Krampus Vinyl Toy Ornament

Krampus Vinyl Toy Ornament

An adorable vinyl toy ornament of everyone's favorite holiday monster!
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Hello, My name is Kylie and I am the illustrator behind Bright Bat Design! I love to design merchandise focused on pastels and positivity! You can find stickers, pins, plushies, stationery, keychains, vinyl toys and more in our online shop. Our studio is based out of Bettendorf, Iowa and we pride ourselves on high quality products and excellent customer service!

I love creating adorable versions of spooky creatures so Krampus has always been on of my favorites. I have drawn and designed many Krampus designs through the years and am excited to finally bring him to life as a vinyl toy ornament! With my experience in crowdfunding fulfillment and vinyl toy manufacturing, I’m confident in a smooth and happy experience for all backers! My last vinyl toy project was Shortcake the Strawberry Cow, crowdfunded and produced in 2021.
A festive monster from European Christmas traditions who punishes those on the naughty list, Krampus is now coming to your Christmas tree or display shelf in the form of a super cute Bright Bat Nugget! This vinyl toy ornament will be the perfect addition to your collection of designer toys, holiday decor or Christmas tree ornaments - as well as a great gift for anyone on your naughty list this year!

The Krampus vinyl toy ornaments can be displayed without an ornament strap to be displayed or you can add the strap to the attached loop for easy Christmas tree display! With steady upright standing, metallic paint and free swinging chain features, this little grump will look great for either purpose.

Packaging for the ornaments will be very protective for shipping and storing with a plastic molded insert. We plan to include a window into the box for even more versatile use for those who like to keep collectables in box. After researching different options for ornament straps, we will be using Ornament Anchors. These straps are easy to attach and provide extra security for your Krampus figurine. Each box will include one ornament anchor.

You can pledge to this project and choose your pledge level or bundle by clicking the 'Back It' , then go to the Add-Ons section to add even more Bright Bat goodies to support the creation of this project! 

Stretch goals are unlockable extras as funding continues! As we unlock stretch goal designs, more design options will be added to your survey. Current Stretch Goals include new Krampus designs that will become available as pins and stickers!

Additional Add Ons are available during pledging to support this project and include more Krampus products, other holiday themes and a few popular products we carry! 

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I have spent the last few months working on the prototype from 3D model to paint specs to physical sample. I have also paid for the mold to be cast for vinyl figure creation. With these steps out of the way, manufacturing and receiving the ornaments will take about 5 months.

  • July - Campaign ends, surveys are sent and production officially starts
  • August - Any rewards that do not include a Krampus Ornament are shipped
  • December - All Rewards are shipped and campaign fulfillment ends

Risks for Timeline Extension - When creating vinyl figurines with a factory, there is always the risk of delay usually caused by shipping overseas. We are confident with our manufacturers and do not expect any issues but please be aware that investing in the creation of a new product can have unforeseen delays that are out of our control. We chose to do this campaign so early in the year to give you the best chance to get your ornament by Christmas and will keep clear communication along the way!

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping costs are charged AFTER The campaign and SEPARATELY from your pledge. They will be calculated when you receive your survey to include all items.

  • Add On items add to your overall shipping cost at survey checkout. When multiple heavy objects are purchased it can cause shipping overages which will be returned to you.
  • Wrapping Paper will be shipped separately in a shipping tube, to help with the fulfillment process we will be shipping out wrapping paper in August. 
  • International shipping is expensive and we appreciate your consideration regardless. You are responsible for any import taxes/fees associate with your countries laws. We cannot mark your order as a gift or change the value on the customs form.
  • The below estimates are subject to change and are based on the cost to ship a Krampus Ornament box. Any Add Ons or bundles will effect this price accordingly at survey checkout.

Shipping Estimates Based on Location

  • United States - $8
  • Canada - $22
  • Australia - $37
  • Everywhere Else - $28
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my project, we are so excited to get started! I truly appreciate all the support, shares and pledges that help towards our goal. To learn more about how Backerkit works, please click on the FAQ tab. You can find more Bright Bat artwork and merchandise below!

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