks
  • $18,000 - +1 Enamel Pin
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