Vast Grimm Horde: No Safe Haven

Vast Grimm Horde: No Safe Haven

New sci-fi splatterpunk 3rd party adventures and expanded rules from the creators of Vast Grimm // Inspired and infected by Mörk Borg
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Double Hed Ramethus Würm Patch

What is Vast Grimm


Vast Grimm is a stand-alone, art-filled, punk-fueled OSR role-playing game about the few humans remaining in a universe becoming infected by growing parasitic würms. 

No matter how gruesome things get, humanity must endure. You must survive!


Quick Start Rules

Don’t have Vast Grimm? Don’t worry. 

  • The Quick Rules can be found here
  • The online character generator can be found here
  • The Skeleton Crew barebones rules are available as part of this campaign.
  • Pick up previous Vast Grimm releases at Infinite Black.

What's New for Backerkit

3 new books exploring the locations for Vast Grimm, a bare-bones edition of the re-written core rules, and an array of Legionnaire Patches proving you’re part of OUR LEGION!


Look Inside the Books

No Safe Haven // Explore 2 of the 13 havens of Marauder's Cryosfear

Space Raiders and other forms of villainy anchor their ships to Marauder’s Cryosfear’s inhospitable surface. Scattered over the expanse of the planet are various havens where multiple ships connect by way of boarding bridges. 

Organized crime, Intergalactic wrestling, and a marketplace filled with oddities from around the ‘verse are all waiting for your legion within two of the havens in this book.


  • Maps x 5 – Exploring different levels and locations of two Havens
  • NPCs x 16 – Important characters and crime lords of two Havens
  • Tributes x 3 – New Neuromancy to harness
  • Creatures x 2 – To thwart Legionnaires
  • Classes x 4 – Cryosfeared Wrestler, Erdverken Explorer, Gastro Maniac, and Nahtug Engineer
  • Endless possibilities

A Grimm Outlook // A cinematic adventure great for new and experienced GMs

A Grimm Outlook was designed to introduce new players and game masters to the overall vibe of this bizarre, gross, weird, over-the-top science-fantasy setting. Though there are key actions that are inevitable in the timeline, most of the adventure was written to be open-ended; allowing the Legion (player characters) to forge the story’s direction.


  • Travel Station – Location, map, opening scenario
  • Starship – Map, NPCs, second scenario, additional adventure hooks
  • Asteroid cluster – Multiple maps, NPCs, sandbox adventure 
  • Tables, tables, tables
  • Works as part 1 in an ongoing campaign: Unlocking the Gate of Infinite Stars

Helltrap Barges // An ever-shifting dungeon crawl in the bowels of 'verse

The helltrap created by the maddened mind of S#!t King Saule contains interconnected cameras throughout, giving him and his audience constant access to those in the tunnels. Moving platforms, debris pushed by automated construction vehicles, and other mechanisms in the trash lord’s domain keep the chambers endlessly shifting and changing.

  • Factions x 3 – Those currently in power at the waste barges, and those staging the revolt
  • NPCs x 13 – Important players in the shifting balance of power at the Waste Barges of Khallar
  • Tributes x 2 – New Neuromancy to harness
  • Creatures x 7 – Both human and inhuman threats found in the sludgy underbelly of the barges
  • Rooms x 61 – Can be combined as one massive dungeon crawl, or broken up into separate areas
  • Endless possibilities

Skeleton Crew // A clean, organized, text-only rulebook

The core rules have been rewritten, re-edited, and presented to make this infectious game more accessible to everyone. 


  • History of the 'verse
  • Key locations
  • Setting lore
  • Character Creation Rules
  • Tributes – Neuromancy to harness
  • Addictive Pharmaceuticals
  • Infectious Würms
  • Gruesome Monsters
  • Helpful GM Charts
  • Introductory Adventure

Don’t have Vast Grimm? Don’t worry. 

  • The Quick Rules can be found here
  • The online character generator can be found here
  • The Skeleton Crew barebones rules are available as part of this campaign.
  • Pick up previous Vast Grimm releases at Infinite Black.

Pledge Levels

All three expansion PDFs included!

You'll select your expansion book (A Grimm Outlook, No Safe Haven, or Helltrap Barges) in the pledge manager after the campaign has ended.



Back my project and the new Mazes: City of Skull to get a free, exclusive patch! Each side of the collab is providing one half of a "powersword".



Tony gives a quick, 5-minute overview of Vast Grimm

Professor DM reviews the Vast Grimm core book

Glass Canon plays Vast Grimm live at Gen Con 2023


Constantly changing: Ever since the pandemic, shipping has fluctuated greatly from month to month. Both pricing and delivery schedules continue to change regularly. My goal will be to utilize shipping options that minimize risk and expense for both myself and you the backer. Because of this, the shipping costs below are just estimates. 

All shipping fees will be charged separately, AFTER the campaign, during pledge management. The prices below are estimates. Actual shipping prices will be determined after production is finished and we're gearing up to send out the books. Also, if you add-on additional physical copies of the game to your order, your shipping cost may increase.

Estimated shipping & handling costs (for a 3 book pledge):

  • $10 USA
  • $20 UK
  • $25 Canada, EU
  • $30 Australia, NZ, Norway

Estimated Timeline

Backerkit Crowdfunding Launch – May 28, 2024

Backerkit Crowdfunding Ends – June 21, 2024

Pledge Manager Opens – June 28, 2024

Crowdfunding Funds hit the bank – July 12, 2024

Finished files sent to printer – July 12, 2024

Physical prototypes arrive at Gen Con –  August 3, 2024

Proofs approved & printing begins – August 7, 2024

Shipping to fulfillment center begins – December 1, 2024

Fulfillment to backers begins – January 12, 2025

Vast Grimm Horde

Creature Curation is proud to announce that it will be the sole publisher of these new Vast Grimm expanded books under the Vast Grimm Horde 3rd party license. To keep Vast Grimm’s momentum going and continue delivering new adventures and lore for Vast Grimm’s growing fanbase, Brian Colin (President of Creature Curation and co-creator of Vast Grimm) is utilizing the Horde 3rd Party License he originally established to encourage and inspire others to create projects for Vast Grimm.

The new Vast Grimm expanded books will feature a new look and design to welcome the system into a new chapter. While Creature Curation will continue to partner with its first Vast Grimm publishing partner, Infinite Black, for the existing versions of the Vast Grimm Core Ruleset and supplements published to date, Creature Curation is excited to partner with new third parties to grow the Vast Grimm universe.

Vast Grimm is copyright Infinite Black and Creature Curation.

No Safe Haven, Helltrap Barges, A Grimm Outlook, and Skeleton Crew are independent productions by Creature Curation. They are not affiliated with Infinite Black. They are published under the Vast Grimm Third Party License.

The Team

Brian Colin // Ross Brandt // Walton Wood
Vast Grimm 

Created by Brian Colin and Ross Brandt

No Safe Haven, Helltrap Barges, A Grimm Outlook

Writing, art, layout: Brian Colin
Editing: Walton Wood
Additional illustrations: Carey Drake

Skeleton Crew

Writing, layout: Brian Colin and Ross Brandt
Editing: Walton Wood



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Compatible with Mörk Borg

Vast Grimm was inspired by the incredible game created by Pelle Nilsson and Johan Nohr. Vast Grimm does not require you to have their book to play, but what we've created would not exist without it.

No Safe Haven, Helltrap Barges, A Grimm Outlook, and Skeleton Crew are independent productions by Creature Curation and are not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.
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