Maps from The World of Chaldea

Maps from The World of Chaldea

The CHALDEA GAZETTEER is a collection of full-color maps from the World of Chaldea, developed over decades by Peter Adkison for his D&D world. Fantasy RPG fans can immerse themselves in Peter's creation each week on Actoroke, streaming live on GEN CON TV
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The Chaldea Gazetteer is a testament to Peter Adkison's 40-year love affair with Dungeons & Dragons and cartography. Each map has been extensively playtested, with every location thoroughly explored. Every icon on these maps represents a real-life story. Adkison's personal Dungeons & Dragons campaign, refined through decades of adventures and countless campaigns with hundreds of players, has shaped these maps. From high school to college, post-college, and the Wizards of the Coast era, these maps have journeyed across conventions like GEN CON, Origins, Gary Con, Gamehole Con, and most recently, as seen on Actoroke.

These maps were first introduced and enjoyed by high-school and college friends, and later, players from around the world have spent thousands of hours rolling dice on them. Characters and entire armies have moved over these maps in epic, world-changing raids that have literally altered the landscape. Adkison cherishes everyone who played and helped these maps come to life. The ten continents of Chaldea, masterfully illustrated, form an immersive fantasy world where every city, hobbit hole, forest, river, and dragon den is infused with the spirit of exploration, adventure, and joy. Welcome to Chaldea, where you can become part of its history and lore. Join the legacy, add your own stories and adventures, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Chaldea Gazetteer includes the entire World of Chaldea with ten incredibly high-resolution continent maps, featuring: Akkadia, Ata-Aimilleuse, Dorsang, Murmachi, Niessia, Pan-Erindi, Perrin, Somarria, Tamica, and Tritonis. Digital files are provided for easy access on computer or any smart device, and they are of exceptionally high enough resolution to be printed as quality posters. For example, Somarria, Chaldea’s largest continent, boasts map dimensions of 18,661 x 18,395 pixels at 300 dpi, equal to approximately 62.2 x 61.3 inches.

Additionally, the Gazetteer includes a curated collection of regional and city maps, crafted specifically for Actoroke’s ongoing Chaldean adventures—The Nearly Departed and Burning Saratof. Use these stylized maps to embark on new adventures, uncover hidden secrets, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chaldea.

Nabu Pabu’s Points-of-Interest Collection
Nabu Pabu is an Akkadian Seer specializing in Anumian astrology, fabled storyteller, and world historian—Nabu Pabu is both a collector of strange facts and a purveyor of wisdom. Known for his wit and eccentricity, Nabu Pabu’s Points-of-Interest delve into the arcane and the mundane alike, offering annotated insights that illuminate the mysteries of Chaldea.

“It is I, Nabu Pabu, your humble Akkadian seer of seers and Anumian guide. Within these mystical pages of knowledge, I present to you, Chaldea’s Points-of-Interest. Over the course of my long and illustrious career, it’s been my great honor to witness many strange and wondrous things, both miraculous and terrifying. In my many travels crisscrossing the Great Sea, I have sat upon Niesse’s mithril throne, flown on the Winged Lions of Tavya, sailed around Pan-Erindi’s Tongdao tempest, attended many fey celebrations in the Garnon Forest, and in Roosh, I did as the Rooshens did. Some experiences are to be celebrated, others strictly avoided. In the Chaldea Gazetteer, I bring to you some of Chaldea’s most exciting locales.”


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Cartographer Level

Contribution:  $20

Rewards:  Chaldea Gazetteer (digital version)

The Chaldea Gazetteer (digital version) includes:

  • Maps of the 10 continents of Chaldea
  • Descriptions of over 40 kingdoms that populate these continents
  • A primer on the Great Sea

Graver Level

Contribution:  $30

Rewards:  Chaldea Gazetteer (digital version) and Gravers Dig Map Bundle (digital version)

The Gravers Dig Map Bundle includes:

  • Map of Gravers Dig
  • Map of the Somarrian Hunt hunting grounds
  • Somarrian Hunt tournament rules and guidelines for running Somarrian Hunt adventures

Imperial Level

Contribution:  $40

Rewards:  Chaldea Gazetteer (digital version), Gravers Dig Map Bundle (digital version), and Imperial Capital (digital version)

The Imperial Capital (digital version) includes:

  • Map of Saratof, the Imperial Capital
  • Guild to important locations in Saratof
  • Illustrations of Saratof, Emperor Kordaava, and the Council of Consuls
  • Council of Consuls Who’s Who.  A description of the consuls and their responsibilities.

Master Cartographer Level

Contribution:  $100

Rewards: Chaldea Gazetteer (digital version), Gravers Dig Map Bundle (digital version), Imperial Capital (digital version), and Hi-Res Maps Bundle

The Hi-Res Maps Bundle includes:

  • All the maps of the lower tiers at higher levels of resolution, suitable for “laptop bag size”, “suitcase size” and “poster size”


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"A great fantasy map inspires your sense of adventure. As you look at it, you keep asking yourself, 'I wonder what's there?'"

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