Free Pair Of Yuka Doll Earrings (Randomised Set) For Those Who Back In The First 48 hours!!



When backing this project you will receive a coloured metal pin badge of your choice from the following rewards listed. The pins will be sourced from a local manufacturer allowing a bright and well-printed image on a silver metal pin.
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Welcome to the DWA Department where today we would like to introduce you to the beautiful yet horrid entity's know as the Yuka dolls. These creatures classified as (DWA-362A/B/C/D) harbour from the land of the rising sun Edo Period Japan where after their mysterious creation disappeared from the foot notes of history until resurfacing in the British museum in the late 1980's. With this campaign we aim to give you a sneak peak in the DWA Department Universe while giving you the chance to start your collection with these cute yet creepy Japanese Doll Metal printed pin badges coated in a UV resin to give an added bit of protection against the elements. For first time we have also enabled the option to add on A5 prints of your favourite Yuka doll to brighten up your room as well as stretch goals allowing higher tier backers to unlock free prints as well as two unknown Yuka Doll variants know as the moon bunny and the poison butterfly. 

We thank you for your time and hope that with this introduction your interest has been peaked to help us undertake the manufacturing of these pins.


Our Story:

Hello I am the chaotic mind behind the name DwarvenWonders a small business dabbling in the genres of horror, gothic, geeky and alternative collectibles + accessories aimed at lovers of everything that is different. Over the years I have loved the concept of creating my own nightmares for others as a way of entertaining with the hopes of expanding the idea further to the point of creating unique merch and expanding the universe so that others could input their own experiences creating an even my in depth environment for to enjoy.

I have been lucky to be able to collaborate with Chicken Monster, a professional illustrator with a strong passion for horror and a drive to help expand this universe so that young artists can establish a format in which to express themselves freely ever growing their own abilities and skills.



 The pins will be sourced from a local manufacturer allowing a bright and well-printed image on a silver metal pin. With wear-and-tear in mind, a resin dome layer will be added to prevent scratches and limit the effects of UV fading on the design. They will be given a central pin of contact to enable a much stronger hold on clothing as well as standard black rubber covers to prevent harm. If funding exceeds what we had initially calculated then we we intend to invest in an additional pin for a more secure fixing.


Reward tiers:

  • Yuka: The Spring Doll Metal Pin

  • Yuka: The Summer Doll Metal Pin

  • Yuka: The Autumn Doll Metal Pin

  • Yuka: The Winter Doll Metal Pin

  • Yuka: Seasonal set of all four Metal Pins  (Stretch Goals Added on for free)

  • Yuka: Early Bird Seasonal set of four Metal Pins + Signed A5 Colour Print (DWA-02E) Yuka Poison Butterfly. This reward Is In limited numbers so grab yours while you can!- (Stretch Goals added for free)

To enable time to complete this project I have set a complete fulfillment goal for July 2024 to be able to solve any issues that may arise. This includes that long process we all love of sending mountains of parcels (haha).


Stretch Goals:

Yuka: The Poison Butterfly Doll Metal Pin

Yuka: The Spring Doll A5 Print

Yuka: The Summer Doll A5 Print

Yuka: The Moon Bunny Doll Metal Pin

Yuka: The Autumn Doll A5 Print

Yuka: The Winter Doll A5 Print



Risks and challenges:

Due to funding a few kickstarters myself over the past few years I am aware that regardless of the precautions put in place there is always the added risk of the unknown happening which can put a damper on the project's success. With this in mind and discussing various situations with others who have had successful kickstarters I have come up with the current problems I feel may happen and the process I have in place to deal with it.

Possible Risks:

Quality assurance issues with the manufacturer:
This I have noticed has been an issue with all kinds of kickstarters so to prevent this issue I will be using local resources and companies I have used before in the UK. This will allow me to be more involved in the processes going forward as well as easier ability to respond to any overall issues that have immediately.

Art Work Issues:
Part of the process of production is using available artwork as the basis in which to format into the correct dimensions for the products. This can lead to blurs as well as colouring issues which can be solved very quickly due to a close collaboration with Monsterchicken LTD who will be able to fix these issues so production can continue.

Shipping of orders:
The issues that can come from shipping orders are mainly loss of item, wrong address and damage to products during shipping destination. This can be rectified easily by sending out a survey before hand highlighting the need for address to be checked before agreeing to orders being shipped. Due to sending outside of the UK I will be doing mainly tracked postage options this will allow me the opportunity to collect refunds for damages and the items with help from the backers involved. I will then be able to either refund or send out a batch to replace damaged goods.

If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project