Ashes - A Souls Like GM-less RPG Gamebook

Ashes - A Souls Like GM-less RPG Gamebook

All new GM-less RPG that requires no prep & minimal setup. Grab the book, a Deck of Cards & Two D6 to journey through the unforgiving dungeons of Mayfalls. Inspired by souls-like games to give you a brutal experience.
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Envision yourself standing at the threshold of the ancient dungeons of Mayfalls, where the whispers of a bygone era entice you into a realm steeped in forgotten lore and mystical powers. As the light gradually seeps in, you are beckoned into a world where every shadow harbors a tale and every room resonates with the melodies of old.

Armed with the weapon of your trade, you stand ready to venture into the enigmatic depths of Mayfalls. The cards serve as your map, and the dice are you weapons, to save you against the mysterious artifacts you will uncover, and the formidable adversaries you will face.

As you navigate through this enchanted realm, your inherent abilities, bestowed upon you by the Phoenixes of old, will serve as your compass. With each step into the unknown, brace yourself to confront lessons of power and peril.

Allow the cryptic cards to guide you in this GM-less RPG experience that pays homage to adventure and character development. Beyond the gates, mystery and magic await, yearning to be unraveled.

Rise, Fall, Rekindle.


Venture into the timeworn ruins of Mayfalls, a realm where forgotten magics and hidden secrets lie in wait. As a courageous explorer in this enchanted world, your destiny is yours to shape.

Our streamlined system ensures that character creation is a straightforward process. Choose from one of four Scions, guardians of immense power who will embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

This adventure is yours to unfold at your own pace. Traverse through procedurally generated dungeons, allowing the roll of the dice and the draw of the cards to illuminate your path.

The dungeon is an ever-shifting labyrinth, a place where mystery and depth intertwine seamlessly. Let the cards and dice be your guides in this journey of exploration and revelation. With each challenge you face and every choice you make, you will forge your own epic tale of adventure and intrigue.


Embark on a roleplaying journey that places you at the helm, guiding your character's destiny through the uncharted realms of your imagination. As the narrative unfolds, you hold the power to shape your path, whether it be meandering through lessons, delving into the depths of libraries, or triumphing over rivals with daring intellect.

Unlike traditional group games orchestrated by a Game Master, "Ashes" offers a solitary experience that encourages introspection. The objective is not to emerge victorious but to unleash the boundless potential of your creativity through the art of journaling. Embrace the opportunity for self-reflection as the adventure unfolds.

Scattered throughout the game, you'll encounter prompts designed to ignite your imagination, serving as catalysts for your own unique story. The manner in which you weave these elements into your tapestry is entirely at your discretion – this is your legend to create and mold as you see fit.

To embark on this quest, gather your trusted companions: a journal, a reliable pen, dice, and a deck of cards. When you feel prepared, construct your dungeons and step forth into the unknown.

With unwavering courage, navigate the uncharted territories that lie ahead, engaging in battles against formidable foes and unearthing long-forgotten memories. As you progress, chronicle your thoughts, emotions, and actions, allowing the journey to become a testament to your growth and self-discovery.




This 100+ page hardcover companion is forged to withstand the trials and tribulations of your legendary adventures. Built like a fortress, it will be your steadfast ally through thick and thin.

As you leaf through the pages, prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing illustrations that offer tantalizing glimpses into the enigmatic depths of Mayfalls. From the menacing creatures and celestial armaments to the mysterious Archons, these visual treasures will set your imagination ablaze and fuel the tales you'll spin.

Over 300 prompts await, ready to catapult your storytelling prowess to uncharted territories and suffuse your adventures with an abundance of inspiration.

With any standard playing card deck at your fingertips, you hold the key to generating unique dungeon paths, ensuring that no two adventures are alike in this ever-shifting labyrinth.

As challenges arise and battles unfold, the fate of your hero rests upon the roll of dice. Your Scion's innate abilities and the intricacy of the task will determine the outcome. When tensions mount and duels erupt, our lightning-fast Combat System will guide you through the fray, adding a touch of dramatic flair to every encounter.

Prepare to be enveloped in an atmosphere charged with ancient powers. Your journey through the depths of Mayfalls has only just begun, and untold adventures await!

Pioneer vs Archon of the Sun

A blessing from the Phoenixes of old, The depths of Mayfalls is where the final dust of their immortal lives have touched the curse of mortality. Within this labyrinth of arcane secrets, fledgling adventures and adepts alike gather to discover the mysteries left by the Pantheon of Akeroth.

You, as an adventure take up arms as one of four powerful Scions - A being who's very essence is tied to the bonds of death and rebirth. They are as follows:

  • The Embolden - A symbol of hope and bravery, the Embolden trace their lineage back to the first kings of the region. Their oath, taken upon receiving their first sword, was to protect the innocent and uphold the law.

  • The Ordained - The last remnants of the Midnight Court, a university that once stood at the heart of Mayfalls. They now dedicate their lives to uncovering secrets, seeking to harness the ancient magic and restore balance to the land.

  • The Pioneer - Combining the mystic properties of herbs with the cold logic of magic, they created wonders that powered the cities. Pioneers search the ruins for lost schematics and forgotten potions, hoping to reignite the age of innovation and guide Mayfalls into a new era.

  • The Hallowed - Once the elite force serving the noble families of Mayfalls. They were masters of stealth and shadows, playing dangerous games of courtly intrigue, ensuring their patron's dominance. But as the shadows grew and chaos ensued, their loyalty shifted from the nobles to now their own survival.



"Ashes" is a game that is being transformed from a digital format to a physical print version with the help of community support. Most of the game's mechanics and manual have already been created, and the focus is now on refining every detail before moving forward with manufacturing. The planned distribution is set for Summer 2025. Once funding goals are met, the team will spend 2024 polishing every aspect of the game. To ensure smooth delivery of rewards, the project has teamed up with Gamesquest, a trusted and experienced partner in the crowdfunding industry.

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