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Deluxe Dragon Chair

Deluxe Dragon Chair

Command Respect. Experience true luxury with an heirloom quality wing-backed Deluxe Dragon Chair, available in Black or Red leather!
$12,150 🎉
of $10,000 (USD) goal

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The Deluxe Dragon Chair

Elevate your space with the majesty and luxury of the Deluxe Dragon Chair from Carolina Game Tables.
The Deluxe Dragon Chair is more than just a statement piece; it’s a work of art—beautifully crafted and sturdy enough for everyday use. This isn't just decor for the wall or a piece to dust on the shelf. This is art meant to be used and enjoyed.

The Deluxe Dragon Chair is the ultimate throne for relaxing. Reading. Thinking. Sharing a drink. Cooling off or warming up. Giving a devious smile. Commanding the game. Laughing with friends. The Chair enhances every moment.

Left image: Two people conversing, sharing a drink, sitting on red and black Deluxe Dragon Chairs. Right image: a Game Master reads the rule book while seated in a red Deluxe Dragon Chair.

Sink into the sweet smell of luxurious leather, conjuring up a sense of freedom and adventure. Textures of pebbly embossed dragonhide contrast with soft velveteen and polished metal accents.

The impressive wings of the Deluxe Dragon Chair elevate it to new heights, adding dimension to the generous seat. They provide exceptional comfort and relaxation, creating a private haven by softly muffling the sounds behind you.

Left image: Two people enjoying drinks, featuring the red Deluxe Dragon Chair and matching red Dragonhide Throw Pillow embroidered with the Dragon Mark. Right image: A group playing a game around a Carolina Game Tables Dining Room Game Table where the Game Master commands the table in the red Deluxe Dragon Chair.

Built in America starting with a durable, kiln-dried maple frame so it can last for generations. Handcrafted with uncompromising standards from top grain semi-aniline dyed leather.

Embossed with two unique dragonhide textures and optional Dragon Mark stitching!

Deluxe Dragon Chair in Black and Red leather options. Dragonhide Throw Pillow on the Red chair is reversed to show the velveteen.

The Deluxe Dragon Chair's outside dimensions are 46" Wide, 33" Deep, and 51" High. The interior seat is 24" Wide and 20" Deep. Due to individual upholstery each dimension can vary up to 1".

Dragon Mark

Each Dragon Mark is individually sewn.

First the outline of the design is marked on the leather. Then a sewer using a special heavy duty sewing machine stitches the pattern with sturdy thread. Leather of this quality is slightly different with each dye lot and has minor variations, so each design is individually made by hand.

Because of this process, each Dragon Mark will be distinctive and unique to the product.

Our unique design is available as a $300 upgrade to your Deluxe Dragon Chair, Dragonhide Throw Pillow, or Dragonhide Seat Cushion.

Dragon Mark shown in inside back of the black Deluxe Dragon Chair (with matching black Dragonhide Throw Pillow), and on the red Dragonhide Throw Pillow on a Carolina Game Tables Mahogany Chair. Pillows are each 18x18 inches square; images are not to scale.


The Council of Dragons

The very first backer may take the singular Head of the Dragon Council reward level! In addition to the unique recognition and special price, the Head of the Dragon Council gains the Dragon Mark upgrade for free!

The next four Deluxe Dragon Chair backers to our campaign gain a coveted seat at the Council of Dragons!
These esteemed members will be honored appropriately (and receive special pricing too).

Members of the Council of Dragons who pledge within the first 48 hours gain access to the Early Bird Chair incentive

Once you pledge at these reward levels, our team will message you about your desired level of involvement with the project: Whether you wish to lead the charge or simply watch the story unfold, your preference will be respected. After all, no one argues with a dragon. 

Pledge Levels

For the Deluxe Dragon Chair campaign, our primary offerings include the Deluxe Dragon Chair, Dragonhide Throw Pillows, and Dragonhide Seat Cushion. Each item is detailed below in the Pledge Levels and is also available as an Add-On

Flexible payment options available through BackerKit's Pay Over Time feature. See Timeline section.

PLEASE NOTE Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.

New Dragon Logo Merch added as Pledge Levels!




Early Bird Gifts

To thank our early supporters, we have special gifts for those following the campaign before launch and backing us in the first 48 hours! These gifts may become available for purchase as Pledge Levels and Add-Ons after the initial 48 hours.

Aluminum Dice (Set of 8)

Our friends at Norse Foundry are working with us to produce Dragon logo-themed metal dice just for our backers! All Early Bird backers of the Deluxe Dragon Chair will receive a free set. Below is a sample set they made for us with the CGT logo: the dice for this campaign will be red and black with the Dragon logo.  

