Copper D20 Dice

Copper D20 Dice

D20 (twenty sided dice) precision CNC machined from copper billet and deep laser engraved. Two finishes are offered for a sharp aged look.
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Ever since I started making artisan dice years people have been asking me for polyhedral sets and for D20 dice. So finally, after months of prototyping, here is the first D20 dice project!

These D20 dice are CNC machined on my giant mill turn machine, this allows for tight tolerances that make laser engraving repeatable, clean, and nicely centered. They are then gently hand sanded and finished in a blasted or stone washed finish. This is a very labor intensive process but it results in a sharp looking D20.

Two finishes are offered.
The first is blasted and acid washed for a forced patina.

Blasted and acid washed

The second is stone washed for a bit of a more satin look. 

How it's made
First I machine the billet rod in my mill turn CNC lathe.
Not copper obviously, but a test part showing how it is machined.

Then they are sanded, laser engraved by hand on each side (yes, I flip this 20 times), hand sanded, and then blasted, acid washed, and stone washed. 



These are about 0.69" across the flats or 22mm from tip to tip (one of the standard sizes for D20s).
 Mass: 34g or 1.2 oz 



December 2023 - I actually machined about 70 of these and haven't been able to manually laser them till recently. 
March 2024 - Prototype the first few with the laser + finishes. 
June 2024 - Make the project, start the laser engraving portion of these. 
July 2024 - Fully funded? Begin fulfillment. 
August 2024 - I don't anticipate it will take this long, but this is when fulfillment should finish. 
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