Illustrated Soda Glasses
Soda Slime Girls - Glass Cup Series

Soda Slime Girls - Glass Cup Series

Get ready for summer with these adorable soda glasses! With vibrant fruity colors, they're guaranteed to make your chilled beverages look extra delicious and fun. The illustrations on the glass are all inspired by particular fizzy drinks!
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Make your sweet drinks even sweeter

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Mockups of the main designs

All designs that you can choose from!!

Welcome to the Soda Girls Class Cup Collection! Or well, now after all the stretch goal designs unlocked, it's more like a tea & soda collection!
If you're a fan of chilled drinks then this glass cup collection will help you bring your presentation to the next level. These glass cups feature four different illustrations of gorgeous girls who are entirely made of sweet sweet liquid! Each one of them is an entirely different character which their own unique pose, clothing style and of course coloring scheme, to best reflect their flavor. All of them are designed with vibrant and cohesive color schemes that invoke feelings of warm seasons, and will go well with whatever fizzy drink you pour into them! Learn more about their design and my thoughts during the drawing process below. They are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at your party!
I want these to be accessible to everyone who loves colorful liquid girls, so there are options for smaller budgets too! 

Read more down below for all the details and what else you can get from this campaign. 

The Glass Cups

The Glass

Each glass fits around 530ml/18oz of liquid. That's plenty of space for both a large serving of soda and a generous amount of ice, lemon slices, fresh herbs, foam, you name it! With each glass comes a bamboo lid and glass straw. It's made from borosilicate glass which is sturdy and suitable for hot and cold drinks!
Of course they can be used without the lid too for a beer can-like aesthetic!

Note that the photos you see are just the prototypes. The exact model of glass might be slightly different due to supply but will have the same specs. Differences are mostly minor changes such as positioning of the hole in the bamboo lid or the exact design of the top/bottom of the glass.

The Print Technology

The designs are transfered using UV-DTF. I get them professionally printed at a local shop and will cut and transfer them by hand. Unlike regular stickers, UV-DTF is very hard to remove from the surface once it's stuck, does not require a border around the whole design, is waterproof and overall very durable. And unlike sublimation, which is another popular handmade method of transfering designs on glasses, the UV-DTF is opaque, allowing for more vivid designs on transparent surfaces like glass! It looks very crisp, has a bit of a 3D-feel to it while still being affordable in small, non-mass produced quantity.

Care instructions: handwashing recommended, avoid rubbing strong detergents. Avoid contact with sharp objects, excessive high heat or unnecessarily long periods of soaking. Can survive dishwasher but it will impact its longevity! Not microwave safe.
Longevity: UV-DTF is said to last 2 years in outdoor use under weathering conditions (sunlight, rain, temperature changes). If you keep them inside and wash them carefully, you can get them to last several years.

The Designs

All four main campaign mockups
Each of the designs is inspired by a particular drink! Each character is made from liquid that resembles the liquid's color, and is standing next to a liquid container with the actual drink. The background is decorated with various garnishes and ingredients for all of them. The whole set together also makes a really nice gradient that is guaranteed to look gorgeous on display!
The design is only front-sided so that it has room to breathe and the overall design is not too crowded. This way you can see the drink design very clearly on the back while enjoying the design on the front. 

I tried to convey the overall flavor through visuals - everything from the character's pose and expression, fashion style, the container design, the colors and the shapes of the background elements contribute to my interpretation of each drink.
(Artifacts and watermarks are not part of the actual artwork.)
For a flavor like elderflower, I opted for a cute, innocent looking character in a weightless floating pose to go with the pale little flowers and the distinct flowery aroma. Elderflower syrup is light yellow, a bit like honey, so the character design is very bright. She's supposed to be fresh and springlike, not overly fruity. For the beverage itself I chose an opaque aluminum can that I decorated with more elderflowers and leaves.

Melon Ramune
For the Melon Ramune character I chose a slightly bolder character in terms of fashion style - to go with the iconic Ramune bottle that is also highly unconventional yet very iconic. She's got big puffy pants, a very playful hairstyle, platform boots, multicolored hair and makeup! I had a lot of fun hiding little puffy elements in her clothing that look like little stylized melons. 
The herbal soda on the other hand is more laid-back and calm, but still confidently fashionable. Her colors are a bit more earthy but still vibrant, especially thanks to the variety of herbs shown around her. She wears an outfit similar to the Japanese mori girl style, which is all about layering fabrics for a more forest/country-like feeling. For the actual beverage I chose a slightly more homemade style, with fresh ingredients inside the liquid. The herbs in the background are coneflower, lavender and sage!

Shirley Temple (Pomegranate and Ginger)
And lastly, Shirley Temple. It's the name of an actress but also a fashion brand, so much inspiration! I avoided using Shirley Temple's likeness or name directly on the artwork, instead I just made a character with ringlets like the ones she had. She's elegant and energetic, seemlingly about to jump away from the composition in any moment. The drink consists of ginger ale and grenadine, and is traditionally garnished with cherries. I opted for an actual homemade look for the drink, since the drink is typically homemade. 

