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Raise your hands high, young brothers and sisters!

The hotly anticipated next chapter and penultimate chapter of THE AMORY WARS comic book saga – THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW – is nearly here and this is your first opportunity to reserve your copy in its most collectible form! 

To commemorate this exciting new chapter and 20th anniversary of the beloved science fiction franchise inspired and based on the amazing operatic music of COHEED and CAMBRIA, award-winning and bestselling publisher BOOM! Studios, in partnership with Evil Ink Comics, proudly presents exclusive BOOM! Direct Reserve editions of THE AMORY WARS: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW, commemorative 20th Anniversary collectibles, and much more!

Read on to enter the distant and expansive universe of Heaven’s Fence and embark on a journey without equal alongside Claudio Kilgannon as he discovers and grapples with his epic destiny in a tale that has captured the imagination of legions of fans worldwide for nearly two decades. Seize the moment and rise to meet your fate, if you don’t want to miss out on our EARLY BIRD bonus and our most limited edition levels!

A galactic, sweeping New York Times best-selling comic book series, THE AMORY WARS, sprang from the imagination of COHEED and CAMBRIA frontman Claudio Sanchez as a companion to the band’s seminal series of concept rock albums. 

Heaven's Fence, a colony comprised of seventy-eight planets and seven stars linked and held together by the mysterious beam of light known as the Keywork, is in upheaval and the Kilgannon family is at the center of it. Follow the multi-generational saga as the Kilgannons rise to meet their prophesied destiny in THE AMORY WARS. Each comic series expands and visualizes the story told through COHEED and CAMBRIA's albums of the same name, capturing the imaginations of fans around the globe as they eagerly await the next chapter of this timeless space odyssey.

Now, just in time for the 20th Anniversary of THE AMORY WARS in 2024, the fourth and penultimate chapter will finally be unleashed…

Five years after the end of the last comic series, the highly anticipated next chapter of THE AMORY WARS saga is here! Long foretold he is The Crowing, Claudio Kilgannon must confront not only his destiny, but the powermad Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan, and his ruthless right hand, General Mayo Deftinwolf, in the ultimate battle for the fate of all of Heaven’s Fence.

Creative mastermind Claudio Sanchez is reunited with writer Chondra Echert to unveil the pulse-pounding penultimate chapter 20 years in the making! THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW will be told beginning in May 2024 across 12 single issue comic books before being compiled into 3 collected editions.

Available exclusively through this BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign, fans of THE AMORY WARS and COHEED and CAMBRIA can reserve THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW as a complete premium set of 12 BOOM! Direct Reserve exclusive variant cover single issue comic books or 3 BOOM! Direct Reserve 20th Anniversary collected editions. Both the comic books and collected editions are available in a variety of increasingly limited variant formats.
All artwork & design not final and subject to change.

By reserving the comic option, you will receive the entire 12 issue comic book series in a deluxe format featuring premium cardstock covers showcasing exclusive variant connecting covers by artist Riccardo Latina (Two Moons). By reserving the collected editions you will receive all of THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW in three 20th Anniversary volumes, available in softcover or hardcover, with or without a slipcase, and featuring cover art by Latina and with a unique commemorative book design and enhancements.

THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW #1 cover by Ricardo Latina. All artwork & design not final and subject to change.

All artwork & design not final and subject to change.

And while both the individual comic books and collected editions of THE AMORY WARS: GOOD APOLLO, I’M BURNING STAR IV, VOL. II: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW will be made available through comic shops, bookstores, and a myriad of locations where books are commonly discovered, these 20th Anniversary commemorative editions will only be available exclusively through this BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign, limited to their initial print run, and never-to-be reprinted again.

For those looking to upgrade their 20th Anniversary experience, BOOM! Studios proudly offers a selection of increasingly limited editions and collectibles. Truly dedicated Children of the Fence who pride themselves in owning the most collectible editions as an outward expression of their fandom will not want to miss these three levels of strictly limited metal boxed sets of hardcovers. Each FOMO-inducing edition level also includes ultra-premium, exclusive items and merchandise including editions signed by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert and a commemorative 20th Anniversary print featuring the complete connecting 12-part image by Riccardo Latina. Each metal boxed set includes exclusive collected editions and single issues with matching foil embellishments, custom matching metal display box, and an exclusive metal poster.

Embrace your destiny and reserve your limited edition set before they are sold out! Check out the campaign level details below and in the rewards section to determine which offering best completes your THE AMORY WARS collection.


“Are you in or are you out?”