Sample set of aluminum dice made by Norse Foundry, which will feature the Dragon Logo in the 'Ace' position. The set is displayed on the burgundy velvet play area of a Carolina Game Table with a purple Norse Foundry pouch.

This high quality aluminum dice set features the Dragon Logo in the "Ace" position (replacing the highest number on each die, for those not familiar with Savage Worlds, the TTRPG game for which Jodi and Clint Black are known).

Each set includes 1 each of:
🐉 d20
🐉 d12
🐉 d10
🐉 d10 percentile
🐉 d8
🐉 d6
🐉 d4 (logo in the middle of the numbers)
🐉 and a bonus d6 Wild Die!

Learn more about Savage Worlds, check out, and for a quick lesson on the rules and Acing on the die, check out this two page webcomic from the Crystal Heart setting licensee:

Personalized Dragon Logo Dice Bag

All Early Bird backers (whether for the chair, pillows, or seat cushion) will receive a soft velour, fully lined dice bag with the Dragon Logo embroidered in gold metallic thread from our friends at Mischief Loot. Personalize your bag with up to 15 characters for your name or ANY WORDS YOU WANT.

Some of our alternative suggestions include:

🐉 stunt munchkin

Be creative—this is your chance to get silly with it or as sweet as you like. No one is going to see it but you, our supplier, and the people who see your "DRAGGIN' ASS" bag at the next game. ;)

Our supplier reserves the right to refuse requests for derogatory language or slurs of any kind, but adds they're just fine with George Carlin's "Seven Words."


Several people saw the Deluxe Dragon Chair at Origins Game Fair June 2024. You may have seen a photo or two circulate in your social media feed!

Jaredx2 review image of the Deluxe Dragon Chair
Thank you to JaredX2 for this TikTok! (2:47)

Nerd Leading the Nerd review image of the deluxe Dragon Chair
Click here to watch the Nerd Leading the Nerd review (0:42)

Nerd Leading the Nerd review image of the deluxe Dragon Chair
Click here to watch the full Nerd Leading the Nerd review (0:42)

Facebook post where owner, Jodi Black, shares the Carolina Game Tables post featuring Kevin Sussman enjoying the Deluxe Dragon chair.

Top left frame: Craig, owner of Black Oaks Workshop, sits contemplatively in the black Deluxe Dragon Chair at Origins Game Fair. Bottom right frame: Adam of Tabletopvibes LLC takes a power stance in the black Deluxe Dragon Chair at Origins Game Fair. To the left is a quote from Adam that reads, 'It's so comfortable and inviting, once you sit on it you won't wanna get up! If that wasn't enough, you feel like the king of the castle or one would even dare say the dragon master!'



Leather and Upholstery

Only the top grain of premium American leather is used to construct the Deluxe Dragon Chair.

This is the highest quality leather available, made from the top layer of the hide, known for its strength and durability. There is cheaper "leather" furniture, belts, jackets, shoes, handbags, etc. but they use split hides. That lower layer of the hide hasn't fully developed but still allows the manufacturer to state their product is "100% leather," despite using a much less substantial material.

Close-up of the wing of the Deluxe Dragon Chair in red, showcasing the brass nails detailing the wing.

The top grain leather for the Deluxe Dragon Chair is semi-aniline dyed, meaning it was soaked in dye to permeate the color into the leather, giving it rich, lasting color. It's then finished with a top layer pigment and protectant to resist staining and scratches.

This premium leather is embossed with two distinct kinds of patterns to call to mind the spine of the Dragon on the inside back and outside back of the Chair, and soft underbelly on the seat cushion and other parts of the Chair.

Two angled views of the back of the Deluxe Dragon Chair in red, showcasing the leather spine detailing of the chair.

Soft velveteen trim runs along all the edges of the chair, adding both aesthetic appeal and improved joinery for the leather.

The same velveteen also covers the underside of the seat cushion, enhancing breathability and allowing for a fully reversible seat. The velveteen is stain-resistant and rip-resistant. Both fabric and leather are easy to clean; simply wipe with a dry cloth or use a vacuum with an upholstery brush.

Four close-up images of the Deluxe Dragon Chair in red. Top left: Arm of the chair showcasing the high sheen gold finish of the brass nails. Top right: Close-up of the interior back of the chair. Bottom left: Gold footing of the chair. Bottom right: Close-up of one of the two different embossed patterns of the dragonhide leather.

Interior Construction

The frame of the Deluxe Dragon Chair is made from kiln-dried American maple, joined with mortise/tenon, dowels, glue, and screws for exceptional strength. Stretchers (connecting bars between the legs) add extra stability and longevity to the frame. The visible parts of the frame are finished in an eight-step spray process to match the gold of the Dragon's hoard.

The premium quality under the leather doesn't stop with the frame. The seat of each Deluxe Dragon Chair is supported with interconnected high tensile steel sinuous springs. These "no sag" springs have been used in furniture for nearly 100 years and are known for their comfort and durability.

