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10 months ago

Project Update: SIX New Ancestries! WHAAAAA?

For us, the community voting on the two ancestries was a big surprise. We were blown away by the passion displayed by all of you who were voting, and we loved the different factions who did their best to lobby for their favorite choices. 

And we had no idea that gnomes would be such a divisive choice! (It may have even angered some of you so much that you cancelled your pledges! GASP!) SO, in light of all the excitement (and vitriol) we decided we would implement 6 total ancestries:

The Top two vote-getters in each category AND one "Creator's choice" in each category for a total of 6 ancestries.

So that means, you get: 

1. GNOMES (1st place)
2. MYCONIDS (2nd place)
3. SYLVARI/ENT (Creator's choice)


1. RAT PEOPLE (1st place)
2. RISEN (2nd place)
3. SLIME PEOPLE (Creator's choice)

We're excited to unveil these today and release them to you as they become finalized. We're already playtesting designs for 3 of them, with the rest to come soon! 

Thanks for all of your incredible support!

The Dungeon Damsel Team

Two new ancestries -- one each for the Untamed and the Underworld -- will be created and added to the book. The community will select which ones through voting! These new ancestries will also be added to shadowdarklings.net!
Goal: $30,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
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