Grab an owlbear and gain a level with new exciting accessories!!
Heroic Beginnings: Fighter & Wizard Owlbear Accessories

Heroic Beginnings: Fighter & Wizard Owlbear Accessories

Equip your Owlbear Plush with epic fighter and wizard gear.
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Presenting Owlbear Accessories

If you're a fan of the Owlbear Plush, and have been looking to get new accessories to level up your adventures, look no further than our Heroic Beginnings accessories!

In this project we're working on making two kits of accessories themed with the two most iconic classes of fantasy adventurning: the Wizard and Fighter!!

These starter gear packs include everything needed to get your little owlbear off to a running start on their adventure and to tackle the challenges ahead. 

(In addition to this project, we're also adding the opportunity to add additional owlbears as well as owlbear class pins!)

(prototype accessories, subject to change, esp shield)


Wizard Starter Gear

Are you taking levels of wizard? then this kit will be perfect for you, featuring:


Contain your most important spells and is essential for any traveling wizard. 

Wizard Staff 

Your primary focus, used to hone your mana and manifest your spells.

Mana Potion

Once you've depleted your mana, you'll need this potion to get back into the action. 

Wizard Hat

No wizard look is complete without their iconic hat, so don't forget it!

Fighter Starter Gear

Are you taking levels of fighter? then this kit will be perfect for you, featuring:

Sword & Axe

Your martial prowess extends to all weapons that can be found in the battlefield, and like all tools sometimes sometimes you just need the right one to get the job done.

Health Potion

In the thick of the action when you might get beaten down or overwhelmed, this health potion will revitalize you allowing you to bounce back with ferocity.  

Warriors Shield

A solid defense is just as important as good weapon skills, and so you never travel far without your trusty shield at your side. 

What is the Owlbear Plush?

Inspired by the popular Dungeons and Dragons tabletop roleplaying game, the owlbear is a popular creature that resembles the succinct combination of an owl and a bear.  The Owlbear Plush (sucessfully funding on kickstarter in early 2021) is our creation to portray this creature in its younger years, as a small cub, that could be your companion and join you on your adventures.  As the goal of the Baby Bestiary is to show that not only is there a cute side fo all the fiercest monsters, but that if approached correctly any creature can be true friend and loyal companion.
avaliable owlbear colors Left to right (Mossy, Brown, Snowy, Charcoal)


Pledge levels are as follows for the campaign: 

Watcher - $1 

This campaign has caught your eye and you're interested. Perhaps you're waiting for the pledge manager to do everything together, or perhaps you just want to see whats going on.

Wizard Starter Gear - $25 

Get your complete set of Wizard Starter Gear! (*Owlbear plush not included) 
  • Wizard Hat
  • Magnetic Mana Potion
  • Magnetic Wizard Staff
  • Magnetic Spellbook

Fighter Starter Gear - $25 

Get your complete set of Fighter Starter Gear! (*Owlbear plush not included) 
  • Strap-on Shield
  • Magnetic Health Potion
  • Magnetic Axe
  • Magnetic Sword

Unequipped Owlbear - $35

A Standalone Owlbear of your choice, pick one of the following colors: 
  • Brown
  • Snowy
  • Mossy (seasonal)
  • Charcoal (seasonal)

Multiclassed Kit $45 (save $5)

Get the Fighter Starter Gear and the Wizard Starter gear shown above. 
(*Owlbear plush not included)

Lv 1 Owlbear  $55 (Save $5)

Get a Standalone Owlbear and either the Fighter Starter Gear or Wizard Starter gear 

Owlbear Adventuring Party $100 (save $20)

Get two Standalone Owlbears and two sets of starter gear picking between the Fighter Starter Gear or Wizard Starter gear.



In this campaign, we are making additional items accessible via addo-ns, ranging from additional plushes, starter gear sets, and pins! As of current this addons 

Starter Gear Set
  • +1 Wizard Starter Gear - $25
  • +1 Fighter Starter Gear - $25
Owlbear Plushes- 
  • Brown - $35¬†
  • Snowy - $35¬†
  • Mossy - $35
  • Charcoal - $35
Owlbear Class Pins
  • Owlbear Wizard Set (3x) - $25
  • Ready To Cast Owlbear Wizard Pin (018) - $10
  • Embarassed Owlbear Wizard Pin (019) - $10
  • Studying, Owlbear Wizard Pin (020) - $10

  • Owlbear Fighter Set (3x) - $25
  • Sitting Owlbear Fighter Pin (015)- $10
  • Sword Owlbear Fighter Pin (016) - $10
  • Bounding Owlbear Fighter Pin (017) - $10


Stretch Goals

This project will have no stretch goals. 

We've been doing crowdfunding campaigns for about 10 years now, and although we have the ability to do things like campaign exclusives, free incentives, or stretch goals to push the FOMO. We've found we're better off being very focused with our project scope. In addition, it took us 7 months of prototyping to get to this point with the current accessories, so anything new will take an additional 7 months (and that's before we get to manufacturing). 
So for this project we won't be revealing any other plush accessories to be produced, (we could have probably made the potions a stretch goal, but then we'd have to hide it until we got to that point, and its just easier to show everything off together.) If there is a stretch goal that we would entertain, it would be for pins (since turnaround for those can be much faster than the plush manufacturing). 

Early Bird Galaxy Fishie

Backing within the first 24 hours will get you a free magnetic Galaxy Fishie! 



We ship internationally, and we do our best to reduce costs wherever possible (because no one likes to pay shipping).

We have three warehouses located in the USA, UK, and AUS which give us pretty good access to reasonable global fulfillment, but of course there are always a few exceptions that get in the way.

On average we expect shipping to be around the following (this is using the baseline of shipping one owlbear, though numbers are always subject to change):
  • US ~$10 (USD)
  • CAN/MX ~$30 (USD) (I'm sorry)
  • UK ~ ‚ā¨12 (EUR)
  • EU ~¬£9 (GBP)
  • AUS ~$20 (AUD)

worse comes to worse
(when we get to shipping and it's too expensive, we'll be happy to provide a refund if you change your mind)
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