Crimson Terrain

Crimson Terrain

Make your own maps with thousands of unique printable Tabletop Terrain pieces & enhance your online games with VTT Encounter Maps & Tokens.
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Crimson Terrain is a new series of Printable Terrain pieces and premade Battle Maps to let you make your own maps quickly at your table.

The Complete Collection includes:

  • 5500+ Terrain Pieces 
  • VTT Prefabs
  • Dungeondraft Asset Packs 
  • 40+ Encounter Maps*
  • 4 Unique Themes (Featuring over 1000 pieces of terrain in each set)
  • 8 Different Settings
  • 3 Exclusive Add-on Terrain Packs** (Each pack has over 500 pieces)
  • Your Choice of one Crimson Terrain 5th edition fantasy book! Including the BRAND NEW Crimson Spire companion adventure book. 

The Crimson Spire companion book includes the following:

  • 4 one-shot adventures take place on one of the maps from each terrain set
  • New and Unique Creatures to challenge players in each adventure
  • A new faction that occupies and runs the Crimson Spire
  • Multi-level map of the Crimson Spire
  • New magic item rewards and more!

* Each map has multiple variations including VTT and Printer Friendly. 
** Available in the post-campaign addon shop + included in Planeshifter pledge reward.

Terrain & Map Sets

Each Set comes with 1000 or more Terrain Pieces & at least 10 unique Encounter Maps. 

Every terrain set includes a custom Dungeon Draft Asset Pack and Foundry VTT Prefabs!

⚔️Terrain Takedown

Terrain Takedown Final Round: Prehistoric vs Modern!

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Past Winners:

Spooky Terrain Pack. Round 2 Winner!
Sci-Fi Terrain Pack. Round 1 Winner!
Honorable mention: A playground terrain set will be included because it's a really fun idea.

Add-on Shop

When filling out your post-campaign survey, you will have access to the Add-on Shop. If you are interested in getting your hands on even more terrain pieces, you will be able to purchase the Exclusive Terrain Packs listed below.

If you would prefer to provide additional support during the campaign, you can also increase the total of your pledge beyond the base pledge required for your selected rewards. Any excess pledge amounts will be applicable in the post-campaign add-on shop.

Additional Add-ons Available:


Why Print & Play?

The Print & Play format allows you to print only the maps and terrain you want when you want them, saving your storage space for more books, miniatures, and the rest of your Table Top Gaming hobby. It saves your wallet by removing the expensive and time-consuming manufacturing and shipping process. This cuts the cost to produce the terrain significantly and puts it in your hands and on your table in half the time. That's not even mentioning the environmental benefits of removing the global shipping and fulfillment system from the equation.

If you're concerned about ink levels I am developing variants of the terrain and maps to use less ink where I can still achieve the same look, otherwise called a low-ink version and also a printer-friendly black and white option. You could even break out the Crayola set or something fancier if you are so inclined and color them however you want like it's some kind of table-top gaming coloring book.

About Me

Hi! My name is Anthony, It's great to meet you! I'm a long-time roleplayer and Perma DM. I love to build and design worlds and develop stories and creatures, often based on mythology and folklore. I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi.

I ran my first crowdfunded TTRPG project in December of 2021, and successfully funded Riddlehouse vol. 01, a horror-themed adventure and GM supplement. I completed my second crowdfunding project earlier this year, It's Tough to Be A God, which is in the final stages and will soon be off to the printers!

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Important Things

Risks: As there is no shipping element involved in this project you don't have to be concerned about shipping delays or the effects of covid disrupting the global supply chain. However, there is always the risk of something unexpected occurring with myself or my family causing unforeseen delays.

I strive to provide regular communication with all of the wonderful people who support the creation of these projects; in the form of updates, messages, emails, and the use of social media platforms. I will of course notify you of any unavoidable delays if they do happen to occur.

It is important to me to be as transparent with you about this process as I can, which is why I have included this entire section.

Stage of Development: This project is currently in the creative stage of development. The general art style has been developed alongside several example pieces which have already or will be shared with you during the course of the campaign. The sets are largely outlined as to what terrain pieces will be included in each as have the planned add-on packs. Most of the illustration and design work remains to be completed.

Digital Project: Thanks to this being an entirely digitally delivered project once the design and creative process are complete the terrain sets will be made immediately available for you to start using. No printing, fulfillment, or shipping process is involved to drive up the costs and time before you get access to the rewards.

Timeline: This is a massive project. I am creating over 5500 terrain pieces as part of 4 visually distinct sets and 3 additional packs. That's before we meet any of our other funding goals which will add additional pieces as well. With the project's scope and development stage in mind, I have come up with an estimated date of delivery set for March '23, I expect the project will be completed long before this date but in order to account for any potential issues or delays I have added some extra time to the schedule.

Funding Goals: Additional funding goals that may impact project timeline estimates will have their own delivery estimate included in the funding goal description.

Designs Not Final: The terrain and map designs being shared with you here are subject to change. Changes could include minor or more significant alterations to the size, color, and arrangement. They could even be replaced with different illustrations as I complete and refine any given set.

Refund Policy: There will be no refunds offered once the campaign has ended. Please be aware of the estimated project timeline and stage of development before backing. Thank you.
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