MythLords: Classic Monsters

MythLords: Classic Monsters

Deckbuilder/Area Control With Art by Renowned Cover Artist - Mark Spears. Play as your favorite Classic Monsters 1-4 players.
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 MythLords: Classic Monsters - Deckbuilder/Area Control with art by legendary Mark Spears

Ancient Magic has been unsealed by those who tinkered with what they did not understand. The destructive gale has whisked through time and space, opening rifts between them and drawing them together. The magic has worked as a magnet and now these worlds are crashing like waves to the shore until all is melded into one. With the threat of ultimate destruction, beings must battle for their place in the one remaining world. Build your army and take and your throne, or be decimated forever.

Mythlords is an Area Control/Deckbuilding Game
Players choose a Commander which represent one of the four factions: Vampire, Mutation, Experiment, and Supernatural. Each faction has its own Sanctum where players track their power, Sanctum health, and victory points. The Sanctum also houses your growing army, armory, and vehicle bay before they are sent out to influence the various locations. You must fight and conquer to survive.

During each player's turn, they will generate power that they will use to buy cards from the general deck as well as play cards from their starter deck. Over the course of the game you will make your deck stronger by purchasing characters, weapons, vehicles, and action cards.
Attach Weapons, Spells, Vehicles, and Creatures to your Characters and deploy them to a location to gain influence and eventually claim that location for your faction.
Or you may place your Characters on a mission where success can award you with a powerful result that can change the tide of the game.
The first player to reach 20 Victory Points is the winner! Will your Faction take control and be the ultimate conquerors?

Mark Spears, the Rondo Hatton Horror Awards Artist of the Year for 2020, is a prolific talent in the comic book industry. He currently creates covers for Spawn at Image Comics and Action Comics for DC Comics. Additionally, Mark has completed seven 'Zombie' covers for Power Rangers at Boom Comics.  Mark made history as a first-year comic book artist by starting with four Spawn covers in March 2023 and producing over 30 covers in his first year for DC Comics, Image, Boom, and Darkhorse. He was featured as an artist on Svengoolie last July and created the poster and box art for Spirit Halloween: The Movie, with his artwork also featured in the film. Mark is also the creator of an 8-issue comic book series titled MONSTERS and has released three successful trading card series under the same name.

Frank is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, and game designer as well as Hollywood Producer. His projects include Star Trek: Renegades and Six Gun Savior, among others. Rovanna Lost marks the 4th book in the Destiny Aurora series. His latest novel is a YA Fantasy book Tales of Ravenore: the Iron Witch including Shadow Raven: The Sabre's Edge and Escape from Berlin. His previous graphic novel based on the first Destiny Aurora novel was extremely well received. In the board game arena, he developed the fan-favorite game Destiny Aurora: Renegades based on his book series.
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