Floral Myths and Legends, Enamel Pins Pt. 1 - Ancient Greece

Floral Myths and Legends, Enamel Pins Pt. 1 - Ancient Greece

In this enamel pin series I explore various myths, legends and folktales involving flowers - usually with a dark twist. I design every pin to capture a central part of each story.
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Flowers with a dark twist

Welcome to the Floral Myths and Legends enamel pin campaign! Here I offer you a set of four main pins and a small extra pin, all depicting flowers with an extra dose of dramatic energy!

If you are a lover of flowers and a collector of enamel pin, you're in double luck - this is a cross collab campaign with another flower themed pin project! If you back both, you will receive a free pin from each campaign.
But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let me introduce you to this project first!

Enamel Pins with a story

What I want to bring you in this campaign is a unique experience of enamel pins that are tied to a mythology, a story or a legend. Each pin's visual design depicts not just the flower, but the flower in the context of each story.  Specifically, the pins from this campaign are focused on stories set in Ancient Greece. I hope they will feel like little pieces of memories of long past times, something to be treasured and often thought about. 

For the story aspect of this, I teamed up with my friends Duncan Wilson and Lorian. Duncan will be providing his iconic, concentrated microstories (just a handful of sentences each!) for the four main pins and Lorian has written a poem for the small extra pin that is thematically separate from the rest.
You can see how Duncan interacts with artwork by writing micro stories on Bluesky.

Curious? Next section will have all the pin designs and bits of their story. 


This campaign consists of four main pins that are centered around Greek stories, and one mini pin that is not part of the theme, but suits this collection very well visually.
At base goal, the first pin and mini pin are unlocked. All others are unlockable as stretch goals. We unlock each design in steps of 500! When a pin is unlocked, the writing will also be unlocked and commissioned after the campaign ends. The summaries given here are just the rough theme, the final writing will be provided by Duncan and he's going to give his own spin on it!

Base Goal - 500€ UNLOCKED
The story of Amaryllis is an interesting one that may not have originated from Ancient Greece, but was later attributed to them: Amaryllis fell in love with the handsome shepherd Alteo, who only admired rare flowers. Following an oracle's advice, she pierced her heart with a golden arrow, and from her blood an Amaryllis flower grew.
Pin: hard enamel, 4cm + 0.75cm pendant, 2 pin posts.

Stretch Goal -  UNLOCKED

The goddess Aphrodite had a mortal lover, Adonis. Depending on the variant, he either died by an attack by a bear or by the hands of other gods. Aphrodite’s tears mixed with his blood, and anemone flowers grew on that spot.
Pin: hard enamel, 4cm + 0.75cm pendant, 2 pin posts.

Stretch Goal - UNLOCKED

Aconites are poisonous, and Greek goddess Athena used it for something rather unique: The mortal weaver Arachne, boasted that her skills surpassed those of the Athena. In return, Athena challenged her to a weaving contest, and when Arachne's weaving depicted the gods in an unflattering way, Athena ripped it apart. Arache took her own life, and Athena turned her into a spider using the poison of an Aconite, so that her and her descendants will weave forever.
Pin: hard enamel, 5cm, 2 pin posts, pearl swirl effect.

Stretch Goal - UNLOCKED

Clytie, a water nymph, loved the sun god Helios, but he betrayed her. Heartbroken, she spent her days watching him move across the sky until she was transformed into a flower, eternally turning to follow Helios’s path. The original myth speaks of Heliotropes, but in the last few centuries, Clytie became a sunflower.
Pin: hard enamel, 3cm + 2cm sun, 2+1 pin posts.