Brass Nails

Brass nail trim gives the Deluxe Dragon Chair a classic outline and elevates its luxury feel. The high sheen gold finish of the brass nails elicit thoughts of coins from the Dragon's hoard imbedded in its scales.

Dragonhide Throw Pillow

The Dragonhide Throw Pillow measures 18 inches by 18 inches, featuring the same premium leather used in the Deluxe Dragon Chair on one side and matching velveteen on the reverse. The pillow is edged with velveteen welt trim for added structure and long-lasting quality. A removable foam insert provides luxurious and hypoallergenic comfort.

Dragon Mark available as an Add On to each Dragonhide Throw Pillow or Seat Cushion for $300.

Dragonhide Seat Cushion

Each Dragonhide Seat Cushion measures a generous 19+ inches wide at the front, 16 inches at the back, with a deep two inch padding. The Dragonhide—same as the leather used in the Deluxe Dragon Chair—covers the top of the Seat Cushion and the sides, with matching velveteen on the reverse for breathability.

A removable foam insert with polyester fiber backing on both top and bottom allows the Dragonhide Seat Cushion to be used either fabric-up or leather-up, while providing luxurious and hypoallergenic comfort.

The Dragonhide Seat Cushion is edged with velveteen welt trim for added structure and long-lasting quality. Long velveteen ties ensure secure fastening to chairs like the Mahogany Chair from Carolina Game Tables.

Looking for Carolina Game Table Mahogany Chairs? Place your order at for discounts on multiples and access to payment plans like Klarna, Affirm, and PayPal Credit. And don't forget to check out our Signature Game Tables!



The Deluxe Dragon Chair design comes from one of the most respected and oldest board game table manufacturers in the industry: Carolina Game Tables.

Owners Clint and Jodi Black are veterans of the tabletop gaming industry, with over 30 successful crowdfunding campaigns. The Black family also represents three generations of furniture manufacturing experience.

Thousands of Carolina Game Tables are currently gracing homes, businesses, and streamer studios across America, from Boston to Miami and San Diego to Seattle!

Our Signature Line with production on our most popular sizes, finishes and fabric in two weeks!


Timeline (ETA Christmas 2024)

Yep, really. <fingers crossed>

Our hope is to have the first Deluxe Dragon Chairs arriving in homes before Christmas. The timeline below lists our proposed schedule, however there isn't a lot of flexibility. That said, if the dice are willing and the creek don't rise, you may be sipping eggnog in your Deluxe Dragon Chair while opening presents!

We're thrilled that BackerKit offers the option to pay in installments on all Pledge Levels over $150.

All materials for the Deluxe Dragon Chair are made in America and the manufacturers can be on site every day, if needed. Most partners used for this crowdfunding campaign--materials suppliers, factory, white glove delivery service--are companies we've worked with for more than 3 years and have a track record of reliability.

Risks and Potential Complications
As with any crowdfunding project, there are risks for delay. Labor and material shortages are the most common, but to date we've delivered on all our campaigns and plan to do so here, too. 

Our funding goal may seem low, but we've already set up the manufacturing process with our factory and suppliers. We've completed prototyping of all products and paid for our investment without relying on outside funding. Our business model uses crowdfunding to help market our newest designs, but more importantly, to determine whether interest in the project warrants further expansion along these lines. 

Thank you for believing in us! If you have any concerns, please email [email protected].



Chair shipping available to the lower 48 United States only. All backers will be invoiced for shipping seperately.

While pillows, dice sets, and dice bags can be shipped by regular post, the Deluxe Dragon Chair requires special handling. Each Deluxe Dragon Chair backer will be contacted individually to discuss delivery options including White Glove delivery, Threshold delivery, and Curbside Freight delivery (this last option is usually the most expensive).

For more information, read our page about shipping services on

Deluxe Dragon Chair Threshold Delivery Shipping Rates*:
to Hickory, NC $610
to Chicago, IL $640
to San Antonio, TX $700
to Seattle, WA $740

*for example purposes only, rates accessed June 2024.

Looking for a game table to ship with your Deluxe Dragon Chair? Why, we make those too! All products can ship together, and will cost less than individual shipping.


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Photo of Carolina Game Tables owners, Clint and Jodi Black. Jodi is seated in the Deluxe Dragon Chair in red behind a Carolina Game Table, while Clint stands propped against the chair. The background features a close-up of the red dragon-embossed hide.

We didn't get here overnight, and there are a lot of people who have supported us along the way. THANK YOU for being one of those lovely people.

If you're at a game convention and see the Carolina Game Tables booth, please stop by and introduce yourself. We'd love to say thanks in person. ♥

--Clint and Jodi Black

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