MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL: An Illustrated RPG Parody Compendium of Monsters

MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL: An Illustrated RPG Parody Compendium of Monsters

A hilarious parody RPG Monster Manual, fully illustrated and cataloging terrifying creatures of middle-age. Face off against the dreaded Be-older, the Misplacer Beast, the Hobblin', and more!
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An Alphabetical Guide to "Over-35" Monsters!


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  • $8.00 Receive a PDF of the MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL, delivered through DrivethruRPG!

  • $12.00 Receive a PRINT copy of the MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL, as well as a PDF delivered through DrivethruRPG!

  • $35.00 Add a CUSTOM DEDICATION to the first printing of the MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL, and receive a print copy and PDF delivered through DrivethruRPG!

DETAILS: The perfect gift for the gamer in your life! In addition to a Print and PDF copy (delivered    through DrivethruRPG), we will add custom dedications (pending editorial approval) to the first print-run of the MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL! 70 print characters or less. For example:

"Dear Brian H., At least your Wisdom score is going up! Happy Birthday! Love, Sara M."

"For Rothgar: Don't worry: Strength and Dex are over-rated! Roll Crits, Helfgar"

Dedications must be clean and good-natured, with no full names. This is a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the aging gamer!

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