Declare your allegiance to Heaven’s Fence at launch! Reserve any physical level in the first 48 hours (November 7th at 11am PT to November 9th at 11am PT) of this BOOM! DIRECT RESERVE campaign, and you’ll automatically receive an exclusive Keywork challenge coin as part of your reserved order as an Early Bird Bonus! This commemorative challenge coin features the iconic Keywork symbol that represents the mysterious blue energy binding the planets of Heaven’s Fence.

All artwork & design not final and subject to change.


Raise your hands high, young brothers and sisters, the time has come for us! Make your mark by unlocking a ladder of Supreme Stretch Goals in our BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign. We’ve prepared eight Supreme Stretch Goals that include upgrades to our core products, unlockable bonus items, and even bonus content. 

We’ve revealed our initial campaign goal and the first Stretch Goal to begin with, but will continue to unlock even more as long as the campaign continues to surpass its objectives!


At BOOM! Studios, we're passionate about helping longtime fans and new readers discover the characters, action, and emotion that make comics the greatest storytelling medium in the world.

We first entered Kickstarter in 2020 with BRZRKR – the #1 best-selling comic book series by creator/writer Keanu Reeves, co-writer Matt Kindt, and artist Ron Garney – with a record-setting campaign that redefined the metric of success for direct-to-consumer comic books and graphic novels. Since then we’ve run 11 successful direct-to-consumer campaigns on Kickstarter, and after working with BackerKit’s Launch, Marketing, and Pledge Manager we’re thrilled to launch our first campaign on BackerKit!

In doing so, we discovered something special: these campaigns are the ideal way to connect with fans discovering the magic of comic books for the first time, and to launch our most ambitious, limited-edition projects ever. 

Enter: BOOM! Direct Reserve – our ongoing initiative designed to connect fans of our most celebrated franchises with comic books and graphic novels, including super-premium, specialty versions, and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

Every title we offer under the BOOM! Direct Reserve program will be made available in a standard format through comic shops and bookstores, but fan-fueled campaigns like this one are the only place to get the high-end, hyper-rare upgrades, exclusives, and extras truly worthy of top-shelf treatment.

Comic book stores are and will always be the lifeblood of the comic book industry. While the BOOM! Direct Reserve items offered in this campaign are limited-edition, specialty items that would be impractical to solicit through the traditional means, BOOM! Studios will happily work with any comic shop or independent bookstore retailer who wishes to carry them for their store. Interested retailers can contact us directly at [email protected] to inquire about wholesale purchases.


Like the rest of the BackerKit community, BOOM! Studios cares deeply about fair compensation for creative talent. As such, the creators involved in the making of THE AMORY WARS: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW will all be receiving industry-standard royalties based on sales of their work, including those made through this reserved order campaign. This is in addition to the rates they were paid when the work was first commissioned. In other words, the creative talent will benefit directly from your support of this campaign.


After the campaign ends, your shipping will be calculated based on your reward(s) and shipping address. Shipping fees are not included in the reward costs listed on the campaign page. Rather, all shipping will be charged after the campaign ends through BackerKit

This campaign will be fulfilled in two distinct waves. The first wave will include the first six comic book issues along with the 20th Anniversary print and metal poster. The second wave will include the remaining comic book issues, all of the collected editions, collectible metal boxes, remarqued sketch cover in the Elite Level, challenge coin, any add-on items, and any unlocked Stretch Goals. 

We currently estimate that the first wave of THE AMORY WARS: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW campaign will ship in December 2024 followed by the second wave in December 2025.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: While we partner with our fulfillment partners to minimize shipping costs in a number of ways, including utilizing overseas drop ship locations for our international customers, freight costs continue to fluctuate and rise due to numerous external factors. Please be sure to take the additional shipping costs into account when making the decision that is best for you.

Furthermore, should the number of individual items in your order necessitate it, BOOM! Studios reserves the right to split your order into multiple shipments. Again, this will help us balance keeping your shipping costs within a reasonable range and preventing any rare or limited-edition items from becoming damaged in transit.

Please refer to the below chart for ESTIMATED shipping costs related to this campaign. The cost of shipping, due to fuel and other cost fluctuations, is currently very volatile. These are projections only and may change up or down once your order is ready to ship based on a variety of real-world factors. Once your survey through BackerKit is completed, we will be able to finalize your actual shipping costs.

Please note that Total Shipping costs reflect the total you will pay for shipping and handling for your reserved Level and any unlocked Stretch Goals. Add-on items may increase your overall shipping costs. Additionally, during the survey period any U.S. and Canadian customers will be charged for any applicable sales tax based on your final order. For all other international orders, please note that while BOOM! Studios ships packages DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) your country may have additional VAT fees or customs duties which BOOM! Studios does not collect in advance. You will be 100% responsible for any of those fees should they be applied, and BOOM! Studios will not refund any international orders that are refused due to VAT or customs fees beyond our control.


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