"Queer Birds" full color art print book

"Queer Birds" full color art print book

The extremely popular digital art book is making it to print! A full color softcover collection of a variety of birds, pride flags, and birds holding pride flags on glossy paper. From rock doves to kestrels to nightjars, there's lots of queer birds here!
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my first backerkit?!

heya! so, the story of why i want to make Queer Birds into print... obviously, i wanted to try out backer kit.

the art book was digital originally, but making it into something people can share and enjoy around their homes and at conventions is something i really wanted to do. so let's get this turkey goin :O i'm tired my bird metaphors aren't really coming speedily sorry

the proof copy has this lovely pearlescent cover paper to it because i specifically asked for the kind of thing people put wedding invites out on. these birds need to FLASH!

who are you?
i'm a small time freelance artist who really likes to draw animals and other things inspired by the natural world. i spent 20 years painting a webcomic, i was an early adopter of patreon (one of my paintings is even in their HQ!) and am a member of the cartoonists coop. i'm a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and still struggling to regain my feet after the one-two punch of that and pandemic. i'm trans, gay, have 3 cats and use he/him pronouns.

i'm lots of places - on bsky i'm @demon-sushi.com and on insta/tiktok i'm @hekshano and deviantart as not-fun. i've been around the internet 5ever, i just like to do my own thing and draw in my corner. you can always reach me with any questions emailing cial @ deathsticks dot org


stretch goals!?

the "final" stretch goal is revealed here just because i figure folks need to know - that's what it'd cost to get hardback versions of this little book made. YEP!! but the other goals are still fun secrets, so let's see if we can hit them!!

  • Break 400¬† ¬†Did it!! 4 additional, never-before-seen drawings of birds will be added to the book before print aw yeeeahhh
  • Break 800 -¬† did it again!!! vinyl STICKER SHEETS will be added to every order!
  • Break 1000 - ???
  • Break 2000 -¬† i had to redo some math, and raise this goal for hardcover copies, but we can still try! at this level, everyone will have their book copy upgraded to hardcover. a long road to go tho!

timeline & shipping

this is not set in stone! being my first backerkit, everything is estimated.

at the point of launch, and /probably/ up until at least the second or 3rd stretch goal i am/can manage shipping between myself and my friend who works in printing. my spouse works for usps, so it's reasonably easy for me to just hand off a stack of books wrapped to go with any needed customs forms attached. 

printing should begin  and survey forms go out around the first week of june.

should begin hopefully by the third week of june. it will be rolling, as survey responses come in. 

i hope to get everything shipped before pride ends.

if we reach the stretch goal to create hardback copies of the book, everything here is going to abruptly change overnight. but i'll roll with that when and if we get there.
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