Brambletrek - A GM-Less RPG Adventure Gamebook

Brambletrek - A GM-Less RPG Adventure Gamebook

Play as a Gnawborn, a small but valiant creature from the forests of Hyhill in the world of Akeroth. Tired of your quiet life, you've decided to embark on an epic journey. Your path is fraught with danger, wonder, and self-discovery.
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Imagine yourself standing at the edge of Brambletrek, a bustling village nestled in the heart of the majestic Forests of Hyhill. As the sun filters through the towering trees, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor, you take a deep breath, feeling a sense of anticipation and excitement coursing through your veins.

With a journal in hand and a pen poised to capture every moment, you prepare to set off on a grand journey. The pages of your journal will become a testament to your courage, your triumphs, and the incredible encounters that await you in this fantastical realm.

As you traverse through the dense foliage and navigate treacherous rivers, you will encounter a myriad of situations and challenges. But fear not, for you are not alone. Along the way, you will meet friends who will aid you on your quest, and foes who will test your mettle.

The world of Akeroth is a tapestry of vibrant landscapes, from the ancient forests of Hyhill to the towering mountains of Star Peaks. Each step you take will unveil new wonders and unveil the secrets that lie within this mesmerizing realm.

But what sets this solo RPG adventure apart is the power of your creativity. As you craft your character, a Gnawborn from the Forests of Hyhill, you have the freedom to shape their destiny and forge your own path. Choose from one of four Legacies, each granting you unique abilities and strengths. Will you wield a sword with masterful precision, or unleash the powers of nature with a staff? The choice is yours.

This mindful journaling RPG is not just a game, but a gateway to a world of limitless possibilities. It is an invitation to unleash your imagination, to weave tales of heroism and daring deeds. Let the cards guide your destiny, as you write your own story in this captivating realm.

Whether you embark on this adventure alone or with a group of like-minded adventurers, the world of Hyhill awaits you. So, gather your courage, sharpen your wits, and step into a world where dreams and reality intertwine. Your epic solo RPG adventure begins now.

The Mystic


In this solo RPG, you are the master of your own fate. You can choose to immerse yourself in the mind of your character, exploring their innermost thoughts and desires. Take your time to wander through the vastness of this magical world, breathing life into every mossy tree trunk and conquering mighty rivers with your indomitable spirit.

Unlike group games, solo RPGs offer a unique emotional tone. They encourage reflection and introspection, allowing you to delve deep into your own creativity and self-expression. Remember, the goal here is not to "win" the game, but to embark on a narrative journey that is entirely your own. With each entry in your journal, you are weaving a story that will captivate and inspire.

This book will serve as your guide, offering prompts to aid you in your writing. However, it is important to remember that the interpretation of these prompts is entirely up to you. This is your journey, and you have the power to shape it as you see fit.

So gather your journal, pen, and a deck of 52 cards, for they will be your companions on this remarkable quest. Choose your Legacy wisely, whether it be an instrument, bow, staff, or sword, for it will become an extension of your character's identity. Summon the courage within you to explore this vast new world, and let your imagination soar.

Are you ready, adventurer? Your destiny awaits in the forests of Hyhill. May your words be as mighty as your deeds, and may your story be etched in the annals of this enchanted realm. Let the solo RPG adventure begin!

Cover Art

Within the confines of this book, you will find all the rules necessary to create and partake in your very own Brambletrek adventure.

This remarkable book boasts a sturdy 300gsm cover, ensuring its durability as you face the perils that lie ahead. The internal pages, crafted from off-white recycled paper, create an otherworldly ambiance, transporting you further into the depths of your imagination. Throughout the book, you will discover captivating black and white illustrations, offering glimpses of the mesmerizing world and inspiring you to create an array of fascinating characters.

Mockup of the Final Book

This game works by using a journal, pen, and a deck of 52 cards. Players start in the town of Brambletrek and create a character known as a Gnawborn, a tiny mousefolk from the Forests of Akeroth.

Players choose from 4 Legacies, which determine their character's abilities and play style. These Legacies include an instrument, bow, staff, or sword.

The basic principle is that of drawing cards from a shuffled deck of playing cards, and checking their colour, suit or number against tables to see what they represent for your adventure.

In Exploration, the cards you draw may be red, which can represent a lucky encounter maybe it means you met another traveller on your journey, finding some ancient relics or discovering a mysterious ruin. But maybe you draw a black card which could end up with you losing your way or perhaps you find your supplies taken in the night. It is entirely up to you what these things look like to you and what they mean for your character's journal. The game is there to aid you with prompts... its up to you what they all mean for your greater story.

In Combat, cards stand for attacks and it becomes akin to a deck builder where you draw all your combat cards and decide what you use on your turn but your opponent's cards are drawn one by one so you are always unaware what their actions will be!