How To Pledge

To keep it simple, I've only made two tiers with glass cups: one glass and four at a discounted price, and the same options exist as add-ons. 
If you'd like three glass cups, you can select the pledge tier "One glass" and pick the add-on "One glass" two more times. All the little things like stickers are also add-ons!
Note: you will NOT be charged immediately, but only after the campaign ends. Also note that shipping cost will be added to your pledge at the end of the campaign, see shipping section.


And of course you can get the artwork in different forms! 

UV-DTF Transfers

UV-DTF Transfers - make your own glass, avoid high postage fees

Most notably, instead of buying the glass cups, you can also opt to just buy the transferable designs. It is a little bit tricky to apply, but theoretically you can get the whole set of glasses really affordably if you buy the glasses locally and skip the shipping! They're around 12cm give or take. Just make sure your surface is above 12cm and a straight tube or flat!

Print Set

Print Set - artifacts and watermark are not part of the prints, but they will be signed instead
There's a satin matte print set for your wall. At 21cm (8.25") per side, they're large enough to see all the details, but small enough so hanging all four up isn't overwhelming - you can arrange them in a square or a gradient in either direction, whichever you prefer! They are printed on dark background to make the colors really pop.

Sticker Set

Alternatively there's a glossy vinyl sticker set. 4 large stickers, 10cm (4"). They make great centerpieces for journals or devices like tablets. Waterproof too if you want to use them outdoors.

Stretch Goals

We've unlocked all initially stretch goals pretty much immediately!! In order for them to not take up unneeded space in this campaign, I have compiled all the extra designs that will be available for you to choose in the following tiers/add-ons:
- One glass of your choice
- Four glasses of your choice
- One UVDTF transfer of your choice (not the set of four one - at some point it becomes too much management for me, sorry!)
Read more about these designs in my Update where I introduce you what each of these tea slime girls stands for.
All of these are also choosable for the glass cups!

New Stretch Goals

1000€ - Freebie Bookmarks

1500€ - Lid designs will be created

2000€ - Handmade Spiral Bound Journals

Budget, Time Plan & Shipping


The budget is for a small run of cups (approx 20 pieces) with care labels and secure packaging material, as well as the platform fees. 
Prints and stickers will be paid out of my own pocket.
Additional designs from stretch goals do not add a lot of material cost, only organizational overhead and labour from my end.

Time Plan

The time line for the project is:
May-June: Campaign Runs
June: Surveys will be evaluated and materials ordered accordingly
July: Fulfillment

This is a generous timeline that already accounts for possible delays in the sourcing of materials. Of course, greater delays can always happen so please be patient if it takes longer than that after all!


Shipping cost is not included in your pledge. It will be collected after the funding period and is charged additionally based on weight.
Shipping is tracked and insured. The estimated shipping costs are:

- 4€ Flat items only (transfers, stickers, postcards) 
- 6€ (any amount of glasses)
- 5€ Flat Items only (transfers, stickers, postcards) 
- 13€ for up to 8 cups, 18€ up to 5kg
USA / Rest of the world:
- 6€ for flat items (transfers, stickers, postcards) 
- 10€ for one cup, +5€ for each additional one, but no more than 25€ (up to 5kg)

Each glass will be shipped in fitted styrofoam and  generous layers of bubble wrap, and the cups of your order will be placed in a box that will also be padded. Each straw will be individually wrapped as well. The majority of packaging material I use is the same as the ones that come when I order the blank cups, and any additionally used material will be recycled from other orders. 
Flat items will be shipped in envelopes with sufficient cardboard reinforcement to prevent bending.

If you do not trust your local post to handle glass or want to avoid the high shipping costs, consider just getting the transfer sheets and make your own glass cup with the soda girl designs :) It's the most affordable option. 

Risks and Challenges

This is a very low risk project. All materials to make the cups can be sourced locally, greatly reducing the risk of delays. I will also make sure to order 20% more of everything to cover up for lost or damaged packages - those are never fully avoidable and out of my control, but I do ship with insurance.
Financial miscalculations or unexpected expenses can be covered from my own pocket without problem. There's no realistic risk that the project will fail. I am committed to fulfill each and every order.

Real Risks include:
- Different final result: the exact model of glass I'm using might not be in stock when the campaign ends, but many similar ones exist. Usually the difference is something like slightly different straw thickness/hole placement in the lid, or minor deviations in width/height.
- Delays in supply chain: The glassware is not always available locally at a reasonable price, I may either have to wait or order from non-local sources. The prints and stickers may go through some forth and backs due to printer quality differences. All of these things can delay the timeline, but some slack is already factored into the timeline! 
- Colors might be different than you expect due to monitor settings.
- As the designs are all applied manually by me, the exact positioning of the cups may vary.

About me & Past Campaigns

And lastly, hi! I should introduce myself.

I am Averil from Germany and I draw beverage characters with great passion! They're not the only theme in my art - which includes florals, cats, witchy themes and mild horror - but by far my greatest body of work, spanning now three series of four designs each plus some more. For around two years I've also been selling merchandise with my art on it, and I've ran two successful Kickstarters before.
If you want to see my art, check my website or instagram! Or if you'd like to check my merch, see Etsy (non-Etsy shop is in progress...)

My previous campaigns were both enamel pin themed, and the one after this campaign likely will be, too! One was cat themed and one was owl themed (sort of).
Result from my previous Kickstarter: Cats x Literature Enamel Pins

Result from my Kickstarter: OctoOwl Enamel Pin Set
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