Impossible Dungeon (Maybe)

Impossible Dungeon (Maybe)

And here it is.. Impossible Dungeon (maybe) Big game in a small box for 1 - 6 players. Easy to learn, quick to set up with quick game play so you are not waiting forever to die... I mean, have your turn.
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And here it is..

Impossible Dungeon (Maybe)

Impossible Dungeon

Impossible Dungeon (Maybe) is a light and Funny Dungeon game for 1 - 6 players.... or more if you have spare meeples.... But will you survive? 💀

Easy to learn, quick to set up and with quick game play, means you are not waiting forever to die... I mean, have your turn. 😉

Navigate through Impossible dungeon fighting foes and surviving traps of all sizes.

Simple mechanics ensure the rules dont bog down gameplay and with over 200 cards making every game different.

Small Game setup

Tile Cards Close Up Artwork - Will have rounded edges

Standard Game set up: 4x7 tiles


Impossible Dungeon Rules will all fit on a 12 page booklet - Size 3" x4 "

Impossible Dungeon Rules will all fit on a 12 page booklet - Size 3" x4 "
Impossible Dungeon Rules will all fit on a 12 page booklet - Size 3" x4 "



Impossible dungeon will contain over 50 Tile cards, 200 room and treasure cards, rule book, dice and 6 meeples all in a box small enough to fit in your hoodie pocket.

(Side note in regards to the room and treasure cards, i would like most of these cards to be individual so no game is ever truly the same, so if you back this project, any ideas for cards are more than welcome.

And yes, some cards will contain nods/references to all things geeky.

And the best part? Impossible Dungeon is already mostly complete, play tested over 240+ times at home, with friends, with random people at the pub and at board game cafes (big thankyou to Board Game bunker in Nuneaton, yes i lost count of how many games after that mark) and yet still no one has beaten the dungeon!!  WILL YOU BE THE FIRST??

Some have come close... very close, that even i was excited watching and hoping they would survive..

Some of my favourite quotes from players so far:

"Annoying and Addictive"

"Will keep you trying over and over again to win"

"Going from "I will win this" to being crushed by a boulder"

Another night play testing

Current Tasks I am working on to make improvements to Impossible Dungeon:

Rule book - This is no longer a folded tarot size printed sheet of paper, (shown in first picture) this will now be a small 12 page booklet. (Approx. 3" x 4")  COMPLETED.

Box Art - It wasn't as sharp as i liked (art work was blurry on demo piece) so this has been amended and rectified. Just some final touches required.

Dice - Originally a white or black marble dice with pips, This is now upgraded to a grey marble dice with numbers to match the dungeon room card symbols. COMPLETED.

Left and Middle Dice are the original dice choice - Right Dice is the replacement based on aesthetics.

Box - Size amended to allow all cards to be sleeved if desired.  COMPLETED.

Room and Treasure Cards - Currently creating more individual cards so there are less duplicates. This allows for more variety every game, by adding more references, jokes, innuendos to card text on both dungeon room cards and treasure cards.

Treasure cards are to have a different colour face up so they are different from Dungeon Room Cards.

Left card - Original Treasure card colour (same as Room Cards) Right Card - New Treasure card colours. (Not as bright in real life so text will be easier to read. 😂😂

Dungeon Tile Cards - there was a lot of grey so i have changed the floor of the dungeon to give some contrast between dungeon floor and walls.

Old Tile Cards - very very grey

New Tile Card design and colours. - Card Dimensions: 2.75" Square Card Tiles with rounded edges.

                                              Completed Improvements!!

Update on Rule Book - Below are the photos of the new 12 page mini Rule book 😁

Updated Dice: The Dice has been upgraded to a grey marble with numbers to match the colours of Impossible Dungeon and to match the Symbols on the Dungeon Room Cards.

Dungeon Room Card Previews:

Treasure Card Previews:

Remember, Impossible dungeon has over 250 cards to ensure a different journey every game.



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Shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended.
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World Zones

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Project Timeline:

📦 Estimated Delivery: Late 2024. Shipping charged post-campaign in BackerKit Pledge Manager - See shipping section for details on cost

Demo of Impossible Dungeon, very well used 😂


Early bird incentives: 

Sadly no early bird rewards (SORRY! I want everyone to equally share the lower price no matter when they join the campaign)


There will be additional copies available to add to your pledge at a cheaper price.
(For friends, family, strangers, to stock in your stores/cafes or to even use as book ends..)

I wanted to create a complete game which is fun without the extra gimmicks of addons, expansions, premium items at variable costs, so everyone can have the complete game, nothing missing, so everyone can enjoy it equally.


What would a campaign be without incentives?

100% Funded

If we reach 100% funding: Every physical copy sold will receive a special thank you card to use with Impossible Dungeon!

125% Funded

Reaching 125% Funding: Every Physical Copy will have the Dungeon Tiles upgraded from (S30 Standard Smooth)  card stock to (A35 Thick) card.

Obviously to reach these goals more backers are required, so please feel free to share Impossible Dungeon with all your friends, any help is appreciated.

Risks and challenges

This is my first Backer Kit project and I'm pretty risk-averse, so you're in good hands. 

With any project, there are always unforeseen problems, delays, and difficulties. But I am 100% committed to you getting your game. That is my #2 priority (#1 is making an awesome, high-quality game, of course).

My #3 priority is being as transparent and communicative as possible during and after the campaign, at all stages. If there's a delay, you'll know right away, and you'll know exactly why. And if I'm not being communicative enough, please get in touch!


Cracking Mirrors Since 1985*

Hi I'm Stan,

And yes, I am the team.
😂🤣 (remind me to get people involved next time)

Avid board gamer. (some may say I have a slightly problematic board game collection size where i may need rehab... or more shelves....)

I came to the idea for Impossible Dungeon one day at work bored out of my mind... (on my lunch)

I know that's not the best time to get ideas but hey it happened, I wanted to make a game which was quick and easy to play, had loads of replay ability, a dash of humour and of course wasn't easy to win..

Since then i have been designing, playtesting, getting cards printed all the way to a fully working demo, but still there are things i want to add and in the end i would love to get my Indie board game out to the world.. this hasn't been a easy task, but it has been fun and i love the challenge.

Impossible Dungeon is all hand drawn and designed by myself without AI being used. (which explains why I took so long and the quality lol)

I have an odd theory that board games lose some of their sparkle once you beat them, which would explain why my own collection contains over 230 board games... so mixing this with replay ability, ease of set up and easy rules, I hope i have got a game you can pull out between large games, at social gatherings or at your enemies homes to watch them suffer when they think they are going to win.

So before I go I would like to thank all of my friends, Board Game Bunker (And their customers) who helped me playtest Impossible Dungeon and provide helpful feedback to get me here.

See you at the table,

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