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Parrotlet Plush Pals

Parrotlet Plush Pals

Soft and huggable parrotlet plushies!
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I'm so excited to start an entirely new bird journey with you all!

For this project, I am focusing on Parrotlet Plushies as well as pins, stickers, keychains, and more. It's difficult to find merch of these little less common parrots, so I'd like to fix that! As you may know, I am the owner (chef, maid, etc) of three lovely parrotlets: Ellie, Chloe, & Frank.

Ellie is my baby who is basically a tiny, sharp, toddler with the power of flight. Frank & Chloe love each other very much as well as their papa, and they occasionally tolerate me.
my childrens



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They Love Each Other


Everyone gets a Thank You card with my own parrotlet artwork! This card ships together with the other items. Artwork coming soon!

- You can get MULTIPLE freebie items! Someone who backs in the first 48hrs, is a previous backer, and backs both projects for a plush will receive the minipin, a sticker, and the collab pin! 
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These plush are approximately 8 inches, round, and made with soft minky fabric. They have embroidered details and are pleasantly plump!

Turquoise Parrotlet from design to Plush!
Taking Their Measurements



I can't have a project without some new pins!
All pins for this project will be produced with hard enamel with gold metal plating and 2 posts. They will be packaged on custom designed backing cards for this project.
Did you know? Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic and you can tell males and females apart by their coloration! It can vary slightly by color morph, but males sport a bit of blue on their wings and back as well as some lovely eyeshadow! How stylish!

Funding Goals

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Design 4- Unlocked!

Unlocked! Sample coming soon :)

Crow - UNLOCKED! with new pins

Other Goodies

Add-on items - available to add to your cart now, or during the post-campaign survey

Keychains are double sided acrylic, one with yellow & green, the other with blue & turquoise


International backers: I'm so sorry but this is what shipping costs me :(

Pin & small item only orders will ship in bubble mailers. Plush ship in foam in a poly mailer as this is easiest and most cost efficient while still providing adequate protection, shipping UPGRADES to a cardboard box will also be available for a small extra fee via the survey for those interested! 



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