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Project Update: Egg Wallet Samples Arrived, Pigeon Art, Cute Bird Photos

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the status of everything. Nothing major at the moment, just chugging along! Working hard to finalize pin art and get the BackerKit Survey set up. I plan to get the survey out to you all in about a week. Reminder - during the survey you can add on any additional items, provide your address, and will pay for shipping based on item weight. Check the Shipping section on the main page for cost estimates. Planning to move soon? No problem -you will be able to edit your address right up until I begin shipping!

Egg Wallets

I now have the egg wallet samples! They feel great and I'm really happy with them. Each is yellow inside with a little zipper compartment for change and 3 card slots. They all have gold zipper, keychain ring, and a classy looking logo on the back :) They fit perfectly inside the bags, I think you're really going to enjoy them.
All 5 Eggs

Realistic Pigeon Nest

various egg visual information

Bag Production Info

Thanks to your help I have enough feedback to start getting items in production!
More than 50% of backers filled out the google form I set up, so now I can double these numbers and round up to get a good idea of each design count. Thought you might also be interested in seeing which are most popular.

I will be ordering 3-4 designs at a time so that I can spread out shipping and keep things manageable.
For anything more than this first order, I need to wait for the BackerKit funds to hit my account, which can take a couple weeks.

Sticker Art Update

Finished up some pigeon art that will be used for acrylic keychains and stickers! However, I still have several pins to finish designing (blue jay, chickadee, quail) so I will probably NOT end up with keychain/sticker designs for each bird by the time I need to send out the survey. I'll try to get some stuff done soon but my priority is getting the pins finalized and getting these things into production.
Pidge in the Big City

Important Bird Photos!

Also there are a ton of cute critters in my yard right now, so just in case you don't see me posting these on my Twitter I made a fun little collage of my photos, cause I'm pretty sure you all like birds, right? RIGHT???
I love birds! I love birds! Baby bunnies and toads are cool too.

Any responses over the next few days will be slow cause I'm going to the beach :)

Talk to ya later,
Rachel / Corviforms




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