In this case, I didn't beat the odds so I have to run the combat

Combat Tables will dictate how many cards are drawn and the enemy's health

In this scenario, I go first

Consult all the tables to determine actions

This uses our Character Journal

As you play and write you will find ideas for what the secrets of Hyhill might mean, just falling into your head. The book purposefully doesn't provide any answers, each player will discover their own story and meaning of the world.

The game can be played solo or as a group, allowing for both individual storytelling and collaborative gameplay.

The 4 Legacies

There are several parts of creating your character which are determined by your cards.

Reason for adventure: This is what fuels their desire to explore and conquer the unknown. It could be a simple curiosity to discover new lands or a more profound quest to find a lost love. To add an element of chance and excitement, draw a card from the Reason Table to determine this motivation. Embrace the unexpected and let your character's Reason ignite their courage.

Background: Are they a humble farmer who has stumbled upon magical abilities? Or perhaps a noble yearning to break free from the constraints of their title? Your character's Background will not only shape their personality but also influence how others in the world interact with them. Draw a card to determine your Background, or choose from four inspiring prompts to ignite your imagination. The choice is yours, and it holds the key to unlocking your character's true potential.

Legacy: Will your Gnawborn be a powerful Seer, wielding arcane powers to shape reality? Or a skilled Scrapper, surviving and excelling in combat? Perhaps a curious Seeker, always on the hunt for knowledge and secrets? Or a captivating Storyteller, manipulating the narrative and weaving tales? Your Legacy grants you special abilities and bonuses to kickstart your adventure. Choose wisely, for it will define your character's path.

Trinket: This cherished item will not only deepen their connection to their past but also serve as a source of strength in times of need. Will it be a locket passed down from their mother, or an old wand with a rich family history? Draw a card and consult the Trinket Table to discover the perfect item that resonates with your Gnawborn's soul.

Brambletrek was recently reviewed by Roll 4 Initiative! The team also had this to say about the game:

'Overall I think this game is very fun, it's clearly well thought out & has that like fun cosy-core vibes that I know I particularly enjoy at times'

 Dawn - Roll 4 Initiative

You can check out the full review here:

'Playing Brambletrek is an inspiring way to pass the time on a long commute, I would never have thought that so much story could be told with a pack of cards!'

Karayan the DM - An Early Playtester of Brambletrek

You can also checkout the VOD of our live-stream here to see how we created Brambletrek and how it is played:


$10 gets you a PDF edition of Brambletrek with all content-based stretch goals included! The digital version is delivered to you in PDF form, perfect to use when you feel the call for adventure wherever and whenever you want! All tiers also include the ambient track created by the very talented Elise in the Clouds! This is the recommended track to have playing while you explore the world!

$20 gets you a hardcover edition of Brambletrek, the PDF version and certain stretch goals included! The physical edition is a lush, A5 hardcovers cover perfect to flick through even on long journeys. The book will also include any and all expansion-based along with some physical stretch goals we include and no changes to the pricing for you!

For $50, you can pick up the essentials to play Brambletrek and all unlocked stretch goals! This includes a foiled physical edition, Brambletrek Character Journal with pages designed to make your gameplay as simple as possible, and a silver leaf gilded Brambletrek Card Deck, featuring unique hand drawn art. This tier will include PDF copies of the Character Journal and includes all stretch goals unlocked!

$90 scores you the entire suite of Brambletrek products and the exclusive plush of The Seer, a Mystic Gnawborn Character that started this whole journey! Our plushes measure 8 inches (20 cm) from their plopped-down mouse beans to the tips of their all hearing ears; He's detailed with embroidered and applique features, and buttons. The Seer is a high-end adorable addition to any journey! You will also receive an exclusive Hardback Journal, access to an Extra Enamel Pin from our stretch goal (so 2 designs in total) and a Signed Foiled Cover copy of the Core Book (Alt Cover Art TBD). This tier will include PDF copies of the Character Journal and includes all stretch goals unlocked!

We have NO IDEA how many of these we'll wind up making, so grab him while you can!

$80 get you and your group 4 physical copies of Brambletrek and all additional stretch goals! This is perfect if you and your friends want to play together but don't want to mess with shipping costs! Everything gets sent together and you get a saving!

For $180 you and your party get 4 copies of the Character Journal and Physical Edition plus 4 decks of cards! This is perfect if you and your friends want to play together but don't want to mess with shipping costs! Everything gets sent together and you get a saving! This tier will include 4x PDF copies of the Character Journal and includes all stretch goals unlocked!

For $324 you and your party get 4 copies of the entire physical suite of products including 4 plushes! You will also receive an exclusive Hardback Journal and a Signed Foiled Cover copy of the Core Book (Alt Cover Art TBD). This is perfect if you and your friends want to play together but don't want to mess with shipping costs! Everything gets sent together and you get a saving! Also get an additional 10% off when purchasing this bundle! This tier will include 4x PDF copies of the Character Journal and includes all stretch goals unlocked!

We have NO IDEA how many of these we'll wind up making, so grab him while you can!

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