Extra Pin - Unlocked Right away incl. poem! Or FREE if you pledge within 48 hours
Freebie Phase for this pin is over, please pledge for it like with all other pins if you'd like to get one!
Bleeding Heart Pin - Poem by Lorian Ain'Dal


Special Collaboration: Free Pins

To give you an even better deal, we have a collaboration going on with the project Mix&Match Lanterns by Mad Child Soul where you can find flowers with lanterns as pins or earrings! Madchild Soul and I teamed up to create two pins of the same mold with a solar and lunar theme + flowers.
If you back both Floral Myths and Legends Pt 1 and Magic Mix & Match Lanterns, you get both of them for free. Is it a good time to grab some flower pins? I think so.
Cross Collaboration Rewards - 4cm, with screenprinting, sun has pearl swirl.

How does this work? On the right side bar of this campaign you should find the Magic Mix & Match Lanterns campaign - if you back both campaigns, we will automatically include the freebie for you. Note, if you qualify for the free Pin incentive for backing both campaigns, the Free Pin will be added to your survey post campaign. 


In addition to the pins, there will be charms, postcards and stickers! For these, I took the pin designs and rendered them into full illustrations. These items will be made for all rewards, regardless of whether we unlock the pins or not!

The charms will be 2.5" with rainbow effect like all my acrlic charms - the transparent parts of the charms will shimmer in different colors depending on the lighting.

Postcards / Mini Prints

For the postcards, if the pin is unlocked - and therefore the story - the commissioned microstory will appear on the back of the postcard too. The back will still leave enough space for a message (note it's not a format that you can send directly as a postcard without envelope)
Stickers will be around 6-7cm (2.3"-2.7") on the longest side, exact size will wary. I will be cutting them at home but getting them printed professionally.

And on top of that, you can get my old pins in this campaign as add-ons too! You will get them at their original pre-order price, just minus the whole set deal. To select them, go to the add-ons and the "Old pins" category.
Cats x Literature Series. First five one are regular pins (6cm), last one is a mini pin (2.5cm)

Octo Owl Series. 6cm each

Budget & Shipping


The budget for the main goal and each of the stretch goals are roughly 50% manufacturing costs and 40% goes to my much valued authors who deserve a good pay! The rest is for fees, backing cards, mailers. Shipping is not included in the base goal and will be charged after the campaign.


I will ship using either DHL Warenpost International Premium or USPS Smartmail via Transglobal Express. Both have shipping insurance and tracking, and should arrive within 1-2 weeks worldwide.

Shipping Costs (! Charged after campaign !)
Germany: 4€
Europe: 7€
Rest of the world: 10€
This is valid no matter the amount of pins you buy.

Time Plan & Risks

The current time plan looks like this:

June 12th - July 10th: Campaign runs!
July 10th-July 25th: Surveys will prepared, sent and evaluated
July 25th: Order pins, Commission Writing
July - (August?/September?) Manufacturing, Writing
September-October: Fulfillment & Arrival

As always, the manufacturing process can sometimes take longer or shorter, and it's the main variable in this campaign. I think it's reasonable to expect it to be done by September, however if we get unlucky it may drag out a bit longer. 

Risks and Challenges

The mock-ups you see in this campaign are digital images, and the final product will inevitably look a bit different from them due to screen difference. I picked Pantone colors by printing out the designs and matching them against the color books, so the color scheme is cohesive but may just be different from the appearance on your screen.
Delays in manufacturing can always happen and this is out of my control.
Pin quality may vary - please also see my article on Enamel Pin Grading. I will order more pins than needed (30%-50%) to ensure that everyone gets a good quality pin.
There is no risk of the project failing entirely due to funds running out. If the budget runs out I will take responsibility and cover the remaining cost out of my own pocket.

About Me & Past Projects

Hiya! I'm Averil, and you may have guessed that I'm a big fan of flowers. Almost all pieces in my personal art portfolio feature flowers somewhere - sometimes as the focal point and sometimes just as a humble compliment to the main subject. I love doing a slightly weird/horror-esque twist on them too whenever I get the chance.

I've also done two enamel pin projects in the past that were both well received.

Cats x Literature

Octo Owl

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