Isle of the Dreaded Accursed; Cypher System

Isle of the Dreaded Accursed; Cypher System

Bring an end to the wrath of the evil sea goddess Elvirath in this fantasy adventure for the Cypher System.
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Welcome to the Isle of the Dreaded Accursed, a fantasy adventure originally written and published for 5th edition. Now Mr.Tarrasque, and a small team of enthusiasts (some you might know), want to translate it in to the Cypher System. Including all monster stat blocks, challenges and magic items.

Start the adventure by defeating a Titanic Sea Spider laying waste to the small harbor of Mountainfoot

An incredibly powerfull Skeletal Dragon blocks the way inside Breakwave dungeon.

A full cast of characters will be waiting for you

Everybody gets everything!

I strongly believe everybody should be able to enjoy role playing games the same way. That's why I offer only one pledge level for the PDF. Alongside that, you'll get an at-cost print code for DrivethruRPG. So it's up to you to later decide if you want a physical version of the adventure. This means you only pay the direct printing cost and shipping through their system.
On top of that, all backers get the 5e version of Isle of the Dreaded Accursed (PDF) in their mailbox when the campaign is over.
It goes without saying that all stretch goals, including the
VTT version of the adventure, will also be a part of every pledge after they are unlocked.

Stretch Goals

Some art in the original (5e) adventure could use an update to fit the story even more. After that, I'd like to offer a free Foundry VTT version to every backer.  


A link to the (5e) adventure on DrivethruRPG is in order, at the bottom of the page you can find some community responses:

Or how about this one?

Still on the fence? Join my Discord channel, where a ton of people can help you out with questions you might have:





Always a hard question to answer. The adventure is already fully written and published for 5th edition. So this campaign only entails the translation in to the Cypher System. Meaning the turnover will be pretty quick. I expect to have the PDF done in about two months. This might be slowed down a bit if we reach some stretch goals. 
If you can't wait to get into the story of the adventure, allow me to remind you, every backer will receive a
free PDF of the 5e adventure.
We can only start working on the
VTT version once we have the entire conversion (not the layout) done. But don't worry, once this campaign hits the 5k funding goal, the team and I will get to work immediately. So the two months start ticking away before the campaign ends.

Our Team

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